2021 Blood Bank Instrumentation Pipeline: Transfusion Diagnostic Testing Analyzers and Strategic Profiles of Leading Suppliers

This 68-page report reviews current instrumentation technologies, and compares features of leading transfusion diagnostic automated and semi-automated analyzers.

The report also presents strategic assessments of current and emerging suppliers of transfusion diagnostic products, including their sales, product portfolios, marketing tactics, technological know-how, new products in R&D, collaborative arrangements, and business strategies.

Contains 68 pages

Instrumentation Review Introduction
1. Abbott Architect i2000 Series
2. Abbott AxSYM
3. Abbott LCx
4. Abbott Prism
5. Abbott Quantum II
6. Beckman Coulter/Biomek FX
7. Beckman Coulter BloodTrack Courier
8. Beckman Coulter OLA2500
9. Beckman Coulter PK7100
10. Beckman Coulter PK7200
11. Beckman Coulter PK80
12. Beckman Coulter Tango
13. Bio-Rad Elite
14. Bio-Rad GeneScope
15. BioMerieux Bac/Alert
16. Gen-Probe Tigris
17. Grifols Diana
18. Immucor ABS2000
19. Immucor Galileo
20. Immucor Rosys Plato System
21. Nanosphere Verigen Series
22. Ortho AutoVue/ProVue
23. Ortho StarFame Combo
24. Ortho Summit Processor
25. Roche Cobas Amplicor
26. Roches Cobas s 201
27. Sarstedt PVS
28. Siemens BEP 2000
29. Siemens Quadriga
30. Siemens SDA
31. Tecan ELPHAtyper
32. Tecan Genesis FE500
Table of Contents (Continued)
33. Tecan Hemotyper
34. Tecan LS Series
35. Tecan MegaFlex
36. Tecan MiniSwift
Competitive Assessments
Beckman Coulter/Danaher
Becton Dickinson
Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics
Proteome Sciences
Quest Diagnostics
Siemens Healthineers
Thermo Fisher

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