2021 Emerging In Vitro Diagnostics Market: Strategic Implications of Market, Technological and Reimbursement Trends

This unique report from LeadingMarketResearch.com provides information and analysis not available from any other published source.

- How will the future reimbursement changes affect individual market segments?

The report is available by section, and can be customized to specific information needs and budget.

- Will the industry consolidate, decentralize, or undergo a bimodal transformation?

- What will be the impact on purchasing influences, marketing strategies, joint ventures, mergers, licensing, import and export?

- How will the future technological advances affect the major market segments?

- Which companies will enter the market and which will not survive?

These and other key strategic issues facing decision-makers are explored in this thought-provoking and multi-faceted portrait of the future U.S. in vitro diagnostics market.

This invaluable strategic planning resource is designed to help corporate, marketing and R&D executives develop effective business plans that best accommodate uncertainties ahead. The report evaluates emerging markets and technologies that may present unexpected threats or offer opportunities; identifies key strategic decisions that will have to be made in the future; and enhances corporate ability to develop realistic contingency plans.

The report presents strategic overview of the U.S. in vitro diagnostics market, including major regulatory, economic, demographic and social trends with potentially significant impact; as well as five- and ten-year test volume and sales forecasts for major testing locations (hospitals, commercial labs, physician offices, blood centers, POC sites, and others) and laboratory disciplines (blood banking, clinical chemistry, immunodiagnostics, coagulation, hematology, flow cytometry, histology, cytology, microbiology, serology, urinalysis and others).

Contains 135 pages and 11 tables

The Future US In Vitro Diagnostics Market: Strategic Implications of Emerging Reimbursement,
Technological and Market Trends
Table of Contents
I. Executive Summary
2. Conclusions and Recommendations
3. Business Environment
a. Health Care Expenditures
b. Cost-Consciousness
c. Reimbursement
d. Industry Consolidation
e. Hospitals
f. Admissions
g. Length of Stay
h. Industry Diversification
i. Physician Demographics
j. Aging Population
- More Chronic Illnesses
- Higher Incidence of Disease
- Greater Susceptibility to Iatrogenesis
- More Cases with Multiple Illnesses
4. Outlook for the In Vitro Diagnostics Market
a. Government Regulations
b. FDA Reform
c. Hospitals
d. Commercial Laboratories
e. Physician Offices
f. Point-of-Care Testing
g. Personal Testing
h. Other Testing Locations
5. Strategic Implications
a. Testing Patterns
- Test Utilization
- Pre-Admission Testing
- Inpatient Testing
- Outpatient Testing
6. Market Segments
a. Clinical Chemistry and Immunodiagnostics
- Introduction
- Future Situation
b. Microbiology and Serology
- Introduction
- Future Situation
c. Hematology and Flow Cytometry
- Introduction
- Future Situation
d. Blood Banking
- Introduction
- Future Situation
e. Histology and Cytology
- Introduction
- Future Situation
f. Coagulation
- Introduction
- Future Situation
g. Urinalysis
- Introduction
- Future Situation
7. Technologies
a. Molecular Diagnostics
- Introduction
- Future Situation
b. Monoclonal Antibodies
- Introduction
- Future Situation
c. Solid Phase Chemistry
- Introduction
- Future Situation
d. Biosensors and Biochips
- Introduction
- Future Situation
e. Automation and Robotics
- Introduction
- Future Situation
f. IT
- Introduction
- Future Situation
8. The New Marketplace
a. Purchasing Influences
b. Marketing Strategies
c. Joint Venture, Merger, and Licensing Activity
d. Import-Export
e. Potential Market Entrants
f. Who May Not Survive?

List Of Tables

Executive Summary Table: Growth Areas in Clinical Laboratory Testing
Table-1: Estimated U.S. Health Care Expenditures By Type
Table-2: Health Plan Enrollment Distribution
Table-3: Selected Hospital Statistics
Table-4: Total Population And Physician Demographics
Table-5: Test Volume By Location
Table-6: Test Distribution By Location
Table-7: Market Size By Location
Table-8: Typical Pre-Admission Tests
Table-9: Test Volume By Laboratory Discipline
Table-10: Market Size By Laboratory Discipline

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