Molecular Blood Banking and NAT Screening Market. 2019-2023: Supplier Shares by Country, Instrumentation Review and Strategic Profiles of Leading Suppliers

This 111-page report reviews current instrumentation technologies, and compares features of leading blood banking automated and semi-automated analyzers.

The report also presents strategic assessments of current and emerging suppliers of blood banking products, including their sales, product portfolios, marketing tactics, technological know-how, new products in R&D, collaborative arrangements, and business strategies.

Blood Group Genotyping
a. PCR
d. Multiplex PCR
e. Real Time PCR
f. Sanger DNA Sequencing
g. Pyrosequencing
b. Microarrays
- BeadChip Array
- BloodChip
- Genome Lab SNP Stream
- Fluidic Microarray Systems
- TaqMan OpenArray
- Mini-Sequencing
Instrumentation Review
Abbott Architect i2000 Series
Abbott AxSYM
Abbott LCx
Abbott Prism
Abbott Quantum II
Beckman Coulter/Biomek FX
Beckman Coulter BloodTrack Courier
Beckman Coulter OLA2500
Beckman Coulter PK7100
Beckman Coulter PK7200
Beckman Coulter PK80
Beckman Coulter Tango
BD Viper System with XTR Technology
BD Innova
Becton Dickinson SDA
bioMerieux BacT/Alert
bioMerieux NucliSENS easyMAG
bioMerieux NucliSens EasyQ and MiniMAG
Bio-Rad Elite
Bio-Rad GeneScope

Cepheid GeneXpert
Curetis Unyvero
GenMark DX eSensor XT-8
Grifols Diana
Hologic/Gen-Probe Panther
Hologic/Gen-Probe Tigris/DTS
HTG Molecular Edge
Immucor ABS2000
Immucor Galileo
Immucor Rosys Plato System
Life Technologies QuantStudio Dx
Nanosphere Verigen Series
Ortho AutoVue/ProVue
Ortho StarFame Combo
Ortho Summit Processor
Qiagen QIAsymphony RGQ
Roche Cobas Amplicor
Roche Cobas TaqMan 48
Roche Cobas TaqMan
Roche Cobas TaqMan AmpliPrep
Roche LightCycler 480
Roche Cobas 4800
Roche Cobas s 201
Sarstedt PVS
Siemens BEP 2000
Siemens Quadriga
Siemens SDA
Siemens Versant 440
Tecan ELPHAtyper
Tecan Genesis FE500
Tecan Hemotyper
Tecan LS Series
Tecan MegaFlex
Tecan MiniSwift
Competitive Assessments
- Abbott
- Beckman Coulter/Danaher
- Becton Dickinson
- Biokit

- BioMerieux
- Bio-Rad
- CellMark Forensics/LabCorp
- Diagast
- DiaSorin
- Fujirebio
- Grifols
- Hologic/Gen-Probe
- Immucor
- Ortho-Clinical Diagnostic
- Proteome Sciences
- Quest
- Quidel
- Roche
- Siemens
- Tecan
- Thermo Fisher

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