Wealth in Germany: HNW Investors 2018

Wealth in Germany: HNW Investors 2018


The profile of German HNW investors is changing. The above-average age of HNW investors means that intergenerational wealth transfer, succession, and inheritance planning are all front of mind. While wealth preservation rather than accumulation may be the predominant strategy among this age group, German HNW investors are actually showing a greater openness to new investment options and an increasing appetite for robo-advice services.

This report analyzes the investment preferences and portfolio allocation of German HNW investors. The report is based on our proprietary Global Wealth Managers Survey. Specifically the report -
- Profiles the average German HNW investor in terms of their demographics and the expat opportunity in Germany.
- Explores which wealth management mandates are preferred among German HNW investors and how demand will develop going forward.
- Examines the allocation of German HNW investors portfolios into different asset classes, and how this is expected to develop in the future.
- Analyzes HNW investors propensity to invest offshore, their preferred booking centers and asset classes, as well as Germanys standing as an offshore center.
- Identifies product and service demand among German HNW investors.


- 50.3% of German HNW investors are older than 60, with a higher-than-average proportion over 70.
- Almost a third of HNW investors are entrepreneurs yet only 54.5% of German wealth managers target this segment, a stark contrast with the 79.5% of European wealth managers.
- German HNW expats are a small but lucrative sector. The vast majority are steady long-term migrants, yet wealth managers have an over-reliance on cold calling to acquire their business.
- German HNW investors hold only around 10% of their wealth offshore, and are predominantly attracted by the better range of investment options and higher returns available.
- Only 14.4% of providers targeting HNW investors offer pensions and retirement planning services, despite strong and rising demand.

Reasons to buy

- Develop and enhance your client targeting strategies using our data on HNW profiles and sources of wealth.
- Give your marketing strategies the edge required and capture new clients using insights from our data on HNW investors preferences for the various styles of asset management.
- Tailor your investment product portfolio to match current and future demand for different asset classes among HNW individuals.
- Develop your service proposition to match the product and service demand expressed by German HNW investors and react proactively to the forecasted changes in demand.

1.1. German wealth managers need to adjust to a changing HNW population 2
1.2. Key findings 2
1.3. Critical success factors 2
2.1. Succeeding in Germanys HNW market requires an understanding of evolving HNW demand patterns 10
2.2. Demographics: German HNW investors are older than their European counterparts 11
2.3. Expats: Providers need to work quickly and more effectively to develop expat relationships 12
2.4. Investment style preferences: Lack of time and expertise drive uptake of advice 13
2.5. Asset allocations: Equities, property, and alternatives will increase 14
2.6. Offshore preferences: A good investment track record and a wide range of products can entice wealth home 15
2.7. HNW product and service demand: Wealth managers need to meet the demand for retirement planning and automated advice 16
3.1. Intergenerational wealth transfer remains a significant trend in Germany 17
3.2. Women remain under-represented among HNW investors, but are likely to form a growing target segment 18
3.2.1. German female HNW investors are older and are more likely to have either inherited or family wealth 18
3.2.2. Change is occurring, and a new generation of female HNW individuals are emerging 19
3.2.3. Wealth managers should take account of the differing needs of emerging female HNW wealth 19
3.3. German wealth managers risk overlooking entrepreneurs 20
3.3.1. Entrepreneurs represent a sizable and growing target market for wealth managers 20
3.3.2. A relatively low proportion of wealth managers target entrepreneurs 20
3.4. Wealth managers need to improve customer acquisition 21
3.4.1. German wealth managers rely more heavily on cold calling and external referrals 21
3.4.2. Wealth managers should aim to improve co-operation with business banking 22
4.1. The German expat market is currently a small but steady sector 23
4.1.1. German HNW expats tend to be migrants rather than transients 23
4.1.2. Job transfer is the number one reason for HNW investors moving to Germany 23
4.2. Brexit could potentially lead to an increase in the expat population 24
4.3. Expats are a lucrative target market 25
4.4. The challenge for German wealth managers is reaching out early to potential and new expats 25
5.1. HNW demand for robo-advice far outstrips supply 27
5.1.1. The German robo-advice market is rapidly expanding 27
5.1.2. Demand among HNW investors is increasing, and is currently unmatched by wealth offerings 27
5.2. Wealth managers need to develop hybrid models, with automated advice supporting the HNW advisory offering 28
6.1. Demand for property, alternatives, and equities will rise as HNW investors are increasingly open to new investment ideas 30
6.1.1. A strong stock market performance has boosted equity returns 31
6.1.2. Property returns are a big draw for HNW investors 32
6.1.3. Alternatives are an attractive means of asset diversification, with higher current and future returns available 33
6.2. Wealth managers need to balance the search for higher returns with German investors greater desire for safety 33
6.3. Proposed changes to capital gains tax will affect future investment preferences 34
7.1. The offshore proportion of German HNW assets remains below average 36
7.2. Over half of German offshore wealth is held in equities 36
7.2.1. Offshore equities may provide better investment opportunities 37
7.3. German wealth managers need to compete with the perception that offshore centers provide a better range of investments and returns 38
7.4. Steps to tackle offshore tax evasion are reducing the importance of tax efficiency as an offshore investment driver 38
7.4.1. In addition to political drivers, criminal investigations are clamping down on tax schemes 39
8.1. Relatively low demand for auxiliary services suggests wealth managers are competing with specialized boutiques 40
8.2. Wealth managers are experiencing robust demand for inheritance planning 41
8.3. Wealth managers risk missing out on increased demand for pension and retirement planning 42
9.1. Supplementary data 44
9.2. Definitions 46
9.2.1. Affluent 46
9.2.2. HNW 46
9.2.3. Liquid assets 46
9.3. Methodology 46
9.3.1. GlobalDatas 2017 Global Wealth Managers Survey 46
9.3.2. GlobalDatas 2016 Global Wealth Managers Survey 46
9.3.3. Level of agreement calculation 47
9.3.4. Service level of demand score 47
9.3.5. Forecast level of demand calculation 47
9.4. Bibliography 47
9.5. Further reading 48

List Of Tables

List of Tables
Table 1: Cash and near-cash products: importance of asset allocation drivers 44
Table 2: Equities: importance of asset allocation drivers 44
Table 3: Bonds: importance of asset allocation drivers 44
Table 4: Property: importance of asset allocation drivers 45
Table 5: Commodities: importance of asset allocation drivers 45
Table 6: Alternatives: importance of asset allocation drivers 45

List Of Figures

List of Figures
Figure 1: A higher proportion of German HNW investors are over 70 years old 11
Figure 2: Expats represent just 5.9% of the German HNW population and are typically long-term migrants 12
Figure 3: German HNW investors typically have relationships with a greater number of wealth managers 13
Figure 4: German HNW investors are likely to notably increase their holdings in property and alternatives 14
Figure 5: Better returns and a wider range of investments offshore are driving HNW wealth abroad 15
Figure 6: Wealth managers need to meet the increasing demand for pension and retirement planning 16
Figure 7: Germanys wealth market has an older, more male-dominated profile than Europe 18
Figure 8: In comparison to Europe, a much higher proportion of female HNW wealth in Germany is either inherited or family wealth 19
Figure 9: Far fewer wealth managers target entrepreneurs in Germany than in the rest of Europe 21
Figure 10: In comparison to Europe, German wealth managers rely far more heavily on cold calling and benefit less from client referrals when targeting entrepreneurs 22
Figure 11: German HNW expats are more likely to be long-term immigrants 24
Figure 12: HNW expats in Germany are more profitable 25
Figure 13: German wealth managers are over-reliant on cold calling for HNW expat acquisition 26
Figure 14: German wealth managers are failing to meet HNW demand for automated advice 28
Figure 15: German HNW demand for equities, property, and alternatives is forecast to increase 31
Figure 16: Germanys DAX impressed with strong returns in 2017 32
Figure 17: HNW investors are still more motivated by risk aversion, regular income, and liquidity than their European peers 34
Figure 18: German HNW individuals invest more heavily in equities, deposits, and commodities in their offshore portfolios than in their onshore portfolios 37
Figure 19: German HNW investors are more likely to offshore for better returns and a wider range of investments than their European peers 38
Figure 20: German HNW investors show lower levels of demand for auxiliary services than their peers 41
Figure 21: German HNW investors show the strongest demand for inheritance planning 42
Figure 22: German wealth managers are failing to meet current and future demand for pension and retirement planning services 43

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