Direct to Customer in Insurance - Thematic Research

Direct to Customer in Insurance - Thematic Research

As digitization continues to shape customers attitudes and purchasing behaviors, insurers are being forced to rethink their distribution models and put a greater focus on the direct channel. For both non-life and life products, price and reputation are at the heart of the customer decision-making process. Established players have the largest market shares for direct sales, but new entrants have focused their efforts on the direct channel and have excelled at removing friction from the customer journey. This is helping them differentiate their brands. Most insurers continue to hold strong ties with intermediaries, but the prospect of improved margins will incentivize them to continue investing in the direct channel.

This report explores how the insurance industry has evolved from selling products almost solely via brokers and other intermediaries to more direct methods as consumers become increasingly connected. It highlights which business lines have been most commoditized, rendering them more suitable for direct and unadvised sales. It explores how insurers are changing their communication strategies in a bid to improve customer engagement and retention. The report also reveals which mediums and technologies have the potential to generate further opportunities to engage with customers and improve brand awareness.


- The direct channel is experiencing the fastest growth with both non-life and life products, although it is still more prominent for the former.
- Direct sales are also better established within personal lines than commercial products, as consumers willingness to pay for financial advice dissipates and online media facilitates direct interaction.
- As the direct channel grows, insurers are putting a greater focus on the user experience and overall customer journey. Insurers are increasingly present across different media, including social media and messaging apps.

Reasons to Buy

- Examine the size of the direct channel across selected key countries.
- Understand the key factors contributing to the rapid growth of the direct channel.
- Learn what insurance companies are doing to successfully communicate and engage with customers
- Improve the customer journey and brand loyalty by understanding what matters to consumers.
- Discover which are the most selected providers in the direct channel by non-life and life product lines (UK only).

Thematic briefing
Whats the difference between the direct and indirect channels?
Enablers of the direct channel
Whats driving the direct channel?
Technology trends
Industry trends
Macroeconomic trends
Regulatory trends
Industry analysis
Competitive analysis
Value chain
Product development
Marketing and distribution
Underwriting and risk profiling
Claims management
Customer service
Companies section
Public companies
Private companies
Further reading
Appendix: Our thematic research methodology

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