Competitor Profile: Capital One

Competitor Profile: Capital One


Capital One is a diversified financial holding company that offers a range of commercial and retail banking and credit card solutions through its subsidiaries. Capital One has been using emerging digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing to make banking simpler and seamless for its customers. The company has also partnered with various fintech companies to help transform its services.

Capital One is applying AI technology to various business processes, including call center operations, back-office operations, fraud detection, cybersecurity, and credit monitoring. In 2016, Capital One established the Center for Machine Learning, an in-house consultancy to drive its AI strategies for product delivery, innovation, education, and partnerships.

This report provides information and insight into Capital Ones fintech activities, including its digital transformation strategies and accelerator/incubation programs; an overview of its technology initiatives; insights on each technology initiative; and details of its estimated ICT budget and major ICT contracts.


- Capital One is tapping the power of key disruptive technologies to enhance its operational and service capabilities. AI, cloud computing, cybersecurity, blockchain, big data, digital media, alternative reality, e-commerce, mobile, and office of the future are the key technologies under focus for the company.
- It has partnered with many technology companies over the years, including Xero, Finicity, Abacus, and Amazon. Through these partnerships, it has gained access to advanced technologies and delivered innovative digital solutions to its individual and business customers.
- It has strategically invested in and partnered with various startup and high-growth companies, with a major focus on product development.

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- Gain insight into Capital Ones fintech operations.
- Learn about its fintech strategies and investment portfolio.
- Discover which technology themes are Capital Ones focus.
- Read about the groups product launches, partnerships, and acquisition strategies.

Digital Transformation Strategy
Accelerator/Incubation Programs
Technology Focus
Technology Initiatives
Capital One Growth Ventures
Venture Arm Investments
Investor, Partner, & Acquisition Network Map
ICT Budgets & Contracts
Key Executives

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