Australia Upstream Fiscal and Regulatory Report - PRRT Review Set to Report At The End of April

Australia Upstream Fiscal and Regulatory Report - PRRT Review Set to Report At The End of April


“Australia Upstream Fiscal and Regulatory Report - PRRT Review Set to Report At The End of April”, presents the essential information relating to the terms which govern investment into Australia’s upstream oil and gas sector. The report sets out in detail the contractual framework under which firms must operate in the industry, clearly defining factors affecting profitability and quantifying the state’s take from hydrocarbon production. Considering political, economic and industry specific variables, the report also analyses future trends for Australia’s upstream oil and gas investment climate.


- Overview of current fiscal terms governing upstream oil and gas operations in Australia
- Assessment of the current fiscal regime’s state take and attractiveness to investors
- Charts illustrating the regime structure, and legal and institutional frameworks
- Detail on legal framework and governing bodies administering the industry
- Levels of upfront payments and taxation applicable to oil and gas production
- Information on application of fiscal and regulatory terms to specific licenses
- Outlook on future of fiscal and regulatory terms in Australia

Reasons to buy

- Understand the complex regulations and contractual requirements applicable to Australia’s upstream oil and gas sector
- Evaluate factors determining profit levels in the industry
- Identify potential regulatory issues facing investors in the country’s upstream sector
- Utilize considered insight on future trends to inform decision-making

2. Regime Overview 3
3. State Take Assessment 5
4. Key Fiscal Terms 6
4.1. Royalties, Bonuses and Fees 6
4.1.1. Royalties (Onshore, Coastal Waters and North West Shelf Only) 6
4.1.2. Annual Rental Fees 7
4.2. Crude Oil Excise (Onshore, Coastal Waters, and North West Shelf Only) 7
4.3. Petroleum Resource Rent Tax 8
4.3.1. Rate and Application 8
4.3.2. Gas Transfer Price Methodology 8
4.3.3. Deductible Expenditure 9
4.4. Resource Rent Royalty (Barrow Island) 10
4.5. Direct Taxation 10
4.5.1. Company Tax 10
4.5.2. Deductions and Depreciation 11
4.5.3. Withholding Tax 11
4.6. Indirect Taxation 12
4.6.1. Goods and Services Tax 12
4.6.2. Customs Duties 12
5. Regulation and Licensing 13
5.1. Legal Framework 13
5.1.1. Governing Law 13
5.1.2. Contract Type 14
5.1.3. Title to Hydrocarbons 15
5.2. Institutional Framework 16
5.2.1. Licensing Authority 16
5.2.2. Regulatory Agency 17
5.3. Licensing Process 17
5.3.1. Offshore Areas 17
5.3.2. Onshore Areas and Coastal Waters 18
5.3.3. Native Title 18
5.3.4. Application Fees 18
5.4. License Terms 18
5.4.1. Duration and Relinquishments 18
5.4.2. Work Obligation 19
5.5. Foreign Investment Screening 19
5.6. Restrictions on Hydraulic Fracturing 20
6. Outlook 21
7. Appendix 23
7.1. Contact Us 23
7.2. Disclaimer 23

List Of Tables

Table 1: Regime Overview 3
Table 2: Australia, Onshore, Coastal Waters and North West Shelf, Royalty Rates (%) 6
Table 3: Australia, Annual Rental Fees (AUD) 7
Table 4: Australia - Onshore, Coastal Waters and North West Shelf, Crude Oil Excise Rates (%) 8
Table 5: Australia, Petroleum Resource Rent Tax Expenditure Classes and Uplift Rates 9
Table 6: Australia, Announced Tax Reductions (%), 2017 10
Table 7: Australia, Statutory Effective Life Caps - Petroleum Sector (years) 11
Table 8: Australia, Withholding Tax Rates (%) 11
Table 9: Australia, Governing Law by State/Territory 14
Table 10: Australia, State/Territory Licensing Authorities 17
Table 11: Australia - Onshore and Coastal Waters, Maximum Initial Term Duration for Petroleum Licenses (years) 19

List Of Figures

Figure 1: Regime Flow Chart 4
Figure 2: Australia, Indicative NPV10/boe, IRR and State Take Comparison, Regional 5
Figure 3: Australia, Legal Framework 13
Figure 4: Australia, Institutional Framework 16

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