Global Hydrogen Energy Transition Market Outlook and Trends, Q4 2021

Global Hydrogen Energy Transition Market Outlook and Trends, Q4 2021


Interest in the hydrogen sector as a way to accelerate the energy transition is growing rapidly and the low-carbon hydrogen project pipeline now represents over 24 mpta of potential capacity. 88% of this capacity comes from green hydrogen projects, though the majority is still in feasibility stage. The announcement of new deals and policies in the hydrogen sector also continues at pace as companies and governments look to capture value in this growing sector across the value chain. There is a need to accelerate transition strategies across sectors and geographies to achieve climate global goals, and hydrogen development is expected to have a major part to play in the energy sector to facilitate achievement of these targets.


- Hydrogen quarterly changes, Q2 2021.
- Total upcoming capacity and 2030 market size scenarios, highlighting recently announced projects by capacity, countries and regions.
- Trends over deals, partnerships, and M&A.
- Global policy support and financial incentives.

Reasons to Buy

- Identify the last market trends by quarter and key players in hydrogen technologies.
- Develop market insight of current, in development and announced capacity and latest trends of the sector.
- Understand the different scenarios for 2030 based on the likeliness of the projects.
- Facilitate the understanding on how and where the market is growing as it is rapidly scaling up to position as one of the main topics of the international agenda.

1. Overview
1.1 Executive Summary
1.2 Index
1.3 Quarterly snapshot
2. Low Carbon Hydrogen Capacity Outlook
2.1 Installation Capacity
2.2 Major upcoming projects
2.3 Production capacity and market size scenarios to 2030
2.4 Key developments
2.5 Major announcements and project updates
3. Deals & Contracts
3.1 Partnerships
3.2 M&A
3.3 Venture finance
4. Policy Support
4.1 Supporting policy
4.2 Global incentives
4.3 Main policy changes

List Of Tables

Table 1: Top 10 low carbon hydrogen plants
Table 2: Major status changes
Table 3: Major Projects announced
Table 4: M&A deals for Q3-2021
Table 5: Venture Finance deals for Q3-2021
Table 6: Q3- 2021 Key Policy Changes
Table 7: International Cooperation Policies

List Of Figures

Figure 1: GlobalData Hydrogen Stock Index
Figure 2: Total and quarterly highlights - Q3 2021
Figure 3: Total Hydrogen Announced Capacity (mtpa)
Figure 4: Total Upcoming and Post-Feasibility Regional Capacity (mtpa)
Figure 5: Major upcoming clean hydrogen plants map
Figure 6: 2030 Hydrogen capacity scenarios (mtpa)
Figure 7: Countries with highest cumulative upcoming capacity (mtpa)
Figure 8: Deals comparative 2020 - 2021
Figure 9: M&A Type - Q3 2021
Figure 10: Venture finance Disclosed Deal Value (US$mil)
Figure 11: Partnerships Numbers Q3-2021
Figure 12:Partnerships Regions for Development Q3-2021
Figure 13: Partnerships Main Topics
Figure 14: Companies with more partnerships this quarter
Figure 15: Global and Financial Incentives
Figure 16: National Low Carbon Hydrogen Strategies in Major Economies map

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