Augmented Reality (AR) in Power - Thematic Research

Augmented Reality (AR) in Power - Thematic Research


AR provides power utilities with numerous possibilities to tackle some of their most chronic problems, such as simplifying assembly, inspection, and maintenance operations. The growing use for AR-based smart glasses for training and inspections is propelling the AR market in the power industry. The ability to increase safety, reduce operating costs, and minimize errors will further push the use of AR in the power sector.


- This report focuses on augmented reality in power.
- It identifies the key trends impacting growth of the theme over the next 12 to 24 months, split into five categories: power trends, technology trends, macroeconomic trends, regulatory trends, and media trends.
- It contains details of M&A deals driven by the augmented reality theme, and a timeline highlighting milestones in the development of augmented reality.
- In addition, the report discusses possible AR applications in the power industry as well as the benefits to utilities.
- The report also provides an overview of the competitive positions held by AR smartglass and headset providers, moreover it includes major adoptors of AR in the power sector.
- The report contains in-depth case studies on how AR is being used in the power sector.

Reasons to Buy

The report provides -
- A comprehensive analysis of the present scenario and emerging market trends in the global augmented reality industry.
- Insights of the leading players in the augmented reality theme and where do they fit in the value chain.
- Extensive analysis of the augmented reality industry, AR disruption in power sector, key mergers and acquisitions and significant milestones in the journey of augmented reality.
- Profiles of major market players within the AR industry,and leading adopters of AR in power sector, which aid in interpreting the competitive outlook of this theme.
- It helps utilities to identify possible blind spots resulting from technology disruptions and market linkages in order to fully comprehend the risks and possibilities affecting their industry.

Executive summary
Technology briefing
Power trends
Technology trends
Macroeconomic trends
Regulatory trends
Media trends
Industry analysis
Market size and growth forecasts
Competitive analysis
Patent trends
Company filing trends
Impact of AR in power sector
Use cases
Mergers and acquisitions
Value chain
Apps and content
Power companies
Technology companies
Sector scorecards
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