Cybersecurity in Power - Thematic Research

Cybersecurity in Power - Thematic Research

Cybersecurity has been a major concern area for utilities for decades, due to roles played by them as operators of critical infrastructure systems and providers of essential services. Cyberattacks have the potential to damage a countrys power grid, with their major goal being to cause widespread infrastructure failures. So, concerns about cybersecurity continue to be at the top of utilities agendas, driven by the rising interconnected nature of infrastructure and systems, and the growing number of attacks targeting utilities.

Most organizations are putting their faith in artificial intelligence (AI) to improve threat intelligence, prediction, and protection. It is also providing cover for the continuing cybersecurity skills gap. Despite AIs potential for good, future AI-driven attacks are likely. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted why cyber-nave remote-workers need security awareness training to thwart hacker attacks. Attackers will target immature technologies, meaning 5G communications, smart cities, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are all at risk.


- This report analyses cybersecurity in power.
- It identifies major trends in the cybersecurity industry over the next 12 to 24 months.
- It discusses the impact of cybersecurity on utilities.
- It discusses how the sector is subject to stricter regulation in terms of cyber- and physical security, and is looking to invest in integrated solutions.
- It identifies key winners and losers within cybersecurity in power theme.

Reasons to Buy

- The report highlights some of the big players in the cybersecurity industry and where do they sit in the value chain.
- It highlights the main trends in the cybersecurity industry over the next 12 to 24 months.
- It offers a technology briefing, explaining the importance of a cybersecurity framework to establish standards, guidelines, and practices to protect critical infrastructure.
- It provides an industry analysis, explaining the degree of cyber risks and motives, and its serious implications on businesses, key mergers and acquisitions and major milestones in the journey of the cybersecurity theme.
- The report discusses the impact of cybersecurity on utilities and the unique challenges it faces.

Technology trends
Macroeconomic trends
Regulatory trends
Cybersecurity trends in utilities
The third wave of cybersecurity
Market size and growth forecasts
AI technologies are changing cybersecurity
Understanding the malware threat
The impact of cybersecurity on utilities
Mergers and acquisitions
Venture funding for cybersecurity companies
The cyber-aware organization
The cybersecurity organizational stack
The cybersecurity technology stack
Public companies
Private companies
Power Utilities
Enterprise security sector scorecard
Whos who
Thematic screen
Valuation screen
Risk screen
IT services sector scorecard
Whos who
Thematic screen
Valuation screen
Risk screen

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