The Global Propulsion Systems Market - Key Drivers, Trends and New Developments

The Global Propulsion Systems Market - Key Drivers, Trends and New Developments


The market for propulsion systems will be mostly driven by the large ongoing and future procurements of military platforms, such as aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), naval vessels, submarines and military vehicles. The growing number of regional disputes along with a rise in global terrorism has led to a steady demand for military platforms across the globe, which is in turn is driving the market for military propulsion systems. Additionally, aircraft and helicopters are increasingly being adopted for commercial operations such as corporate transportation, law enforcement, search and rescue missions and emergency medical services, leading to a steady demand for air-based propulsion systems in the civil space as well.


The report offers analysis of the global propulsion systems market and covers key technological and market trends in the industry, and analyzes drivers/factors influencing demand for propulsion systems. Additionally, the report provides an overview of five top spenders in the sector including recent procurements undertaken by these countries and profiles of five major propulsion system manufacturers in the domain


- The steady demand for air-based, naval and ground vehicles, both in the defense and commercial sectors, is projected to drive the global market for propulsion systems over the future.
- The overall propulsion systems market can be categorized under four broad heads - air-based, space, marine and ground propulsion systems.
- Region wise North America is projected to be the largest spender on propulsion systems, driven by its massive procurrent of military as well as civil platforms.
- Europe and Asia Pacific are other also expected to be key markets for propulsion systems, with countries such as the UK, Russia and China working on developing new and innovative technologies in this space.

Reasons to buy

- Snapshot of the global propulsion systems market, including highlights of the demand drivers, trends, and technology developments.
- Insights into the global propulsion systems market and a detailed analysis of factors driving the market
- Determining the prevalent trends in the sector
- Identify the new developments that will shape the market in the future
- Analyzing the major countries and companies playing significant roles in the development propulsion systems market

Executive Summary
Propulsion Systems -Overview
Types of Propulsion Systems8Comparative Analysis
Market Dynamics
Demand Drivers
Market Trends
Market Challenges
Technological Trends and New Developments
Country Analysis -Profiles of five leading countries
Overview of Propulsion Systems market in the country
Recent Developments
Propulsion Systems -Key Program Analysis
Overview of Five Key programs in the market
Company Analysis -Profiles of five leading companies
Company Overview
Major Products
Alliances, Recent Contracts and Financial Analysis

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