Electric Vehicles (EV) in Defense - Thematic Research

Electric Vehicles (EV) in Defense - Thematic Research


"Electric Vehicles (EV) in Defense - Thematic Research", report provides an overview of the electric vehicles market, outlining advances in the technology and key programs. Key investment comes from players including GM Defense, and government funding has benefited a number of players.

This report also examines companies who are investing in the development of hybrid electric vehicles in defense, and those who are exploring charging solutions.

Key Highlights

- The companies section identifies key players in the market, and in what areas they are making investments.
- The report also identifies market opportunities, outlining which direction the market is likely to take.


- Key themes in electric vehicles in defense development are established, both in terms of defense trends, technology trends, regulatory trends and macroeconomic trends.
- In particular this report identifies market trends over the next 24 months, outlining which sectors are likely to benefit from increased spending on electric vehicles in defense.
- This report is part of our ecosystem of thematic investment research reports, supported by our "thematic engine".

Reasons to Buy

- Determine potential investment opportunities based on trend analysis and market projections.
- Gaining an understanding of the market surrounding the hydrogen aircraft theme.
- Understanding how hydrogen aircraft spending will fit into the overall market and what spending areas are being prioritized.
Table of Contents
Executive summary
Technology briefing
Industry analysis
Impact on Defense
Value chain
Further reading
Our thematic research methodology
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List Of Tables

List of Tables
Technology trends
Macroeconomic trends
Regulatory trends
Defense trends
Companies:Competitve Position
Defense Companies:Competitve Position
Further reading

List Of Figures

List of Figures
Who are the leading players and upcoming challengers in the electric vehicle landscape?
Automotive industry survey results on Teslas advantage
Tesla to increase production by building out regional manufacturing
EV powertrains as a proportion of all new powertrains, 2015-2035
Regional share of EVs on the road 2015 vs 2020
Regional share of EV production 2015 vs 2020
Lithium carbonate equivalent demand by product 2015 vs 2021 forecast
Chinas share of production stages of Li-ion battery manufacturing (%)
Tesla vs key rivals 2020 sales
Tesla vs key rivals May 2021 market capitalization
The electric vehicle value chain
The electric vehicle technology stack: battery raw materials
The electric vehicle technology stack: battery components
The electric vehicle technology stack: lithium-ion batteries
The electric vehicle technology stack: semiconductors
The electric vehicle technology stack: drivetrains
The electric vehicle technology stack: auto component suppliers
The electric vehicle technology stack: assembly
The electric vehicle technology stack: charging stations

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