European Defense Integration - Thematic Research

European Defense Integration - Thematic Research

European defense integration is based on building lasting peace on the continent after the second world war. Since then, several defense-related organizations in Europe with overlapping priorities and missions, such as Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OCSE), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), EU Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP), Nordic Defense Cooperation (NORDEFCO), and OCCAR, have been established.

In recent years, the EU has moved to develop its independent security policy whilst also maintaining the ability to act in concert with other multilateral institutions. The EU has developed a complex ecosystem of institutions and framework, designed to create and maintain security policies and foster the development of new defense programs and coordination between member states. This has focused on developing capacity management and strengthening the European industrial base, whilst engaging member states in developing new programs. OCCAR and the EDA have both been significant in developing this capability.

This report focuses on capacity development organizations and programs. It explores the future role of the EU, considering Brexits role and the moves to consolidate power as member states influence wanes increasingly. The report also outlines the cooperation between multilateral institutions, including NATO, the EU, OCCAR and NORDEFCO. It considers how a changing relationship with the US will affect motivations to develop independent European defense and security practices.


- The efforts to develop cooperation in the defense are based on having self-sufficient power against all risks and threats, especially the Russian threat, increasing the competitiveness of defense industry companies and ensuring uniformity in weapons and equipment.
- The EU, through its various institutions, has attempted to facilitate cooperation in several key areas. These areas are selected to deliver key capabilities that support the EU’s security and defense policy and attempt to drive down procurement time and costs by getting member states to provide joint funding through the European Defence Agency (EDA). This report outlines key programs and funding for research and development, describing where the EU utilizes joint funding.

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The European Defense Integration-Thematic Research -
- Helps CEOs and Senior Executives identify activity within European defense integration trends and determine prospect investment areas as a result
- Helps to understand defense organizations and their relations in Europe
- Identifies the technology, macroeconomic and regulatory trends that could potentially influence European defense integration
- Presents key joint capacity development and R&D programs
- Identifies key leaders and challengers at each stage of the value chain and benchmarks key defense companies based on their exposure to European defense integration.

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