Littoral Warfare - Thematic Research

Littoral Warfare - Thematic Research

The littoral warfare environment encompasses the maritime, air, land, space, and cyber domains as well as the information space and in that regard, also all associated opposing, friendly, and neutral systems (political, military, economic, social, informational, infrastructure, legal, and others). Artificial Intelligence is one of the major trends for the littoral wafare. Littoral warfare is also characterized by speed: speed of data exchange and picture compilation, speed of command and control, speed of reaction. In order to be faster than an adversary and also to maintain the initiative, speed must remain key requirement in future military campaigns, particularly those involving littoral warfare. This will be achieved through knowledge, decision, and technological superiority. In the near future, AI will likely continue to be context-specific, restricted to certain types of problems.

Maritime power is substantiated by the ability of an actor to gain control over sea areas of his interest (surface, subsurface, airspace) associated to the freedom of movement as well as action within these areas, and concurrently to exert diplomatic, economic, and military influence at a time and place of his choice. Maritime power has traditionally been employed globally to maintain the freedom of navigation as an essential foundation for the economic prosperity and overall welfare of states; conversely it has been regularly used to disrupt the Sea Lines of Communications of an opponent.


- The main trends in the littoral warfare over the next 12 to 24 months are highlighted. We classify these trends into three categories: technology trends, regulatory trends, and macroeconomic trends.
- The report includes an insightful industry analysis of the littoral warfare and key use cases highlighting how armed forces around the world have started working on the development and implementation of the technology.
- This report is part of our ecosystem of thematic investment research reports, supported by our thematic engine.

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- Our thematic investment research product, supported by our thematic engine, is aimed at senior (C-Suite) executives in the corporate world as well as institutional investors.
- Corporations: Helps CEOs in all industries understand the disruptive threats to their competitive landscape
- Investors: Helps fund managers focus their time on the most interesting investment opportunities in global Aerospace & Defense.
- Whilst most investment research is underpinned by backwards looking company valuation models, thematic methodology identifies which companies are best placed to succeed in a future filled with multiple disruptive threats.
- Our unique differentiator, compared to all our rival thematic research houses, is that our thematic engine has a proven track record of predicting winners and losers.

Thematic Briefing
Technology trends
Macroeconomic trends
Regulatory trends
Industry Analysis
Demographic importance of littoral waters
Economic importance of littoral waters
Military importance of littoral waters
Force structures
Electronic sensors and communication
Naval guns, missiles, and torpedoes
Propulsion systems
Value Chain
Appendix: Our Thematic Research Methodology

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