Business Jets - COVID-19 - Sector Impact Analysis

Business Jets - COVID-19 - Sector Impact Analysis

The Business Jet market will suffer from the COVID-19 crisis due to the lockdowns occurring in a number of geographies, the imposition of quarantines, the economic collapse resulting from the COVID-19 crisis, as well as the cash flow issues impacting buyers, lessors, financial institutions, and manufacturers.

The industry is expected to suffer from the crisis but is also expected to recover faster and to receive a bump in the v shaped recovery of the market. High capital investment will restrain how steep this recovery will be, but it will outperform the L shaped recovery in commercial aerospace for commercial aviation (airlines). The market is expected to receive a boost from Business Jets in many areas being the only way to guarantee travel, as well as providing inherent isolation from others whilst permitting necessary travel.

An important area allowing for exposure limitation is in the special mission aircraft sector, as this sector straddles business jets and the resilient defense sector. Programmes such as the Air King series for US customs, the Saab 340 AEW&C (Erieye) offerings are examples of such programmes. ELINT mission conversions will also offer important and resilient opportunities in this area.

Key Highlights

- Primary factors determining the future of the Business Jets sector
- Supply chain vulnerability and commercial exposure problems
- Key business jets program updates


In particular, the report provides an in-depth analysis of the following -
- The report is to understand the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the business jets sector.
- This report provides insight into the current state of play, offers a look at potential future scenarios and assesses the actions that business jets sector can take to mitigate the impact of COVID-19.

Reasons to Buy

- Gain an overview of the current global COVID-19 situation
- Gain in-depth understanding about the impact of COVID-19 in business jets Market
- Understand the impact that COVID-19 is having on the industry
- Explore future industry scenarios

Sector Overview
Market Confidence Trends
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Market Landscape Changes and Drivers
Business Jet Supply Chain Updates
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