The Global Naval Radar Market 2019-2029

The Global Naval Radar Market 2019-2029


The Global Naval Radar Market 2019-2029 report offers a detailed analysis of the industry, with market size forecasts covering the next ten years. This report will also analyze factors that influence demand for naval radar equipment, key market trends, and challenges faced by industry participants.

The primary factor driving the demand for naval radars is the procurement of new naval vessels such as corvettes, frigates, destroyers, amphibious ships and aircraft carriers by navies across the globe for expanding their existing fleet and enhancing their naval capabilities. Driven by regional tensions and conflicting territorial claims, various countries are substantially investing in the procurement of naval vessels, to enhance their green-water and blue-water naval capabilities, which in turn is influencing the growth of global naval radar market.

Furthermore, navies across the globe are also modernizing their fleet of legacy naval platforms in order to extend their service life and maintain their relevance in modern naval warfare scenarios. These modernization initiatives are significantly contributing to the growth of naval radar market globally. In addition, the advent of modern and sophisticated threats in the form of hypersonic anti-ship missiles and stealth aircraft, will further drive the demand for advanced naval radar systems capable of countering such threats.

In particular, the report provides an in-depth analysis of the following -
- Market size and drivers: detailed analysis during 2019-2029, including highlights of the demand drivers and growth stimulators. It also provides a snapshot of the spending and modernization patterns of different regions around the world
- Recent developments and industry challenges: insights into technological developments and a detailed analysis of the changing preferences of naval radar segments around the world. It also provides trends of the changing industry structure and the challenges faced by industry participants
- Regional highlights: study of the key markets in each region, providing an analysis of the key segments of the market that are expected to be in demand
- Major programs: details of the key programs in each segment, which are expected to be executed during 2019-2029
- Competitive landscape and strategic insights: analysis of the competitive landscape of the global market. It provides an overview of key players, together with information regarding key alliances, strategic initiatives and financial analysis


- The global naval radar market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.72% over the forecast period.
- The market consists of five categories: air search radar, multi-functional radar, fire control radar, navigational radar and surface search radar. North America will dominate the sector with a share of 52%, followed by Asia-Pacific and Europe, with shares of 24% and 15%, respectively. The air search radar segment is expected to be the leading segment with a share of 50%.

Reasons to buy

- Determine prospective investment areas based on a detailed trend analysis of the global naval radar market over the next ten years
- Gain in-depth understanding about the underlying factors driving demand for different naval radar segments in the top spending countries across the world and identify the opportunities offered by each of them
- Strengthen your understanding of the market in terms of demand drivers, industry trends, and the latest technological developments, among others
- Identify the major channels that are driving the global naval radar market, providing a clear picture about future opportunities that can be tapped, resulting in revenue expansion
- Channelize resources by focusing on the ongoing programs that are being undertaken by the defense ministries of different countries within the global naval radar market
- Make correct business decisions based on thorough analysis of the total competitive landscape of the sector with detailed profiles of the top naval radar providers around the world which include information about their products, alliances, recent contract wins and financial analysis wherever available

Executive Summary
Global Naval Radar Market - Overview
Global Naval Radar Market By Region, 2019-2029
Global Naval Radar Market By Segment, 2019-2029
Market Dynamics
Demand Drivers: Analysis of factors that trigger spending within the sector
Trends: Prevalent practices, industry consolidation and procurement patterns within the market
Technological Developments : New products, processes and innovations recently inducted within the sector
Key Challenges: Obstacles affecting sector growth
Global Naval Radar Market - Segment Analysis by Functions
Segment Analysis: Air Search Radar
Segment Analysis: Multi-Functional Radar
Segment Analysis: Fire Control Radar
Segment Analysis: Navigational Radar
Segment Analysis: Surface Search Radar
Global Naval Radar Market - Segment Analysis by Frequency Band
Segment Analysis: Multi-Band
Segment Analysis: S-Band
Segment Analysis: X-Band
Segment Analysis: C-Band
Segment Analysis: L-Band
Segment Analysis: Other Bands
Global Naval Radar Market - Regional Analysis
Regional Analysis: North America
Regional Analysis: Asia-Pacific
Regional Analysis: Europe
Regional Analysis: Middle East
Regional Analysis: Latin America
Regional Analysis: Africa
Global Naval Radar Market - Trend Analysis
Naval Radar Market - Future Outlook (The Road Ahead)
Key Programs Analysis
Competitive Landscape Analysis

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