Baby Nutrition Insights: Issue 31

Baby Nutrition Insights: Issue 31


"Baby Nutrition Insights: Issue 31", is an analytical report by GlobalData which provides extensive and highly detailed information on the key markets in the Baby Food industry.

This quarterly issue provides a review of news and analysis for the infant nutrition industry, covering the January-March 2017 period. Market News includes: in Colombia and Cuba, maternity leave provision is being increased; in the US, sales of organic baby food increased by 22% in 2016; A2 Platinum is continuing to take share from Bellamys in Australia; oversupply of imported infant formula has pushed down prices in China, but increased birth numbers augur well for the future; Danone has launched its Aptamil infant formula range in India; Mead Johnson and Nestl experience different fortunes in the Philippines; in France, Vitagermines Babybio brand holds 3.2% of the total baby food market; in the Netherlands cereals, meals in jars and infant formula powder have declined, while gains sweet meals in pouches and biscuits have gained; in Spain Nestl has added multi-grain evening ready-to-feed cereal; Annabel Karmel is extending its activity into Kuwait and the UAE; Hipp launches its baby toasts in Turkey. In Company News, this issue provides financial results for multinational and local players, reports on production expansion in the infant formula sector, and an insight into new joint ventures and partnerships, as well as merger and acquisition activity, including the acquisition of Mead Johnson by Reckitt Benckiser.

What else does this report offer?
- Market profile based upon a unique combination of industry research, fieldwork, market sizing and our in-house expertise to offer extensive data about the trends and dynamics affecting the Baby Food industry globally.
- Detailed company profiles, highlighting key focus product sectors with the key features & developments, segmentation, per capita trends and the various manufacturers & brands


- In Brazil, according to a recent survey by IGGE, the diets of most toddlers are inadequate. The survey found that 60% of infants under the age of two years are already consuming sweets, and 30% are overweight. Fruit and vegetables are not widely included in their diets.
- Canada: Loblaw is recalling some of its private label PC Organic Biologique apple, blueberry & green pea strained baby food in 128ml pouches as there is a risk that it may be contaminated with Clostridium botulinum.
- The government of Cambodia has banned the sale of breast milk abroad. There had been a booming trade in exporting breast milk to the USA, with Cambodian mothers paid US$ per day.
- Japan: Pigeon has launched ice cream mixes for babies aged 12 months+ under the Babys Petit Ice brand. Two variants are available: milk & vanilla and apple & carrot.
- Netherlands: Sales of the various baby food sectors showed mixed fortunes in 2016, with strong declines in cereals, meals in jars and infant formula powder, but gains for more modern products such as sweet meals in pouches and biscuits.

Reasons to buy

- Evaluate important changes in consumer behavior to identify profitable markets and areas for product innovation.
- Analyse the current and forecast market position of the brands to identify the best opportunities to exploit.
- Detailed understanding of consumption by individual product categories to align your sales and marketing efforts with the latest trends in the market
Table of Contents
1. Market News 7
1.1.1 Argentina 7
1.1.2 Brazil 7
1.1.3 Canada 7
1.1.4 The Caribbean 7
1.1.5 Colombia 7
1.1.6 Cuba 7
1.1.7 Mexico 8
1.1.8 Peru 8
1.1.9 USA 9
1.2.1 Australia 11
1.2.2 Cambodia 12
1.2.3 China 12
1.2.4 Hong Kong 15
1.2.5 India 16
1.2.6 Indonesia 16
1.2.7 Japan 16
1.2.8 Macau 17
1.2.9 Malaysia 17
1.2.10 New Zealand 17
1.2.11 Philippines 17
1.2.12 Taiwan 17
1.2.13 Thailand 17
1.2.14 Vietnam 17
1.3 EUROPE 18
1.3.1 Belgium 18
1.3.2 Czech Republic 18
1.3.3 Denmark 18
1.3.4 Estonia 18
1.3.5 Finland 18
1.3.6 France 18
1.3.7 Germany 20
1.3.8 Greece 20
1.3.9 Ireland 20
1.3.10 Italy 20
1.3.11 Latvia 20
1.3.12 Lithuania 20
1.3.13 Luxembourg 21
1.3.14 Netherlands 21
1.3.15 Poland 22
1.3.16 Portugal 22
1.3.17 Russia 22
1.3.18 Slovakia 23
1.3.19 Spain 23
1.3.20 United Kingdom 24
1.4.1 Kuwait 26
1.4.2 Morocco 26
1.4.3 South Africa 26
1.4.4 Tunisia 26
1.4.5 Turkey 26
1.4.6 United Arab Emirates 26
2. Company News 27
2.1 The a2 Milk Company 27
2.2 ARX Equity 27
2.3 Abbott Laboratories 27
2.4 Annabel Karmel 28
2.5 Atlantic Grupa DD 28
2.6 Ausnutria Holding Co Limited 29
2.7 Before Brands 29
2.8 Bega Cheese Limited 29
2.9 Beingmate Baby & Child Food Co 30
2.10 Bellamys Organic 30
2.11 BioNascent 31
2.12 Biostime International Holdings Limited 31
2.13 Blackmores Limited 32
2.14 Blue Lake Dairy Company 32
2.15 Bright Food (Group) Co Ltd 32
2.16 Bubs Australia Limited 32
2.17 Campbell Soup Company 32
2.18 China Huishan Dairy Holding 32
2.19 Koninklijke DSM NV 33
2.20 Danone 33
2.21 Detskiy Mir 34
2.22 Feihe International Inc 34
2.23 Fonterra Co-Operative Group Limited 34
2.24 Royal FrieslandCampina NV 35
2.25 Ganeden 35
2.26 Hillcrest Litigation Services Limited 35
2.27 Hochdorf Holding Limited 36
2.28 The Infant Food Holding Co Pty Limited 36
2.29 Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Company Limited 36
2.30 Kalbe Farma Tbk PT 36
2.31 KraftHeinz 36
2.32 Laboratoires Gilbert 36
2.33 Mead Johnson Nutrition Company 37
2.34 Meiji Holdings Co Limited 39
2.35 China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited 39
2.36 Mlekpol 40
2.37 Nestl SA 40
2.38 Once Upon a Farm LLC 41
2.39 PepsiCo Inc 41
2.40 Perrigo Company plc 41
2.41 Piccolo 41
2.42 Pigeon Corporation 41
2.43 Podravka dd 42
2.44 Pure Spoon 42
2.45 Smileat 42
2.46 Synutra International Inc 42
2.47 Vitagermine 43
2.48 Yabais 43
2.49 Yooji 43
3. Appendix 44
3.1 About GlobalData 44
3.2 Disclaimer 44

List Of Tables

Table 1: a2 Milk: Financial Highlights, First Six Months of Fiscal 2016 & 2017 27
Table 2: Abbott Laboratories: Financial Highlights, 2015 & 2016 28
Table 3: Ausnutria: Segment Sales, 2015 & 2016 29
Table 4: Bellamys Sales by Region, First Half of Fiscal 2016 & 2017 31
Table 5: Danone: Financial Highlights, 2015 & 2016 33
Table 6: Mead Johnson: Breakdown of Sales & Earnings by Region, 2015 & 2016 37
Table 7: Mead Johnson: Sales by Sector, 2015 & 2016 38
Table 7: Yashili: Sales by Sector, 2015 & 2016 39
Table 9: Nestl: Financial Highlights, 2015 & 2016 40

List Of Figures

Figure 1: Mexico: Production of Infant Formula, 2010-2016 8
Figure 2: Peru: Average Annual Number of Births, 2005-2025 9
Figure 3: Australia: Baby Food Sales Trends, Final Quarter of 2016 11
Figure 4: China: Origin of Infant Formula Imports, 2015-2016(1) 13
Figure 5: France: Purchasing Criteria for Baby Food, 2017 19
Figure 6: Netherlands: Growth Trends by Sector, 2016 21
Figure 7: Nestl: Sales by Region, 2016 40

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