Market Research of Aspartame in China

China officially approved the application of aspartame in foods and beverages in 1986. After years of development, China has become the worlds largest producer of aspartame.

The production of aspartame in China is concentrated in a few producers. The number of aspartame producers in China decreased from seven in 2016 to five in 2020. From 2017 to 2020, the production capacity of aspartame remained stable, and the supply-demand relationship was mainly affected by foreign markets. In 2019-2020, about 90% of Chinas aspartame output was exported.

In China, aspartame is mainly consumed in beverages, food and other industries, among which beverages are the largest consumption field, accounting for over 50% of domestic aspartame consumption in 2020. Carbonated beverages is the largest end use segment, and the consumption of aspartame accounted for 26.9% of the national total in 2020.

This first edition report on Chinas aspartame industry, formulated in May 2021, focuses on the situation of Chinas aspartame industry in 2019 and 2020, as well as forecasting its future development trend. The report aims to disclose the latest production and market information of Chinas aspartame industry. The data for 2020 and before are based on CCMs database and other various sources as mentioned in the section of methodology.

This market research provides detailed analysis on the elements affecting the deveplopement of aspartame industry in China, as well as current and historic development of the industry. Market drivers, restraints, opportunities and relative policies can be found in this report.

Scope of the report
Region scope: China.
Time scope: 2019 to 2020
On the basis of industrial segments: aspartame production, price, exports, and consumption.
Executive summary
Methodology and source
1 Introduction of aspartame in China
1.1 Historical development of aspartame industry
1.2 Raw materials of aspartame
1.3 Governmental policies and market dynamics
2 Supply and demand of aspartame in China
2.1 Production 20192020
2.2 Key manufacturers 20192020
2.3 Price trend 20192020
2.4 Export in 20192020
2.5 Consumption 2020
3 Forecast
3.1 Factors influencing Chinas aspartame industry
3.2 Supply & demand forecast 20212023

Table 1.2-1 Key producers of L-phenylalanine in China, 2020
Table 1.2-2 Key producers of L-aspartic acid in China, 2020
Table 1.3-1 Policies related to aspartame in China
Table 2.1-1 Capacity and output of aspartame in China, 20192020
Table 2.2-1 Situation of major aspartame producers in China, 2020
Table 2.2-2 Capacity and output of aspartame by producer in China, 20192020
Table 2.3-1 Annual average ex-works price of aspartame in China, Jan. 2019April 2021
Table 2.4-1 Top 10 destinations for Chinas export of aspartame, 2020
Table 2.5-1 Consumption pattern of aspartame in China, 2020
Table 2.5-2 Key end users of aspartame for beverages, 2020
Table 2.5-3 Key end users of aspartame for candy and sugar-free chewing gum, 2020
Table 2.5-4 Main end users of aspartame for other foods, 2020
Table 2.5-5 Key producers of neotame in China, 2020

Figure 2.1-1 Capacity, output and operating rate of aspartame in China, 20192020
Figure 2.2-1 Capacity distribution of aspartame in Jiangsu Province, China, 2020
Figure 2.3-1 Monthly ex-works price of aspartame in China, Jan. 2019April 2021
Figure 2.4-1 Chinas export volume of aspartame, 20182020
Figure 2.4-2 Monthly exports of aspartame from China, 20192020
Figure 2.4-3 Key export destinations of Chinas aspartame, 20182020
Figure 2.5-1 Downstream industry of aspartame in China, 2020
Figure 3.2-1 Forecast on demand for aspartame in China, 20212023
Figure 3.2-2 Forecast on output of aspartame in China, 20212023

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