India Biodiesel Market: Plant Capacity, Production, Operating Efficiency, Process, Demand & Supply, End Use, Application, Sales Channel, Region, Competition, Trade, Customer & Price Intelligence Market Analysis, 2015-2030

Biodiesel demand in India grew at a CAGR of 6.5% during 2015-2019 and is anticipated to achieve a healthy growth rate during the forecast period. Increasing crude oil import bills has made the Indian govt. switch domestic fuel alternatives with Biodiesel, which is serving as the main game changer. With the initiation of National Policy on Biofuels in 2019, the demand for Biodiesel is set to witness an upward trend in the coming years. Indias initiative towards promoting cleaner fuels is all set to elevate the countrys overall Biodiesel demand. As Indias primary energy demand is all set to double in the next two decades, use of cleaner fuel alternatives will continue to spur the sales of Biodiesel as a fuel. Transport sector, railways and industries are the major Biodiesel end users in India and offer vast potential to the biofuel market.
Biodiesel is mainly manufactured from the oil-bearing seeds of Jatropha Curcas plants which are cultivated by Indian farmers. However, due to shortage of Jatropha seeds, other multiple feedstock technologies are being used to produce Biodiesel. For example, used cooking oils, animal fats and imported crude vegetable oils (such as Palm Oil) are also being used by several producers for manufacturing Biodiesel. Blended with conventional diesel and used as fuel in railways and other commercial vehicles, Biodiesel has a vast potential to act as substitute for conventional fossil fuels to enhance countrys energy demand.
The demand for biofuels is shifting towards emerging economies, which are working towards framing policies that favour the domestic biofuels market. Indias biofuel production accounts for only one percent of the global production and hence this market is still a niche in the country. As the Central Government is providing support to the domestic players to tap the potential for Indias Biodiesel market, many players are investing into this sector. Transportation sector is one of the major consumers of Biodiesel, followed by energy and construction sector where it is used in operations. Strong Indian government support is also attracting international players to enter for biofuel business in India.

Years Considered for this Report:
Historical Years: 2015 2019
Base Year: 2020
Estimated Year: 2021
Forecast Period: 2022 2030

Objective of the Study:
The primary objective of the study was to evaluate and forecast Biodiesel capacity, production, demand, inventory, and demand supply gap in India.
To categorize Biodiesel demand in India based on end use, grade, region and sales channel.
To study trade dynamics and company share in India Biodiesel market.
To identify major customers of Biodiesel in India.
To evaluate and forecast Biodiesel pricing by grade in India Biodiesel market.
To identify and profile major companies operating in India Biodiesel market.
To identify major news, deals and expansion plans in India Biodiesel market.

Major players operating in India Biodiesel market include Biomax Fuels Limited, Universal Biofuels, Kaleesuwari Refinery and Industry Private Limited and Emami Agrobiotech Limited. The domestic manufacturers are currently operating at their maximum production capacity. Universal Biofuels recently established a new production record by delivering more than 20 million liters of Biodiesel to domestic oil marketing companies which continue to satisfy 80 percent of the domestic Biodiesel demand.
As per National Policy on Biofuels implemented by Indian Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) in 2018, Biodiesel imports remained restricted in FY19. Domestic Biodiesel prices were assessed at INR XXX per MT on bulk contract basis, down by about 3 per cent in FY19.
To extract data for India Biodiesel market, primary research surveys were conducted with Biodiesel manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, wholesalers and end users. While interviewing, the respondents were also inquired about their competitors. Through this technique, ChemAnalyst was able to include manufacturers that could not be identified due to the limitations of secondary research. Moreover, ChemAnalyst analyzed various end user segments and projected a positive outlook for India Biodiesel market over the coming years.
ChemAnalyst calculated Biodiesel demand in India by analyzing the historical data and demand forecast was carried out considering crude oil prices. ChemAnalyst sourced these values from industry experts and company representatives and externally validated through analyzing historical sales data of respective manufacturers to arrive at the overall market size. Various secondary sources such as company websites, association reports, annual reports, etc., were also studied by ChemAnalyst.

Key Target Audience:
Biodiesel manufacturers, suppliers and other stakeholders
Organizations, forums and alliances related to Biodiesel distribution
Government bodies such as regulating authorities and policy makers
Market research and consulting firms

The study is useful in providing answers to several critical questions that are important for industry stakeholders, such as Biodiesel manufacturers, distributors and policy makers. The report also provides useful insights about which market segments should be targeted over the coming years to strategize investments and capitalize on growth opportunities.

Report Scope:
In this report, the India Biodiesel market has been segmented into following categories, in addition to the industry trends which have also been detailed below:
Market, by End Use- Transportation, Construction & Mining, Power Generation, Paints & Others
Market, by Application- Heating Oil, Cleaning Oil, Railways, Adhesives & others
Market, by Sales Channel- Direct/Institutional Sales, Retail Sales, Other Channel Sales
Market, by Region- North, West, East and South

Competitive Landscape

Competition Outlook: Outlook of leading 10 players based on product portfolio, market pricing, average selling price, sales footprint, etc.

Company Profiles: Detailed analysis of the major companies operating in the India Biodiesel market.

Available Customizations:
With the given market data, ChemAnalyst offers customizations according to a companys specific needs. "

1.Product & Technology Overview
2.India Biodiesel Outlook, 2015-2030
2.1.Capacity, By Volume
2.1.1.By Company
2.1.2.By Location
2.1.3.By Technology
2.2.1.By Company
2.3.Operating Efficiency
2.3.1.By Company
3.India Biodiesel Demand-Supply Scenario, 2015-2030, By Volume
4.India Biodiesel Demand Outlook, 2015-2030, By Volume
4.1.By End Use
4.2.By Sales Channel
4.3.By Region
4.4.By Company
5.1.Monthly (Historical & Forecast)
5.2.Yearly (Historical & Forecast)
6.Trade Dynamics, 2015-2020
6.1.Top Exporting Countries (Value & Volume)
6.2.Top Importing Countries (Value & Volume)
7.List of Major Consumers
7.1.Location-Wise Monthly Consumption
8.Competitive Landscape
8.1.1.Company Profiles Details Information Plans Analysis Strategy
9.Top News / Deals

List Of Tables

Table 1: India Biodiesel Capacity, By Company, 2015-2030F (000 Tonnes)
Table 2: India Biodiesel Capacity, By Location, 2015-2030F (000 Tonnes)
Table 3: India Biodiesel Production, By Company, 2015-2030F (000 Tonnes)
Table 4: India Biodiesel Plant Operational Efficiency, By Company, 2015-2030F (%)
Table 5: India Biodiesel Demand-Supply Scenario, 2015-2030F (000 Tonnes)
Table 6: India Biodiesel Trade Dynamics, Import -2015-2020
(Value in INR Million & Volume in 000 Tonnes)
Table 7: India Biodiesel Trade Dynamics, Export -2015-2020
(Value in INR Million & Volume in 000 Tonnes)
Table 8: Partial List of Major Biodiesel Customers in India

List Of Figures

Figure 1: India Biodiesel Production Scenario, 2015-2030F (000 Tonnes)
Figure 2: India Biodiesel Demand Market Share, By End Use, 2015-2030F (%)
Figure 3: India Biodiesel Demand Market Share, By Sales Channel, 2015-2030F (%)
Figure 4: India Biodiesel Demand Market Share, By Region, 2015-2030F (%)
Figure 5: India Biodiesel Demand Market Share, By Company, 2020 & 2021E (%)
Figure 6: India Biodiesel Monthly Prices, July 2018 Onwards (INR/Tonne)
Figure 7: India Biodiesel Yearly Prices, 2015-2021E (INR/Tonne)
Figure 8: India Biodiesel Recent News / Deals

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