Flavor and Fragrance Market Consolidation, 2019-2023: Who will not survive?

- Will the industry consolidate, decentralize, or undergo a bimodal transformation?
- How will the current trends affect the major market segments?
- Which companies will enter the market and which will not survive?

This new 150-page report provides analysis of the worlds flavor and fragrance market trends, as well as strategies, marketing tactics, and technological know-how of leading suppliers. The global strategic overview of the flavor and fragrance markets includes:

- Review of major geographic regions (USA, Europe, Asia).
- Analysis of key product categories (flavors, fragrances, aroma chemicals, essential oils).
- Five-year sales forecasts by product category and geographic region.

The report reviews major U.S. and international regulatory, technological, economic, demographic, and social trends with potentially significant impact on the flavor and fragrance industry during the next five years, including discussion of such key issues as industry consolidation, market globalization, environmental regulations and others.

The companies analyzed in the report include Firmenich, Givaudan, T. Hasegawa, Huabao, IFF, Mane, Robertet, Sensient, Symrise, and Takasago.

I. The Bimodal Trend
II. Consolidation
III. Major Geographic Regions
IV. Major Product Categories
A. Flavors
1. Beverages/Juices
2. Reaction Flavors
3. Sweets
4. Savory
5. Enzymes
6. Tobacco
7. Pharmaceuticals
8. Others
B. Fragrances
1. Detergents and Soaps
2. Fine Fragrances
3. Cosmetics
4. Household Products
5. Other
C. Aroma Chemicals
1. Synthetic Fragrance Chemicals
2. Synthetic Flavor Chemicals
D. Essential Oils

V. Profiles of Leading Suppliers
T. Hasegawa


List Of Tables

Table 1: World Flavor and Fragrance Market
Forecast by Geographic Region
Table 2: World Flavor and Fragrance Market
Forecast by Product Category

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