Business services do not produce a tangible commodity but are essential for facilitating a company’s assets to be profitable. These include IT-based services, finance, communication technologies and much more. Business services market research shows that not only do these services help the company deliver a good customer experience but also allow the monitoring of its performance along with maintaining good internal communication. They effectively tackle org...Read More>>


Poland in 2030: The Future Demographic

By Euromonitor | Business Services | Sep 2018 | Page 16

In 2030, the population of Poland will reach 38.0 million, a decrease of 1.1% from 2017. Negative natural change, caused by low fertility, declining numbers of women of childbearing age....

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The Eco-City: Exploring the Green Route in Housing, Transport and Food

By Euromonitor | Business Services | Sep 2018 | Page 33

The adverse effects of global warming on the environment are precipitating a new approach to urban living - one that seeks to provide liveability and workability in cities while simultaneously....

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Understanding Millennials as Parents

By Euromonitor | Business Services | Sep 2018 | Page 41

Millennial parents are changing the way they raise their children compared with previous generations. These changes, whether they are career-driven, health-conscious or equality-focused, are affecting how they spend their money....

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Business Services in Indonesia

By Euromonitor | Business Services | Sep 2018 | Page 19

During 2017 domestic demand for business services was fuelled by the rapidly developing Indonesian economy, which stimulated business sector expansion and led to large-scale creation of new enterprises. The Indonesian....

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Government and Membership Organizations in Indonesia

By Euromonitor | Business Services | Sep 2018 | Page 17

Government and membership organisations turnover further grew in 2017, although growth remained in the single-digit zone for the second consecutive year. The Indonesian Government budget, and hence expenditures, was primarily....

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