Meat Market in France: Restrains, Opportunities and Developments in 2015

After the ban imposed by Russia on French pork, the meat market in France relating livestock export faced a loss of € 150 million to € 200 million. The consequences resulted because the business could not meet the mark of supply and prices, which was deemed past many years, as measured in industry research reports. The French Government has reformed few measures to promote regional meat in restaurants for domestic consumers by opening up supermarket chains, to reclaim procurement contracts and amplify the exports.

Controversies on France Livestock Industry

The livestock farmers demand better payment for their products as the prices are continually falling. The consumption of sausages and ham fell by 1.9% in the 2015, initial three months, as compounded by the Food and Beverages Market Research. Some of the French poultry industries were fined worth € 15.2 million for faulty market shares and prices.

The fine went up to 10% for every organization involved. The French pig industry is moving towards better future with euro dollar funds being opened to help farmers. The price of pork from Brittany has still shows positive raise from € 1.24/kg in June to € 1.38/kg by the 20th July. However, targets for beef prices are still not achieved for the meat market in France.

The 2015 Scenario of French Meat Market

The beef market in France has seen a decline in purchases made for household purposes, excluding mince in the year of 2015.  According to the food and beverages market research, the sales dwindled to -4% in May 2015, January. Similarly, the last four years too saw decline in beef sales. The consumer expenditure saw a low of 5% and 1% drop in average price.

The budget of buyers has been also facing restrictions. However, rise was seen on consumption of steak hachee, frozen beef by 1% and more in purchase volume in May, which was alike the increase record for last year. The market is gradually recovering the 2013, horsemeat scandal, as understood in industry research reports. The total beef purchase for January to May 2015 has accelerated by 4%.