Amazon’s new influence on customers- Prime Wardrobe.

amazon primeThe recent commotion surrounding Amazon is the Prime Wardrobe option which is making its way onto the UK market. The concept driven by Amazon involves consumers and users to allow themselves to select three or more pieces of clothing apparels. This also accounts to footwear and accessory pieces which they can decide to keep or return. This does put a different type of shopping experience altogether, with shops not going into the payment mode until the online purchases by customers are complete and testing is done.

The retail service is a multi-channel process which aims in blending the convenience of online shopping with all the necessary elements of buying, starting from the base. Market research reports survey several customers and found around 30 per cent preferring store shopping as the need to feel and touch the products before buying is an important note to consider. The rest percentage of customers clearly prefer online shopping and consider them as a convenient and easier process to continue. Consequently, prime wardrobe’s functionality is taken into account making both of the customer preferences. One can try products that are available online but can even have trials before making the final move.

Prime wardrobe came into the picture after a year of beta testing of the product in the United States. Japan got into the process and made a positive review of the testing. Currently, UK is the subsequent country to join the service provided by Amazon. The reviews were overwhelming and positive from a consumer point of view. People put forward instances where they are trying new dresses and shoes, just like they do on shopfronts.

Ordinarily, private label clothing brands in general Amazon site perform worst as to other brands in the category. Expanding the accessibility of Prime Wardrobe puts a chance for visibility among the subsequent clothing brands. Consequently, Amazon points out that the private label brands are top selling items that are making a new trend in Prime Wardrobe function.

Globalization making a sharp change in environmental degradation

The planet is always on the brink to collapse. What human beings brought up to this orb, and what they are drawing on every second is always a matter of concern, promoting environmental degradation. Disasters can be natural and man-made, pertaining to a great extent, along with poverty and pollution to count. Consequently, the world is fighting these backs by making amends in various meets, specifically the United Nations strata.

environmental degradation

These few things listed, are accounting as a measure to tackle the subsequent effects of man-made or natural issues.

Refrigeration/air condition is one of the sole reasons of global climatic effects, the neon gas takes into a large consideration of ozone depletion. This can be modified with some level of equipment such as Nitrogen gas to be used in freezing processes. Additionally, afforestation is also on the list of affecting several tangible phenomena, coinciding with some natural disasters.

Certain modified data provided by various analysts, including Frischman, points several other factors like Solar Farms, Education of Females and even implementing plant-rich diets being a major driving factor. These processes get a direct or indirect view on the listing of change happening worldwide. Consequently, how much carbon dioxide, in terms of gigatonnes are into emissions each year, is recorded and the sole aim lies in cutting it in a span of three decades.

The overall cost of manipulating the planned process is fairly huge since the involvement of many factors contributes. Ordinarily, over the next few years, an anticipation of around 1 trillion Dollars is projected to be lashed out in the sustenance of the methods.

This estimation points out a more enlarged global GDP of over 80 Trillion Dollars a year. Subsequently, Frischmann points this is less than 1.25% of the price for the potential strategies of saving the planet from the verge of destruction and global meltdown.



The U.S sets new trade off on China trade!

U.S sets new trade off on China tradeThe current phase of US-China trade wars is not looking to take any pause soon. Consequently, tariffs of 200 Billion Dollars is on the go with President Donald Trump moving ahead with US imports of Chinese goods. As such import duties will be more viable with this current decision quotes Market Research Reports.

The whole Scenario.

Ordinarily, there is already 50 Billion Dollars of tariff on nearly everything America buys from China. In fact, China accounts for the largest source of imports for the USA. Currently, with the decision on board, the country is subjecting duties on those imports.

China’s Prospect.

China, on the other hand, is reviewing certain steps for sending delegations to Washington D.c. This would be a necessary action in the light of the U.S decision. Consequently, even a daily of China, made a statement about Beijing raising risks of prolonged trade battles. Market research domains cite this could be a battle between two of the world’s largest economies, hitting global growth.

The starting point of Trade revenue.

The tariff collection starts on September 24, 2018, on the other hand, the rates will only increase by the end of the year. This due to the fact that current U.S companies are suggesting time constraint to adjust supply chains to different countries.

Current situation cites the United States imposing around 50 Billion Dollars of Chinese products, pressurizing Beijing to make sweeping changes. Additionally, technology transfer and high tech industrial subsidy policies are also on the target.

The tariff’s effect will be showing gradually with China’s fourth-quarter data. Furthermore, the full impact of a 25 percent tariff will be seen the next year of 2019. The growth rate of China’s Gross domestic revenue is also on the target by 0.83 percentage point.

China’s Economy.

Consequently, the negative impact on China’s economy will be merely 0.7 percent. However, the yuan currency of China is less of about 0.3 percent from the U.S Dollar. The 6 percent slide from June aggravates the 10 percent tariff rate at the considerable margin.


Market research, a useful tool?

Market Research ReportsMarket research reports refer to information and data collected on a large scale which helps in manipulating a specific market focused solely by an industry or even a startup. By evaluating strategic business ideas, market research reports helps in developing a solid base for people who look out for focusing varied fields as well as some well-known areas.

Market research reports view solely on gathering and interpretation of knowledge about certain organizations and/or individuals, using statistical and analytics derived from the researching team.

Depending on the requirements, there are distinct categories related to an extensive market. Listed below are some of the sought out categories.

Technology: Several retailers in the technological field focus on the process of increasing the sale of their software and hardware products. Additionally, software companies while launching a new product rely broadly on the market segments. Technological market research reports are priced at a greater side due to their triggered growth in recent times.


Healthcare: Healthcare market research is intended to meet the requirements of healthcare experts and/or hospitals. Subsequently, the data that has been accumulated is a culmination of current trends in healthcare and pharmaceutical grounds. Advanced categories are further divided into, greater health awareness, lifestyle-induced diseases, and increasing insurance trends that penetrate growth.


SWOT analysis: Alternatively called as a SWOT matrix, its described as a preferred an imperative planning technique used to have an overall grasp on weakness, and various timeliness. Considered as a protective measure in market research segment, Swot analysis even focuses on outgrowth of threats that may arise during the future context of the company’s growth. Identifying and using Swot is important as it gives an idea of later steps of acquiring the purpose.


Energy and Power: Globalization aids to rapid growth as well as a decline in energy sources. Consequently, new, as well as predominant industries, rely heavily on market research influencing energy and power grade. This domain largely focuses on chemical, coal, nuclear as well as electrical sectors and the outgrowth encompassing them.

Further dividing market research reports, the strategy formation is modulated by secondary measures which include:

  • Sizing the various market segments.
  • Validating and analyzing customer needs.
  • Landscaping the competitors and their position.
  • Narrowing possible concept testing.
  • Filling up gaps between customer needs and competitor’s offering.

For building an empire, organizations rely widely on the market research. They need proper vision and maneuvering. Nevertheless, how well-established a company is, it is essential to have a long-term viable market analysis for all the new products or services it wishes to introduce. Furthermore, entrepreneurs who aim to start a fresh business expectancy gain a competitive advantage and a grip of the challenging landscape.


crucial Insights on your customer and the competition

customer InsightCustomers are basically the soul of an organization. The stronger the connection with one’s soul, happier a man is. This proves the baseline for every business, a start-up or even an established corporation. Additionally, knowing about your competitors without any presumptions make a business thrive, hopefully!

Some say it’s all on your hard work while others prefer making acrimonious rules in the office. Consequently, it is the customer satisfaction (sometimes target audience) along with a pinch of consciousness towards rivals that work with newly found as well as the old entrepreneurs.

Let’s gather some fundamentals.

Getting into the customer’s shoes: Literally, this doesn’t mean you are ought to wear the shoes of your customer. Rather, having an idea of the requirements and questions raised by the customer/consumer is the call of the day. Identifying the client, serving the needs, knowing about the overall process and securing the gateway where the customer pays(safe) helps in building a base. Additionally, the pricing and choices which the customers pay for also make an entrepreneur stand above the ground.

Analyzing Counterforce: Conducting an industry analysis of the competitors by relying on Market Research reports is necessary. Over the counter, one should have a profound view regarding the market shares and profits that the competitors make. Consequently, their services would be disclosed along with the brands they use and promote. Strategies and weaknesses can be measured, helping to build one’s own way that could be sustained by striking their weaknesses.

Segmenting the Consumer/Customers: When planning to succeed well in the business, measuring and positioning the customers according to the region, gender, education, income, occupation and even age helps in tackling with the specific requirements. Additionally, it helps to monitor growth trends that may be particularly dominated by the above criteria. Stepping into the distinct sector helps in determining the key factors required to offshoot the business irrespective of the odds in the market.

Competitors outside competition: Often threats can arrive from people who barely pose any such menaces. Referring to them as an indirect competition and having potential knowledge about their steps and whereabouts would reduce the shocks of getting a sudden blow. There would be instances where you might have to observe businesses that are completely different from yours which would help you tackle the situations where you might lose consumers/customers because they opted for a different direction.

A complete profile of the motivating factors of consumers is one of the key portions.

Nevertheless, it depends solely on the startup or the business to identify potential threats and act accordingly. Conversely, successful companies do not strike, instead, have a profound way of observing and responding simultaneously.


4 ways market research has transformed in 2018

Market Research ReportsThe technological innovations and digital environment has revamped the industry of market research. Today’s market research reports are shaped by advanced data formation tools and speedy techniques to hold analytical and critical information with precision. Marketers view research reports from a very broader perspective and a completely different approach than the traditional research held.

AI transforming the engagement:

With tech giants like Google and Amazon incorporating artificial intelligence into maximizing the consumer engagement, AI will soon transform the way market research is conducted. The industry will receive a greater impact with the big leap.

This will also encompass making of questionnaire and field management. The enhanced computing power and big data analytics may also be changed with the introduction of artificial intelligence in the study of the market. The role of data scientists will become wider and crucial in the industry.

Emphasis on soft skills:

As conventional market research reports were limited to data and statistics, in the technology-powered world, more emphasis will be given to the soft skills and how the report is analyzed by the researcher. Every business anticipates to have a dynamic impact on the consumer and hence the they will expect the research conducted to offer insightful information which can help them lead the market.

Impact of Political instability:

The US election and Brexit events have already shown enough influence on the market. The political instability factors play a critical role in the nurturing of market conditions. Researchers’ predictions may be affected by these unpredictable changes in the market. Especially the international market can possibly witness a trade war and other disorderly market situations.

Faster research with integrated automation:

Along with AI, another contributor to the market research transformation would be automation. This will enable a smooth research process which will have better technologies to improve the quality of the market research reports.

With a gamut of information being collected through technology market research reports the future of market study has begun experiencing already. It will interesting see how the demand for market research industry will open new opportunities for the researchers.


How to Use Market Research to Validate Insights

market researchResearch is necessary for a someone who urges to be an ‘informed marketer’ and take wise decisions for the company. However, such firms are often found adrift in too many data and statistics. A market research report ideally reveals more than mere data and statistics and draws out crucial market insights for the company. The only lacking part in the whole process is when firms do not understand how their approach is expected to be. Market insights influence the decision making of a marketer, but how?

Here’s how the market research reports typically help companies to get ahead in the market. You, as a marketer can use these strategies and employ in your company to get the best of a market research report.

Collecting the comparison points:

When you receive a market research report, collect the information which would assist you to make a comparison between the various segments and how they influence the market. Compare these different segments and direct your business in a way that would merge well in the industry environment and help you outplay the business game.

Deepen your knowledge of the market.

The best kinds of research reports help you understand the ‘why’ factor in the report. A market research report is never about mere data and statistics but it digs out the analytics further and reveals a deep understanding of the market. It helps you comprehend where the market is going and where does your company stand. A well-researched report never misses out a trend, growth driving factors, and the latest technologies while giving you insights on its application. With this, it also exhibits opportunities to pursue the

Assess the competitive landscape.

The competitive analysis and insights from the rivalries business functioning can be difficult to find which is possible through the research reports such as SWOT analysis. When you study the SWOT analysis of your competitor, it eventually helps your organization to understand your company better where your company is and what it needs to do reach the determined goal in the market.

Research reports help you understand the key players in the market and their role which impacts the market trends. Furthermore, the report assists identify the companies which are disrupting the market. You can scrutinize the market performance of different companies and make your business plan accordingly to outperform them all.  

Fill in gaps of consumer knowledge

Seldom, customers discover a new utility in an old product which you can help you market your product smartly. The market research reports explore new products and categories which may change the perception of your customer about the product. Reports help set trends instead of following the old ones. They put forth the role of technology while helping you influence the consumer behavior.

Disseminate insights across the organization.

When you disseminate the industrial insights with the employees, they can carry out the assigned job and the research reports do the down to the ground to get in-depth analysis. It essentially educates the personnel on a deeper level. They can assimilate the information well and incorporate better implication into the work. The market research report especially helps sales meetups and presentations better with every new developmental move. It further helps get executive reviews and planning sessions for the employees.


A touch of AI can change marketing altogether

artificial intelligence

It is not the harvest you reap but the seeds you plant. To be a successful brand, it is important that you ace making your first impression. And that comes from marketing your product well. Your pitch must send out a voice that the service or product you sell is completely worth the buyer’s money.

It is important to note that today’s target customers are not a mass. You must have a very specific target audience. And then, it is important to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time. It is easy to tell that modern-day marketing requirements cannot be met with traditional methods. This is where technology comes into the picture.

Technology and marketing

Technology has been looked at as an aid to healthcare systems, as a contributor to better information security on the virtual network, but what about marketing?

Any marketing industry analysis would voice out the immensely important contribution of technology in fulfilling the needs of all the marketing channels available. This has been rendered possible by the manifestations of smart technologies and self-learning algorithms of a specific technology called Artificial intelligence (AI)

AI is seen as one of the best possible products of the actual human brain. This branch of technology is being employed in almost every sector of the global market and is penetrating deeper each day. It has been in the market for years now, but with more traction being gained by it marketers are becoming increasingly dependent on it. For everything from extracting insights to developing new strategies, AI is a capable aid.

Perks of using AI as a marketing tool

  • Insight-driven decision making
    AI will assist you in scraping the internet for the possible leads and their contact information from their past buying behavior. It can also collect feedback from buyers to give you real-time data. AI can also send and customize outreach emails for customers giving the business a personalized approach. Insights derived from buying patterns after this can help you make much more reliable decisions.

    Customers can also be interacted with through AI. Chatbots are becoming increasingly common on online websites. A customer’s concern or feedback can be attended without delay providing real-time insights along with allowing to maintain customer relations.

  • Optimizing ad timings
    The amount of time for which a marketing ad runs can be optimized based on the price of clicks or lead conversions. Even this can be calibrated in real time. This technique is comparable to primary market research in which feedback is collected through surveys. But what a customer feels about a product or service can be learned at that very instant.
  • Image recognition
    Primary assistance for optimizing ad campaigns can be done through relevance checks through AI’s image-recognition capabilities. However, this application is limited by a number of constraints.

It is important to note that, in the current day, tasks with a clear set of inputs, are the only ones that can be optimized. There continue to be roles that cannot be effectively played by AI. Contextual knowledge says that there will be advancements in the coming years that will allow AI to manipulate much more complex sets of data.

Can India really become a $10 trillion economy by 2030?

The Secretary of the Department of Economic Affairs, Subhash Chandra Garg, on Tuesday, claimed that India has the potential to become a $10 trillion economy by the year 2030. He went on to claim that this is easily achievable if India can maintain a sustained average growth of 8% each year coupled with a match-up to the value of US dollar by at least a single rupee each year.  The financial services market, according to him, has a crucial role to play in facilitating this.Indian Economy

Research claims that fiscal situations have been dynamic through election years but Mr. Garg is determined to not let the existing condition deteriorate although this is an election year. India is on its way to a more stable and sustainable economy.

But, how valuable is it to be a large economy?

The size and stability of a country’s economy are measured by determining two factors, the GDP, and the PPP. For the basics, these numbers would indicate the market value of all goods and services produced by the. So, the world’s largest economies can buy more from the global market with a single unit of their currency than the other regions.

Now, the question is if $10 trillion is really a big number in comparison with superpowers like the US.

Market research reports say that the outlook for India’s future growth is only moderately positive taking the vast economies like China and US into the picture. It is a wee bit of optimism to hope to reach 10 trillion dollars by 2030. However, an interesting analysis of the BRIC economies shows that the economy of other countries is reaching a maturation and will not continue to grow at the rate of this developing country.

A steep and steady growth of our economy will thus render us capable of being on par with the other global countries. This will require the following developments:

  • Job creation with the right talent matches
  • A better infrastructure overall
  • An improved productivity for the manufacturing market
  • A balance of autarky and openness to trade
  • A bridged gap between the source of power and areas of need

On a social scale, India needs to improve the participation of women and young girls. This has seen to have a significant impact on the other countries. The quality of basic education needs to be improved and so must the enforcement of rights and laws. Once these usual struggles of a developing nation end for a country, the possibilities are seamless.


Is the automotive industry now creating more jobs than IT in India?

Automotive IndustryWhile everybody looking to make a big career move sought the best opportunities in the IT sector in the past, there has been a paradigm shift in the favor of the automotive industry.

The globe has witnessed a fall in the number of unemployed over the past few years in a number of its regions. This has been in part due to the availability of better media for awareness and urbanization of the remotest areas. But a part of it has also been due to the improvement of the various industries themselves. A better developed, expanded and growing industry has more space for both, skilled labor and raw talent.

However, information technology, that once has the best job categories and prospects, has seen a considerable decline. Massive layoffs across the multi-billion-dollar sector make the future possibilities for employees appear bleak.

Why hasn’t the IT sector been able to create more jobs?

  • The existing redundancy
  • Lack of skilled labor
  • The growth of the West

In the past, a number of foreign companies contracted their work to strong Indian IT firms like the Infosys and Wipro. So, every computer engineer who had the necessary skills had a job in hand. But now, automation has taken over all clerical tasks. The job profiles that are now vacant in the IT sector require in-depth knowledge of technologies like cloud-computing, robotics and a lot more. Since most engineers honed here do not taste this in their years of education, they aren’t job-ready.

So, although the IT sector continues to grow, job prospects for the natives are receiving a plummet. It is noteworthy that although technology is being integrated at a matched pace in the automotive market too, job prospects there are continuing to thrive and are, in fact, on the rise.

How the automotive sector has overcome this

While the IT sector is receiving a boost from the west, India is moving on towards becoming the third largest auto market in the world. All this with the new approach of going completely electric by 2030. This means that the automotive sector is heated up with processes of producing conventional engines and EVs going on in parallel.

A pervasive research highlights the need for a large workforce including both, accomplished individuals and fresh graduates who can be trained. This is because the whole industry is gaining a new face where ideas of the new generation are as welcome as the admin power of the existing luminaries.

Will this contribute to the growth potential of the country?

Considering the BRIC economies, it has been observed that countries other than India, in their developing phase, had a majority of people employed in the fastest growing sectors. This had a majority of the workforce being involved in contributing towards a quick rise in the GDP. But, as a worrying trend, India hasn’t been doing so say the chief economists of our country.

Moreover, market research reports claim that, of the total number of businesses in India, most work with an employee strength below 10. This data can be misleading. In our nation, this category is dominated by individual workers and freelancers. These are not as good a contribution as mid-size businesses actually are to a nation.

With growing opportunities in fields growing apace, a greater proportion of the population trying to leverage them will surely be a boost to the nation’s economy.