A touch of AI can change marketing altogether

artificial intelligence

It is not the harvest you reap but the seeds you plant. To be a successful brand, it is important that you ace making your first impression. And that comes from marketing your product well. Your pitch must send out a voice that the service or product you sell is completely worth the buyer’s money.

It is important to note that today’s target customers are not a mass. You must have a very specific target audience. And then, it is important to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time. It is easy to tell that modern-day marketing requirements cannot be met with traditional methods. This is where technology comes into the picture.

Technology and marketing

Technology has been looked at as an aid to healthcare systems, as a contributor to better information security on the virtual network, but what about marketing?

Any marketing industry analysis would voice out the immensely important contribution of technology in fulfilling the needs of all the marketing channels available. This has been rendered possible by the manifestations of smart technologies and self-learning algorithms of a specific technology called Artificial intelligence (AI)

AI is seen as one of the best possible products of the actual human brain. This branch of technology is being employed in almost every sector of the global market and is penetrating deeper each day. It has been in the market for years now, but with more traction being gained by it marketers are becoming increasingly dependent on it. For everything from extracting insights to developing new strategies, AI is a capable aid.

Perks of using AI as a marketing tool

  • Insight-driven decision making
    AI will assist you in scraping the internet for the possible leads and their contact information from their past buying behavior. It can also collect feedback from buyers to give you real-time data. AI can also send and customize outreach emails for customers giving the business a personalized approach. Insights derived from buying patterns after this can help you make much more reliable decisions.

    Customers can also be interacted with through AI. Chatbots are becoming increasingly common on online websites. A customer’s concern or feedback can be attended without delay providing real-time insights along with allowing to maintain customer relations.

  • Optimizing ad timings
    The amount of time for which a marketing ad runs can be optimized based on the price of clicks or lead conversions. Even this can be calibrated in real time. This technique is comparable to primary market research in which feedback is collected through surveys. But what a customer feels about a product or service can be learned at that very instant.
  • Image recognition
    Primary assistance for optimizing ad campaigns can be done through relevance checks through AI’s image-recognition capabilities. However, this application is limited by a number of constraints.

It is important to note that, in the current day, tasks with a clear set of inputs, are the only ones that can be optimized. There continue to be roles that cannot be effectively played by AI. Contextual knowledge says that there will be advancements in the coming years that will allow AI to manipulate much more complex sets of data.