Indian Travel and Tourism Industry to Push Up at 6.5% from 2015-2025

Travel and Tourism IndustryWith the Indian government launching visa processing programs such as visa-on-arrival scheme for 43 nationalities (earlier only 12), the country’s travel and tourism industry is set on a positive roll of 7% increase in the gross domestic product (GDP). The visa program is going to move over to 150 counties. Investments for the sector will rise to 9.3% in 2015, which was previously 6.2% in 2014, amounting to Rs2.11 trillion. The sector will also pace at 7.5% this year, with turn over of $1.3 million to GDP on investment of $1 million.

  • The industry in 2014 added $US 125 billion to GDP, which is larger to that in mining, chemical manufacturing, education, and automotive manufacturing. As some services and goods have to be imported, not all the remains procured from traveler’s spending, is combined in the economy.
  • In 2014, the sector produced 8.7% of the total employment, directly or indirectly. By 2015 end, the travel and tourism realm of the nation will see aggregate of Rs8, 215 billion, generating 9% of all the employment of the region (approximately 37.4 million jobs).

The Challenges Encountered

10 percent of profits leak out from the economy because if imports. The challenges are need to transparent and speedy implementation of visa processes for alluring more countries in their visa waiver programs. Other ill factor for country is its negative image to foreigners given recent news on ill treatment of women and foreign travelers in the land.

Forecast for 2015-2025

The economy for this industry is about to see a 7% hike over the next 10 years, taking a giant leap of 5.2% growth per annum. Experts say that in total, tourism business should bring a gross profit of 6.9% than existing percentage rise, or 6.5% per year advancement for the next decade to Rs4, 337.8 billion until 2025. The potential is to create 46 million jobs to 2025.

This season New Zealand to attract more Indian travelers!

New Zealand government has declared joint project between Singapore Airlines and Auckland Airport to accentuate tourism in the country by offering high-benefits travel for tourists flying from India. National Tourism Corporation of New Zealand has fixed date for booking tickets until 15th May, 2015, thus exclusive promotional fares can be made availed by the tourists who will visit New Zealand between the designated travel period between May 2015 to October 2015.

This Market Research campaign is launched by three giants after uniting under one roof through the process of collaboration has brought them huge success, more than fifty thousand visitors have responded to this initiative by booking tickets from India to Auckland. This campaign is intended draw extraordinary response from mega cities of India namely Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Vizag, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram. Steven Dixon, Regional Manager of South and South East Asia stated that, “We have noticed a outstanding response from Indian visitors to our country during the recent cricket World Cup of 2015.

The popular sport event served as ideal source for us to plan new strategy present the New Zealand in more attractive package for Indian travelers. The partnership with Singapore Airlines has set a target to lure more Indian travelers and compel them to land in New Zealand. New Zealand has the record of total visits and it is hard to believe that around 39,168 travelers from India alone an increase of 24.6 % in the previous year, out of which 18,464 travelers have landed just to celebrate holidays. This initiative clearly suggests that travel-tourism industry is making significant impact on global economy.

French Hotel business

This is as per various sources, travel and tourism market analysis from numerous data channels. During the initial period of the year 2012, the star rated hotels in France accounted for a total of 17000 (Seventeen Thousand), as per the French Ministry of Tourism. For the year of 2013 and the facts, the estimated trend is supportive of the current kind of development programs in the sector of hotel chains which especially in this period is having great expansion levels and supporting sessions for the development of Hotels in France as there is high scope of development of the set of connections mainly on the franchise level.

The Tourism in France is a booming section which is enabling the economy and increase in the hotel industry in France to find timely business and continuity session. Paris is driving the thrust for the French Hotel business and industry. There is significant level of benefits for the occupancy and favourable session. Paris is more than an attraction spot and has grown tremendously as a place segmented well with developed hotels including Le Royal Monceau Raffles, Mandarin Oriental, etc which are major projects planned well. Europe, currently, has a slow economic level and despite of such depressing session in Europe, the Paris Ile de France or certain Paris Regions made a recording of around 68 million in the year 2012 of guest nights. The process was actively made a high possibility with the assistance of growth in the visits by tourists (foreign) and the analysis is as per Ile De France – Regional Committee of Tourism.

Germany Travel and Tourism

Are you fixing up your schedule to travel to Germany this vacation? Well, you can be one lucky person to have the enjoyment of unparalleled experience of the travel and tourism in Germany. Germany has been treated as one of the quality destination as per the travel and tourism market research analysis. It is a nation with finest travel experiences any individual can gain. Germany is noted due to the influential case of European culture and being one of the strongest economic powers among the world group of nations. With the high end innovation and engineering factors with lead precision on technology, Germany has been able to attract visitors across the globe. It equally has admirable monuments and the old nation charm along with the luxury that can enable one to actively surprise every visit with the historical and local level diversity.

The travel and tourism is booming in Germany due to the case of transport connectivity that enables one to actively participate in roaming around with ease due to the frequency and ease of travelling, especially for tourists. There are active connecting flights, trains, buses and car transport that enable the individuals to travel and venture out the city of Germany during the exploration.

The official language is Germany and majority of the regions have their own dialect. In Germany, majority of the people speak English and hence it can help in arranging a smooth vacation in case you are travelling alone. The country is highly diverse and vast with a total of sixteen unique cultured states that got formed since the 1871 political union.

France leads in travel and tourism industry

France has emerged as an international destination for tourism and travel based industry. Dynamism has been boosting the sectors for global thinking and transformation with high combinational effects and with wider range of international tourism. Travel and Tourism in France is changing on a higher pace with various international clienteles. At present, Asians, Europeans and many are among the growing tourist who enjoy the exotic locations of France as per various analysis and market research.

 Economic benefits
What more! The industry is finding ample tourism based income in great numbers and the sector is seen to be changing and improving radically. As per certain analysis and studies, Germans are making up as the best foreign tourist and is being rated ahead of the British. Although unhurried, there is a lifting pace from the Asians, Ireland, Greece and Portugal tourists to France for their wonderful holidays. With these credits and the increase in influx, the travel and tourism industry in France is increasing and touching the mark of progression.

France tourism and travel assists in offering greater deals of attractions and other level of facilities that involve countryside, town, mountains, accommodation, catering, activities, etc which also aids in improving the dynamic divisions.The industry is also getting recognized as the top destination for skiing and is able to boast for sale of 55 million skiers. The revenue generation is increasing various attractions to creating of innovative attraction to the regular ones and hosting. As a priority process, marketing campaigns are selected to attract various partners and across the globe so as to benchmark and promote branding in major events.