Tata,Infosys and Wipro to offer AI Platforms in business operations

Artificial-IntelligenceThe three IT giants are all set to invest in Artificial Intelligence platforms to improve delivery of solutions and drive faster growth from their clients. The companies are also trying to provide AI platforms separately to clients now which was earlier only a part of solutions.
All three companies are running their AI platform under specific trademarks. Tata consultancy services has Ignio, Wipro has HOLMS and Infosys has Nia. Out of the three only Ignio by TCS has an independent revenue of about 60 million. It’s been reported that TCS aims to drive this number to 100 million by the end of this financial year. Infosys Nia is being implemented across a wide range of already existing service lines.

According to analysts, Wipro’s HOLMS has already been applied to about 350 clients out of the company’s total of 1250 clients.
The automation platform and the AI system help in detecting abnormalities and defects and also in invoice processing.Artificial intelligence is now in use to provide solutions to difficult and complex business problems.

In one of the cases Infosys Nia launched CollectEdge to help banks and credit unions to conduct collection processes.It has been a close competition between the three platforms as Ignia appears to be better at execution while Nia has been having vague results. Wipro Holms has a strong technological infrastructure backing.But since the requirement for AI solutions is still low, the companies have to promote usage of the same.
Even though some parts of the platforms created by these companies are AI, much of it is still regulated on rules and instruction programming. “The Indian service providers are taking advantage of a key change in the market where IP is now becoming much more important and clients expect and reward service providers that bring some of their own IP to the table,” said Bendor-Samuel, CEO of an IT advisory firm.

With Wipro aiming to increase the use of HOLMES, Wipro CEO Abidali Neemuchwala in a recent interview said “Now, the person (Rohit Adlakha) who runs Wipro HOLMES is also my CIO, so there will be more deployment. Over 15% of the work is being done by bots in fixed price projects,” Even though it appears that Infosys has not officially divulged Nia’s independent revenue, Atul Soneja, the SVP and Global Head of Infosys Nia, said it was a revenue generating product with targets.

“Infosys Nia has been implemented at several Infosys client organizations to generate deep insights and discover new opportunities to optimize and automate complex business processes,” Soneja said.

Ambani announces commencement of Jio GigaFiber offering unbelievable speeds upto 1 Gbps

Reliance Jio GigaFiberReliance Jio chairman Mukesh Ambani, has finally announced the commencement of ultra high speed internet broadband JioFibre from 5th September, 2019. JioFibre is expected to range between speeds of 100mbps to 1gbps through landline broadband connection. Ambani made this announcement at this year’s Annual General Meeting.

Along with the broadband service Jio will also provide a 4k set top box free. To make the offer even more tempting, Jio is giving away free HD or 4K LED TVs free as part of the welcome offer to annual subscribers.

As part of his speech, in last year’s AGM, it was announced that Jio would be accepting pre registrations for jio fibre from Indan households. It received 15 million registrations for residences from 1600 towns. One the basis of this Jio plans to launch the service for 20 million homes.Jio has performed many trials last year and expects to complete the fibre to home rollout in the next 12 months. The Infocomm giant expects to raise its revenue starting from this year onwards. Though this has not come at a small cost to the company. Jio invested 3.5 lakh crore building infrastructure and laying of optic fibre. Along with this Riliance seems set on its path to become a zero net debt company in the next 18 months, says RIL chairman and managing director Mukesh Ambani.  

The landline phone can be used to make voice as well as video calls for free.As part of the bundle of OTT apps that Jio is providing along with the JioFibre connection, voice calls from the landline to any other mobile or landline will be possible absolutely free of cost for life. Video calls using the set top box and the TV screen will also be available as long as the TV is connected to a webcam.

The speculated tariff plan range has also been released.The plans for JioFibre are going to start from Rs 700 and, depending on the services included,may go upto Rs 10,000.An all inclusive plan will also include watching movies as soon as they are released. Jio will allow users to enjoy premium movies on their JioFibre TV screens at the same time as they are released in theatres. This feature will not be available immediately but is expected to start from mid of next year in 2020.

The day JioFire is set to commercially commence also happens to be Jio’s 3rd anniversary. 

Why Chatbot Surveys Are The Future Of Market Research?

ChatbotBe it education, healthcare, food, or even travel or communication, the use of AI chatbot is spread in several sectors. Many industries put efficient use of chatbots to answer simple queries. Chatbots are being viewed as a great source of medium to understand the consumer. It is considered to be highly useful for the marketing teams as they can improve the brand or product based on Chatbot interactions with consumers.

Chatbots can help increase sales and have a better potential for the company’s growth. Since there’s a lot of information getting shared on various online platforms, these are also used for chatting with one another instead of texts and messages. 

Large companies typically design smart chatbots to eliminate human errors and to effectively put forward the company’s exclusive features in front of consumers. 

For example, MYRA the smart chatbot introduced one of the largest financial organizations in India, ICICI is robotic assistance which can solve your queries throughout the day. The product made it to the news when it sold more than 6 lakhs insurance policies to customers. This was something that the robot did part from assisting the regular customers of the bank. 

As per recent market research, chatbots collect data through their chats with customers. By solving the regular queries of customers, a smart chatbot can help you understand the loopholes in your marketing or services. It essentially helps you have a SWOT analysis of your services and the company. 

Not only is the method cost-effective, but, it is also revenue-generating for several companies. With detailed feedback of the consumers, the company can minimize inefficiency level while improving the quality of product and services offered to the customers. In this case, Amazon’s Alexa is a common example given in the smart Chatbot industry. 

Since it can communicate with hundreds and thousands of customers at once, a smart Chatbot single-handedly answers different queries of consumers and help deliver success. It will be exciting to see the research and development projects in the field of data science are helping the Chatbots industry to take it the next level in the market.  


Blockchain development ensures the safety of Data

blockchainBlockchain Development Security has taken up a crucial place in the modification of security measures. As a result, more and more companies are adapting to the broader security technology measures.

The blockchain based security has been a remarkable thing in recent times, which most of the blockchain development companies have paid to witness most. The information gathered on blockchain is continually stored separate, within every network which it gets connected to.

For instance, if anyone wants to alter any part of the code, say for example a hacker, one single change cannot trigger mass changes. The system must be individually enhanced. Further, most exchanges and data are coded and encrypted. All of these make the use of blockchain a safer option in protecting mass data, as it does not store more data at a single point of source.

Below processes help in making Blockchain a remarkable aspect for security purpose.


Blockchain helps in the creation of many series of computer network chains, which is a loop is a peer to peer network domains, which is difficult in influencing or even exploiting. This is a massive ledger of encrypted information, which is further made available to many parties who wish to get involved.


In response to peer connectivity, most of the information of blockchain has been readily verified. This means that once the transaction begins to take place, the digital ledger confirms many details within minutes and ensures the data is available for viewing in connected networks. The data is in sense made public in the fact that it has been embedded within the network domain.

 Encryption Process

The data is encrypted makes block chain security more enhanced. The network participants who are involved have specific keys which play the unique role of the digital signature. Further, the alteration can render the signature invalid and it also sends the notification to the party involved. Thus, alerts are issues at earliest before a major threat is made.

Peers and Networks:

Every network participant on overall gains voluntary membership with no adequate pressure to joining. This is incentivized in terms of chance to win bitcoins. Therefore, in simple terms, every network is a manager in the blockchain ledger. Further, they help in verifying the data and receive a digital copy of block chain. This is made as soon one joins the program


Google pay- a new product portfolio in secured payments!

Google is always on news due to a variety of reasons. After all the company, is the most reliable option in the day to day chores of people. Currently, the feature of Google Pay is on the news as it will replace the likes of Android and Google wallet traits. The characteristic although remains same of all still will have a brand name of Google pay as the leading tab. This predominantly wills ave a lot of time.

Google is working on the forefront for over a decade now. The original aim, which still remains the same is always to make things simple and realistic for the users. With the current introduction of Google Pay, one can expect the next aura of payment methods in a world of cashless operations.

The extravagant method is an add-on with the Android pay, making an altogether additional method to settle with Google.

The current add on to the list of countries adopting the method is Chile. Google pay is partnering with numerous banks and credit cards across several domains to bring mobile payment access to many people. Chile, while gaining dominance on mobile transactions is the latest country in the list.

The South American company is the foremost one to join other additions like the United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. With the official support page, Chile is aiming to bring a total value of 27 countries who are using Google Pay support method globally.

With the launch, Google pay is disclosing the availability of its features on Aibnd, Dice, Hungry House and even Instacart. Additionally, some unnamed websites and apps are also in the list of the wings. Google is aiming to encourage people of a different genre to start using the processing app, with rewards offered with every transaction one makes.

Google pay is simple to use and allows users to make and receive the UPI payments with huge rewards to incur. The digital mode of payment directly receives and the user gets the money into the account in no time. Some simplest features are getting its path with Google aiming to make it a click, for every single era of a population. It can let the user even pay contactless payment to any grocery shop and subsequently use the phone number to use for the receiver.

Partner Techs-Big Data and Artificial Intelligence!

Artificial Intelligence is taking over a large chunk of technological advancement. Currently, the perfect match it preaches is that of Big Data. The reason being that Artificial Intelligence is taking large processing of complex data, much better than the traditional human processing way. Market Research is pointing a number of ways where the match will perfectly suit future technological domains.

The banking sector, for example, is using the foremost of AI and Big Data. Consequently, applications of bank systems are streaming lot of concurrent data region within a fraction of second. Furthermore, if any anonymous activity prevails the manpower involvement won’t gather much security protocols. The reason being, people cannot possibly process and analyze a large volume of data in seconds, like an A.I do. Activities like fraud and theft require much more attention and involvement than mere human decision-making capabilities. With hundreds of humans performing a task, the outcome still goes less than a single A.I.

A. I surely put forwards assignments in a much easier way than a human can. Market research ideas even put forward the predictions of new data reasoning in several domains such as healthcare and technology. Ordinarily, AI systems get smarter and driving data is easy as compared to stringent anomalies over the time frame.

Below are some technologies put forward by Market Research where AI is getting ahead with the Big Data power.

Anomaly Detection process:
This is a different process which has a name as outlier detection. The process consists of identifying items and events of certain observations which are hard to analyse and do not confirm a single and dominant pattern. Preferably, the anomaly detection process can detect many bank fraud cases. Other domains include fault detection process, system health monitoring process, network sensors and ecosystem abnormalities.

Graph Theory
The graph theory is a term used to define the study of mathematical structures. It subsequently put forwards the models which have pairwise relations between objects. The graph present in the context consists of vertices, nodes and points connected by edges, arcs and lines. This overall thing is at times too complex and requires steady hands other than a human’s. Consequently, with the advent of a graph theory, the insights into the relationships between data can be easier to obtain. One such example includes a bottleneck in the network which can cause a variety of problems and a root cause to the particular bottleneck can be put forward by an A.I.

This is one of a kind of complex process where the pair of AI and Big data is useful. The process of extrapolation is done for an estimation beyond the value of an original observation range. The value is on a base with relationship beyond other variables. Situations like determining a trend is done, where executives of an organisation put forward views of the sustainability of that aim. This process can be largely put forward by Extrapolation. Linear trends make it a simple one and a simple line of the chart will make it tangible. The algorithms consist of polynomial, conic and curve equations.

Market Research is ruling several other processes which are holding the pair of Big Data and A.I on a prevailing scale.

Robots advancing into the future!

RobotsScience is constantly changing, with smart and profound adaptations of machines. Consequently, robots came a long way from creating tasks for providing adequate support in reducing Human Intervention. Below are some of the most widely forecast areas of Robots ruling in the future.

Health Care System:

Robots always play an interesting role in assisting human activities. The medical and health care system is not far behind. Right from complicated surgeries to rehabilitation therapies, robots are aiming the way for a future hospital automation process.

Market research reports claim surgical reports are in the demand for the highest share of future bidding. Consequently, robots will help surgeons perform with accuracy, incisions and reducing risks to several patients. Furthermore, future surgical operations include cardiology and Nephritic surgeries.

Agricultural Aspects:

Farmers in developing nations are already using farming robots. The future generation is ensuring agricultural robots with an increasing level of artificial intelligence on the loop. Ordinarily, the plan is to incorporate increasing levels of artificial intelligence, big data and low-cost sensors to deliver a new model of Precision Agriculture and technology advancements in the consequent field.

Additionally, the robots will provide greater efficiency, plant products, fertilize fields and transport the products. The robots will even improve learning capabilities with deep learning and near to full autonomy processes.


The auto industry is also aiming to shoot up with the development of driverless cars. The cars which get mostly powered with Artificial Intelligence techniques are even bound to get a hand on the wheel with future robots. Furthermore, these robots are even transforming vehicles, as Market Research reports suggest.

Real-time data accuracy and anti-accident measures are the recognizable traits that these cars are giving.

Defence systems:

The military world needs robotic intervention more than any other field. The sole reason for this being a major loss of lives in the aid of wars. The abilities of Military robots on the ground is to fight with larger and wider range of tasks, with snipers and target acquisition on the forefront. The future puts a lot of emphasis n terrain operations, ladder climb and disaster situations.

 House and Garden:

Household cleaning robots are in an increasing spree from a decade now. Vacuum cleaners and even garden cutters are a form of robots putting subsequent effort on a reduction of human interventions. Additionally, the market is growing with toys and education robots that teach a lot to children. Personal assistants and family companions are rising even. The future will have various robotic startups, with machine learning and artificial intelligence making an advancement in the activities.


Big Data shines in Healthcare domain

In the recent genre, Big data is generating a lot of hype in the changing technological domain. Consequently, it is becoming a hot and trending topic of discussion. On the health care front, it continues to incorporate ideas and challenges the healthcare professions. Nevertheless, the opportunities are humongous and there is an improving patient reliability status with the advent of several cost-effective procedures.

Big data is continuously growing to provide the healthcare technology sector with volume, velocity, and variety. Additionally, it is leveraging itself to a wide range of healthcare operations.

Error in Medicine: When there are human errors account into medicine, it largely decreases the reputation and stability of many healthcare organizations. Occasional errors are quite common and that results in an occupational hazard to many people, including patients. Ending up with wrong medication is often a problem with patients who cannot undo the damage caused. This can lead to fatalities like death at times. Big data is planning to put forward its effective platform consisting of research and technology in these areas, thus enhancing the overall process.

Hospital Bills and Expenditures: Huge amount of money is lost while tackling diseases that require the implementation of technology. Even time that we lose during a waiting period is of utmost importance. Hospitals and healthcare institutions can reduce this by executing Big Data’s process of analysis. The term that is popular is the use of predictive analytics. Certain firms even provide online consultations in mobile as well as web portals, providing information about the cost and time one spends at a hospital. This can, in turn, prepare patients beforehand and reduce their precious time in getting adequate attention.

Patient outcomes and Expectations: The particular expectation of any customer on a daily basis is the number of hours he/she is sleeping, taking medicine and other processes in consideration. While a physician can track them largely, but at the same time, there are considerable human errors that make the patient restless. Big data can help in providing wearable track devices which can monitor asthma, blood pressure and even help patients stay independent, thus reducing the unnecessary doctor and pharmacy costs.

High-Risk patients: There are certain patients who need utmost care immediately. Human intervention often fails in identifying the patients and can make the overall situation worse. These patients often use the emergency department often and hence can create a chaos on the hospital staffs and patients. Big data can put predictive analytics and able to reduce the number of Emergency visits to hospitals. Subsequently, it will identify high-risk patients and offer them the centric need and customization they require immediately.

Market research in technology and healthcare are promoting Big Data for a variety of reasons. The coming decade will address if the reasons are worth a catch or not.

MHealth market producing unconvincing apps?

mobile healthConsidering the recent health levels on the rise, Apple watch has as a more inclining theory for measuring the criteria of healthy living. MHealth Market is considering the advent of this technology to be convincing in the future domain of Apple. What stands tall is the consistency and acceptance of such a feature.

The subsequent heart rate monitor is put to the new Apple Watch. It is largely given a green signal by the Food and Drug Administration. Mobile Healthcare Market is even purposing the app to be quite reliable.

Consequently, FDA is busy in maintaining regulatory actions on several health apps which are targeting consumers. It is seeking to further accelerate wellness adoption by taking these devices into consideration. Technology Market Reports are surely setting more research content with the advent of this theory.

The number of mobile health apps is rising every year. It accounts for a record of around 35000 only in the year 2017. Information Technology Market and Market Research Reports claim this number to be apt. This is a leading situation for most of the digital apps providing fitness science. Conversely, health consumers and the public cant rely largely on the researchers, who are continuously giving their inputs, states Market Research Reports.

MHealth Market is focusing on the medical literature of direct consumer relationships. Furthermore, there are studies which found a related bias theory which is actually technological and less consumer friendly. Mobile Healthcare Market even points out the lack of studies with actual consumers at glance. The impact on health, be it good or bad, at times worse is never on these books. The effect on the MHealth Market is fairly low, however, on the long run, it may pose a difficulty in sustenance.

The debate on using Apple Watch data to measure heart health still continues to manipulate. On one hand, FDA’s support alone doesn’t remove the risk of consumers. Mobile Healthcare Market is constantly trying to jump to the wrong conclusion. The information which is being on the news has to be wide and settle down well in medical mainstreams. As such public requires the invention of apps which is both user-friendly and market-friendly and is not giving a bias inclination. Nevertheless, Technology Market Reports rely on only the technological aspect, and less on consumer preference.



Changing hemisphere of Defence, Artificial Intelligence leads!

In the modern world, there is a lot of changes in the realm. One such is the use of Artificial Intelligence in the current hemisphere. It is increasingly made popular with several modern warfare’s. Consequently, with several conventional systems on the rise, military operation processes are using the AI and hence capable of handling data more efficiently. Technology market trends are expecting a huge growth of the sector in the coming arcade.

The benefits of AI are humongous. It predominantly improves the self-control, regulation, actuation, and stability of several combat systems which is a result of computing and decision-making capabilities. Furthermore, the benefit of AI is not limited and is expanding, so defense industry analysis is quoting areas where it is showing tremendous advancement. Below are some examples.

Cybersecurity Process: The system which Military and defense personnel use are always on the verge of many cyber-attacks. It leads to information on the risk of contamination and risk. Conversely, with AI process acting on protecting networks, the computers and programs are safe from any kind of risk or unauthorized access. Additionally, cameras can record any cyber-attacks and threats and develop countermeasures in tackling. These cameras are subsequently made using Artificial Intelligence systems.

Recognition of Targets: Accuracy of target comes to a great deal when Military systems are in pace. Artificial Intelligence allows the accuracy of target recognition in the various complex as well as difficult to combat environments. Consequently, the defense forces gain a depth understanding of potential operation areas and increase a chance to analyze news feed, documents, and other forms of information. Technology market trends further state that the ability of AI in these systems will modify several future potholes in the coming decade.

Monitoring Threat and creating Awareness: Artificial Intelligence hold the key in threat monitoring and situational awareness. Surveillance and ISR operations are variably changing with AI systems. Consequently, they are acquiring and processing information to support a wide range of military activities. There are several ISR missions that currently operates with a predefined route. As such, using these parameters with AI will help in a threat monitoring process, which will dominantly enhance situation awareness.

Warfare Platforms: The most useful domain is definitely Warfare. Consequently, several defense forces from countries are enabling AI systems in platforms to reduce human input and help in battling combat situations. The areas include land, naval, airborne and space platforms to name. Furthermore, defense industry analysis points out that AI is to empower autonomous and high-speed weapons in the next 5 years. This will carry out collaborative attacks in near future ensuring the safety of defense personnel.