Indo-UK partnership will change fortune of electricity deprived remote villages

In order to enjoy power supply without disturbance from renewable energy sources, veteran people from United Kingdom and Indian Institute of Technology have decided to work jointly on this project. Brains who will represent two countries will strive to develop a new model which will derive energy from solar, biomass and hydrogen. Therefore this project is addressed as authentic initiative of UK and India to commence Bio-CPV for the purpose of development and unification of biomass and concentrated photovoltaic system, because of which electricity can be reached to the remote villages in both countries currently an experiment is being conducted in a  rural hamlet at Shantiniketan in India.  Actual problem with solar energy is; it cannot be availed through the sunlight for 365 days. Therefore we are endeavoring to take input of biomass so that the power supply will not get obstructed mentioned project leader, Shibani Chaudhuri. She expressed her gratitude about this futuristic project, this is happening for the very 1st time that human society has approved novel idea of utilizing 3 vital sources of green energy in India.

Complete set up of work is expected to be ready by October 2016, this year along with entire model.  Mrs. Chaudhuri, also stated that the original idea was to utilize solar energy during the day and to use biomass energy sourced from biological material in the night. This is the best example of alternative energy.  Hydrogen is kept as an optional source of energy in case of emergency. The UK-India combined research project is jointly sponsored by Research Councils UK and India’s department of science and technology.