Global market for anti-aging products to reach up to USD 216.52 billion in 2021

anti-aging marketAging is caused by a loop of diverse biochemical processes in our systems that influence it internally and externally. These bio-chemical procedures result in our bodies degenerating over a period of time, thus affecting the physical appearance, health and well being as we age. Anti-aging is prohibiting or stopping that aging process. Nowadays, there has been an incredible rise in the phenomenon of anti-aging.

As per a Health and Beauty market research, the global demand for anti-aging market was valued at USD 140.3 billion in 2015 and is estimated to reach $216.52 billion US dollars in 2021. The market is expected to mushroom swiftly at the CAGR of 7.5% between the years 2016 to 2021.

Reasons for market growth

The anti-aging products market includes medications, procedures and lotions intended for delaying or stopping the aging process. It is the baby boomer’s progressing towards the age of retirement that contributed heavily for making a strong market for anti-aging products manufacturing organizations and cosmetic surgeons. Generation X and Baby boomers are considered to be the most profitable and informed group of customers for the counter-aging products.

The Beauty product market research explains that the improved safety and efficiency are the major driving factors for the counter-aging market. Moreover, the increase in aging population globally has also been a crucial factor for the growth in industry. Stringent regulations have resulted in introduction of safe and efficient counter-aging products and services in the market and are estimated to drive the market in the upcoming years.

Furthermore the rising demand for the anti-aging products and advancement in technology in anti-aging services are the aspects that are furthering the market for anti-age products. However, as per a market research the customers are still cynical about much of the anti-aging products and services, which is the biggest threat to the global growth of the market in the future.

Customer’s inclination towards more natural ingredients

Customers nowadays are more inclined to purchase products that have natural ingredients in them rather than chemicals. Therefore products that contain coconut, almond, marula and argan are some of the most popular ingredient and are highlighted due to customer’s preference for such natural items.

A lead way in Facial Care Market

With moreover understanding on the usage, there is improving understanding on the cosmetic market and facial care market across the industry. It is a known understanding that one should never ever ask woman her age as that might ricochet as a rude approach for many of the people. There is level of market estimation for a huge market industry that has grown and finding timely including of the cosmetic kind packaging industry. The drivers of the market involve expected rate of trends, market level segmentation and the geographic location. Facial Care Market in the UAE, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, etc is seeing and experiencing one of the trending growths along with packaging of the drivers in the facial care market industry. The technological advancements and innovations in the product are causing on demand rise in the types of cosmetic products. This is amongst the latest trend as it was seen during the previous period which experienced decline in the global kind of cosmetic packaging industry post the period of recession but now is finding steady improvement.

There can be application of the packaging market that can involve timely segmentation and according to the type of material used, packaging session, application and the categorization of the products.

In the packaging industry, plastic is presently in good demand and for the preferred market, there various sectors that promote timely usage of the materials and application.  Skin and facial care products, nail care and hair care market involves making timely usage of the plastic market in the industry and is in major dominated by the skin and face care sector.