Is the automotive industry now creating more jobs than IT in India?

Automotive IndustryWhile everybody looking to make a big career move sought the best opportunities in the IT sector in the past, there has been a paradigm shift in the favor of the automotive industry.

The globe has witnessed a fall in the number of unemployed over the past few years in a number of its regions. This has been in part due to the availability of better media for awareness and urbanization of the remotest areas. But a part of it has also been due to the improvement of the various industries themselves. A better developed, expanded and growing industry has more space for both, skilled labor and raw talent.

However, information technology, that once has the best job categories and prospects, has seen a considerable decline. Massive layoffs across the multi-billion-dollar sector make the future possibilities for employees appear bleak.

Why hasn’t the IT sector been able to create more jobs?

  • The existing redundancy
  • Lack of skilled labor
  • The growth of the West

In the past, a number of foreign companies contracted their work to strong Indian IT firms like the Infosys and Wipro. So, every computer engineer who had the necessary skills had a job in hand. But now, automation has taken over all clerical tasks. The job profiles that are now vacant in the IT sector require in-depth knowledge of technologies like cloud-computing, robotics and a lot more. Since most engineers honed here do not taste this in their years of education, they aren’t job-ready.

So, although the IT sector continues to grow, job prospects for the natives are receiving a plummet. It is noteworthy that although technology is being integrated at a matched pace in the automotive market too, job prospects there are continuing to thrive and are, in fact, on the rise.

How the automotive sector has overcome this

While the IT sector is receiving a boost from the west, India is moving on towards becoming the third largest auto market in the world. All this with the new approach of going completely electric by 2030. This means that the automotive sector is heated up with processes of producing conventional engines and EVs going on in parallel.

A pervasive research highlights the need for a large workforce including both, accomplished individuals and fresh graduates who can be trained. This is because the whole industry is gaining a new face where ideas of the new generation are as welcome as the admin power of the existing luminaries.

Will this contribute to the growth potential of the country?

Considering the BRIC economies, it has been observed that countries other than India, in their developing phase, had a majority of people employed in the fastest growing sectors. This had a majority of the workforce being involved in contributing towards a quick rise in the GDP. But, as a worrying trend, India hasn’t been doing so say the chief economists of our country.

Moreover, market research reports claim that, of the total number of businesses in India, most work with an employee strength below 10. This data can be misleading. In our nation, this category is dominated by individual workers and freelancers. These are not as good a contribution as mid-size businesses actually are to a nation.

With growing opportunities in fields growing apace, a greater proportion of the population trying to leverage them will surely be a boost to the nation’s economy.


Electric Vehicle Industry is Growing – Modern Transport Ideas Unleashed

With technology scoring in various fields, automobiles are not left behind. Hybrid model ideas for vehicles are emerging that will run on electricity and not fuels. The new Electric Vehicle Industry approach is taken keeping in mind how resources could be better used to fulfill demands of consumers and industries, with less expenditure.

Both commercial and defense structure is ready to accept innovative transportation method that has integrated facility of being conducive for travel on water, land and air. The automotive market research reports revealed Nissan opening its hybrid cars that sells countless vehicles every year.

The Brammo (e-bike Company) were ready with 4,000 of $20,000 orders for launching their motorbike in the USA. While e-bikes were only a dream and notion of curiosity, it has been turned into reality, as noted in popular business research. Even e-cars are trending in industrial and consumer segments.

More professionals are being involved in development of the hi-tech components of vehicles, generating job opportunities for engineers and others. As per automotive market research reports, new energy harvesting techniques are coming in use so that the regular battery can be replaced with water and solar energy.

Electric Vehicles Trends over Traditional Transport Modes

Power electronics are the base of growth for this business. Military robot swarming flies, bats, and jellyfish are going to be generated that will have an amphibious plane design for short take off and smother landing. The Electric Vehicle Industry is going to be revolutionized with advancements that were imagined as possible only if miracle existed.

According to business research, inventers are striving towards producing vehicles that would run faster and have speed like Martian objects, and will be convertible to boat/car/bikes all in a singular model. The personal air taxis and planes would be equipped with more luxury facilities that could work as residence and land vertically on ground.

Airports are also being constructed for such flyers. Acceleration in next 10 years can be seen for electric car, golf car, heavy industrial busses, commercial/industrial micro EV cycles, marine transport for military, motorized caddy for disabled and others in Electric Vehicle Industry.