Online marketing: Intrusion to the customer or aid to the business?

Online Marketing

Exploiting the reach of the internet with online marketing

The whole world falls within the internet’s sphere of influence. Technology has been a conduit for it to reach the remotest of places and internet, hence, is no more a privilege. With most of the data now available on a click, search engines have turned people’s eyes towards them. If you want to be noticed by this wide range of audience, you must have your business placed aptly on the platforms that the internet provides you with.

However, global market research reports hint that the contemporary scenario asks you for more than just pitching your product. In the consumer-centric market of the current day, your strategies must align with the dynamic needs of the population.

Unique characteristics of an ideal marketing strategy

Ad networks make money by putting forth your ads when people look up phrases or information related to your business on a paid basis. This delivers information about you to your potential clients and customers. However, it is considered really intrusive when an ad pops up while the individual is looking for something else. Being a disturbance makes your promotions less appealing.  Strategies like pop-up ads or advertisements before the start of a video are faced with common hate from the complete consumer community. So, what exactly does an ideal advertising or marketing strategy involve?

  • It depicts a deep understanding of the consumer’s preferences

Think from the customer’s point of view! Although your marketing strategies are expected to be creative and convincing, an understanding of the current requirements should be reflected in them. Integrate newer technologies to make your content more interactive and participatory. Improve consumer experience to gain more popularity in your turf.

  • It doesn’t make you a part of the clutter; it helps your product stand out

There is significant competition in the field of online marketing. Platforms that allow the presence of your promotional content also do so for several other businesses. This can make the screen look crowded for the audience. Your main aim should be to tactically place your ad where the customer will be most interested in it.

  • It sets measurable business goals

The impact of your marketing plans on your business should be measurable. You must have insights about the performance of your ads to improvise in the future and expand your business.

Traditional marketing vs Online marketing

Impact on the audience:

The term traditional-marketing is used to describe promotions using print media. The problem with print media is that it has a smaller reach which means that a fewer number of people will be notified about the existence of your service. Also, there is very less interaction between the service receiver and provider.

But, information on the internet spreads like fire. Additionally, the audience is availed a choice of what form they wish to receive the information in. Your promotional content could be anything from simple text or images to interactive videos. You can target the global or local population according to your products and services. Social media provides with the space for direct interaction with the customers. Their involvement in the process allows you to frame better strategies.

The cost factor:

Although there is a cost involved in both kinds of marketing, it is much less for the online one. Print media ads can be really costly and online marketing makes a good and cheaper alternative.

Performance measurements:

Constant interaction with customers on social media makes it possible for business executives to take quicker feedback actions. There is also a plethora of insight tools available to track your campaigns online. But measuring the real-time performance of traditional media promotions is rather difficult.

Although there are distinct perks of today’s technology, it is yet to gain complete acceptance from the receiver end. There remains a demographic of the population that fails to understand newer methodologies and prefers traditional ones. Information from newspapers can be kept but soft copies are perishable. There may be many such recognized shortcomings of digital media too, so a multi-channel approach will be a greater aid than an all or nothing one.

Mobile Advertising: Why one of the popular methods?

Mobile Advertising is not that old as it was introduced in 1994, many years later the cell phones were put ahead in the commercial market. Short Messaging Service, which is famously known as SMS it the first form of mobile advertising to become decently popular.

Ever since the mobile became a platform of advertisement, it has then thrived at an increasing rate in the technology market. The further aid was given by the introduction of smartphones. Texts, video, audio, pop-up advertisements, banners are some of the tools which encompass different forms of mobile advertising now.

Even the advancement in mobile advertising has significantly grown to an extent that traditional mediums are now taking a back seat. Marketers today are indulging in digital advertising, particularly mobile-phone are growing extensively. To give a better picture of the mobile advertising world, the following are some of the points explaining the importance of mobile ads and the booming industry.

Cost Effective

Having seen the traditional counterparts, mobile advertisements are rather cost friendly. Unlike money spent on physical assets in other forms, mobile advertisements save a good dollar if compared. Furthermore, it is a far effective method than other mediums as well.

Reaches Target Audience

One of the advantages mobile advertisements is that mobile users carry their phones with them all the time. With this, the marketer can reach the target audience and get their attention without much efforts being put in. This kind of attention can possibly lead to unrestricted publicity by the user which again will be beneficial for product and services marketed.

Consumer Database

Mobile advertisement is a good way to fetch the data of consumers who allow receiving advertisements and their notifications, eventually adding them to consumer retention. While studying this integrated database and making action plans, a marketer can fetch in good loyal consumers by offering them deals and discounts.

Time and Location

As the case of other platforms, mobile ads do not depend on time and location of the user.this is because mobiles have become one of the necessities of people. Advertisements can make it to their customers at any given time regardless of their location.

Personal and closely acquainted:

As said earlier, since the users have their phones with them around the clock, it makes it a very intimate and personal property of them. Therefore, a potential customer may consider paying for a product/service that appears on his or her phone rather than other mediums.

The Growth

Market Research, suggests the growth of mobile is substantial enough making billion dollar business in the recent years. It has not shown any sign of stopping with better leads in predicted in 2018. More than 50% of internet consumption is said to be through phones.

It must have got clear after going through all above points that mobile advertising has become the most influential factor in today’s date. It’s onwards and upwards the mobile advertising is capturing the adversary world.


Best Practices of Primary and Secondary Market Research Methods



Those into starting a business must have come across terms like primary research and secondary research, but may be oblivious to its purposes. Simply putting, the primary research is all about carrying out specific activities to get answer to certain questions or issues related to the trade, and can include methodologies such as interviews, surveys, questionnaires for small groups or individuals. But, secondary research utilizes previously researched information, the ones already recorded or publicly available for relevant intentions.

Aarkstore Enterprise is an internet space where companies and people can benefit from expert analysis on industries, and professional reports that include every kind of techniques to boost establishments and startups. Here are the ways, tools and best practices to both primary and secondary research.

How to Conduct Effective Primary Research?

For any business, information on needed industry segments, customer preferences, geographic areas etc. is important. Primary research is the best point to start with in meeting the assessment criteria via tailored means to build a company. If there are not enough resources to conduct the analysis alone, then contact Aarkstore Enterprise, which offers a series of primary research materials.

  • Questionnaires and Surveys: To clarify trade goals, the questions created have to target the customer’s interest for a product/service, consumer behavior, competitors, market trends & requirements etc. Once questionnaires are prepared, a survey can be done through web-based platforms like Social Media channels, email, enquiry forms, polls etc. Smartphones and mobile devices are a modern way to engage interested parties to the questionnaires.


  • Face-to-Face Interviews: An organization can learn about industry activities and its potential customers by gathering information from one-on-one interviews. For e.g. meeting up with experienced individuals of the business, who have knowledge on certain segments, fulfilling target goals, and help answer queries on competitors, market practices, customers etc. The research can be done on target profile and people as well in a close or open set interview sessions.


  • Focus Group Studies: To obtain valuable feedback on a service or product, focus group studies work wonders. The tests include a particular set of participants who would be asked questions, observed, or applied to experiments in reaching a conclusion. For e.g. a firm wishes to test its new brand of cookies for consumers review. Thus, it calls upon people to give feedback about the product on its taste, packaging, brand recall etc. This way, the company can receive direct responses of the consumers, and use the results to hone their product.

How to Perform Smart Secondary Research?

Along with attaining first-hand information, reliable secondary research sources are also a good way of collecting information for achieving business requirements. The firm involved must prepare a budget, duration of the research, and affirm the sources from where the materials would be referred. Market research report reseller firms such as Aarkstore Enterprise are one of the ways to attain useful details about particular industry type, company, market segment, or gain deep insight into customer behaviors, and get forecasts for a certain trade spanning global ventures.

  • Internal Sources: The already recorded information in a company’s database is incremental for the purpose of future reference. Such details are made available to understand the firm’s growth, developments, capacity, current statistics etc. For e.g. balance-sheet documents, inventory records, profit & loss statements analyze present and past financial conditions along with facility for making forecasts.


Sales figures such as invoice copies and marketing records can be evaluated to judge the effectiveness of tactics used, and how the company can benefit from continuing or changing its promotional activity methods.


  • External Sources: There are several entities from outside of a company’s environment, which collect data. When using external sources, one must be careful to understand the viability of such platforms. News publications such as journal and magazines are best, as it is easier to know what general public thinks about the firm or how the consumers are reacting to product/service.


Statistics from trade associations, their findings, and reports can be utilized for specific trade purposes. Market and industry data such as existing surveys, recordings, turnaround figures, and competitors’ analysis etc. can assist strategizing techniques. Other sources include annual reports, directories, share of market, and rankings list.


  • Cross Platforms for Information: The internet and media tools or spaces are thriving avenues to gather secondary researches. Be it a broadcast, podcast station or opinion poll, websites reporting news on an industry, organization etc. the data in these can be used for best interest of the business. The observation from these platforms can be taken advantage for manipulating market to take shape for company’s profits. Other cross-information channels are records from forums, road-shows, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, workshops etc.

Why Everyone Want to be a Part of the World Online Advertising Market?


The internet advertising system is rocketing to new avenues, expanding every minute. Since the boom of digitalization, every marketer and sales person is busy targeting the web industry, experimenting with their chances to reach a wide audience. Placing oneself at every possible corners of the world is now possible through ad spaces on the virtual media platforms. The world online advertising market is outshining mainly at Germany, UK, USA, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, China, India, Brazil, China, South Korea, Turkey, Switzerland, Turkey, and Russia.

Some of the companies portrayed in this research are Apple, Facebook, Google Inc., Microsoft, Milenial Media, SAP SE, Amobee Inc., AOL, Yahoo! Inc., and Inmobi and Flytxt. From small to large scaled industries, everyone is flocking to get a niche at the internet. The profits for companies have increased immensely after their businesses surfaced online. More and more firms are opening their websites and commercial requirements on thevirtual web, so that they can take advantage of what the new technology has to offer.

Online Marketing and Advertising- The Shuttle to Success

The sub segments of this sector are based on mobile, search, social networking, display, video, and RTB. This report analyses the technologies of personal data involving VRM, retargeting, challenge, new data measurement, regulation, and key trends. It also contains a brief of world leader in advertising and marketing over the internet and their KPIs (Facebook-Yahoo!-Google-Twitter-Apple-Microsoft-Apple).

The zonal advertising coverage is shown for EU28, Asia Pacific, EU 5, and the rest of the world. Annual growth rates, revenues by segments are portrayed with forecasted figures to 2019. Details of internet usage are divided under fixed and fixed internet users.  A lot of focus is laid on mobile ads and its extension to paid and unpaid models for apps revenue, as per a market research.

Search advertising partnerships and player positioning regarding mobile or open/closed method is also illustrated. Cross platform advertising is also growing with hope of being a largest marketing on the internet soon. Telecom, IT, Consumer Goods, Restaurants, Healthcare etc. are among the advanced verticals surging at a great compounded annual growth rates of 31.3% and 29.1%.

Global Social Gaming Market to amass US $17.40 billion by 2019

Anti social in the materialistic world, but popular and socialized in the digital world- yes this is the after effects of social games on social networking sites. It seems to be just yesterday when people spent time on videogames and expended a lot of money on the most coveted game series. But, those days really turned into doom when the era of Social Media came, yes!!! Who wants to pay for those video games when you can have more fun on your networking sites like FB, twitter and MySpace? It did not take time for the Social Games like Candy Crush, Farmville etc. in becoming hot favorites, and stand in the notification list of every user. Besides, it was the fun gaming revolution, which took place in the early 2009. Now, we all are aware of many social games in our social sites and on Smartphone applications. Thanks to the Social Gaming market. It gave a new face to the gaming world and those entire Digital game maniacs out there, struggling to come on top list, and striving hard to earn a life.

According to one of the market research reports, the social gaming market gave a clear picture of its popularity among the population, which spent a major chunk of their day in social gaming. This impetus saw a revolutionary start in the Social Gaming Market industry, making a platform to monetize the fun game followed by its fame and improvement in the browsing and free-to-play experience. The result was huge benefits for this market, globally. However, it can be hampered in some countries where social sites are banned. Nevertheless, in mean time it has already emerged to such reputation where it will expand to 16.1% CAGR during the time span of 2013-2019, as stated in a market analysis report. The global social Gaming market in USA was worth US $5.40 billion, and is calculated to reach a sum of US $17.40 billion by 2019.

Huge leap is expected in the area of digital content till the year of 2019

Digital Content

Global Digital Content market report speaks a lot about current situation and overall development of the global market from 2015 to 2019. Today, digital content has been classified into several categories for example: audio, video, games, and text. The market size is evaluated on the grounds of income generated under these categories. The audio segment comprises of digital music. It means sources of revenue will be considered as songs downloaded online, rate of subscription etc. Same logic is applicable to other segments also for example video segment includes IPTV service, video on demand etc. So these are some sources from which income is made and assessed. If you want to know more about games segment then PC games, tablet games, mobile games, and console games are to name a few, more the games are sold and purchased more is the value of income, and this extensively contributes for digital content market.

To be very precise digital content is the presented in technical form. Most proven benefit of this content is, it can be saved on hard disk or any other device, in fact online storage system such as cloud also helps to the great extent to keep your private data, media files safe and secured. This is the strength of digital media. Digital content has become a part and parcel of electronic media in recent times. Today, devices like smart phones, tablets, and e-readers are grabbing instant attention of consumers and offer great diversity apart from computer. Market research speculation suggests that this market will certainly score at compound annual growth rate of 13.73% between 2014 and 2019.

God of Cricket set to release “Playing It My Way” book

There will soon be a creation of a tell-all autobiography by the maestro of cricket Sachin Tendulkar’s Playing it my way”. The book is scheduled to release now and even prior to its launch, there is quite a stir with regards to the book in the world of cricket. The book can become a revelation in the gaming industry in India.

According to the book (Autobiography), the legend of cricket has accused the former Indian cricket coach Mr. Greg Chappell of showcasing the attitude of a ringmaster who actually had his ideas imposed on the players. To equally support, Tendulkar’s narration on the Australian coach has also earned a lot of support from the other best players including Zaheer Khan, VVS Laxman, Sourav Ganguly and Harbhajan Singh.

In the book, the maestro of Indian Cricket Team has also exposed the case where the Aussie coach Chappel actually made a case of shocking proposal to him and asked him to actually take over the India’s captaincy position from Rahul Dravid which was several months prior to the World Cup in West indies in the year 2007.

The book elaborates the situation during the coach’s suggestion to actually replace Rahul Dravid to which Tendulkar has clearly mention in his book “Playing It My Way” about the issue when Greg Chappel came  to his house and discussed about the captaincy issue and of suggesting him to take over it from Rahul Dravid.

The shocker was also experienced equally by Mrs. Tendulkar who was seated beside him during the period of time when the coach stated that together they could take control over Indian Cricket for years and he will assist in taking over the platform.

The former cricket legend has also posted the promotional videos on Youtube.

An insight on online marketing

Online MarketingOnline Marketing helps in proposing a great tool for various methodologies that involve quality promotion and other services through the source of internet. It completely refers to a level of elements that assists with a wider range of tools essential for marketing. The purpose with a strategy of Online Marketing method can help in causing good deliverable and various other benefits such as the below given:

1) Reduction and overall control of expenses.

2) Improvement in customer approach, assistance and service.

3) Advantage of engaging into a competitive nature. The market subsequently finds growth.

4) Potential market stretch.

The confidence of Online Advertising Marketing enables one to have strong hold on internet marketing, search engine marketing techniques (SEM) and case of digital marketing measures. In the present period of tim, the marketing techniques with online sessions has changed in a various ways and dramatically. With certain algorithm releases such as Penguin and Panda of Google, there was sharp slipping of the page rank and site ranking.

It is highly essential for a source to get involved in niche blogs and publication on the same. It may though get too difficult to find oneself enjoying the front cover of a prime magazine but one can cause good creation of the marketing techniques and other opportunities by trying to feature in the same by creating a quality blog and according to the trending measures. It is highly essential for one to demonstrate quality analysis and offer a niche level blog that can provide good business offers and highlight the online marketing strategy.