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How Drone Delivery Market Might Look in 2020

A machine sounding like the buzzing of honeybees brings you the package you want to get delivered at your doorstep within a few minutes or hours of ordering. Fortunately, in the fourth industrial revolution, it is soon possible with the drone system

The delivery system is in great demand due to increasing e-commerce space. Many business organizations are finding ways to incorporate drones for delivery. 

Recently, the Alphabet’s Wing is set to test its first commercial drone delivery service in the U.S., the step is a leap forward in the delivery service industry. The wing has collaborated with Walgreens and FedEx for its first drone delivery service test. 

The second-largest pharmacy store chain in the U.S, Walgreens will be the first U.S retailer using a drone to transport a package from the store to the customer’s place. The multinational courier service provider, FedEx will also become a first logistic provider to carry out e-commerce drone delivery.

Drone delivery system

Drone delivery is soon going to be a reality.  It is an autonomous vehicle used for transporting lightweight packages. Generally, drone delivery service is used for time-sensitive items such as medicines, blood or items that would be strenuous delivering by traditional vehicles.  Drones can meet easily than delivery vans. 

Scope of Drone Delivery in 2020

  • The drone delivery has a great scope in the future in various industries. They come in handy when there is an urgent requirement. It can supply urgent medical supplies quickly to the area where it is needs bypassing the traffic congestion. 
  • Drones will prove as a great savior in meeting the health care needs in rural and densely covered areas where doctors are miles apart to provide medication and supplies. 
  • They also have the potential to provide supplies in the area obstructed by natural disasters where the arrival of humans on time is difficult. The delivery can parcel the necessary things within no time.

Benefits of adopting a drone delivery system:

  • Reduced roadway congestion 

The use of drone delivery will help reduce roadway traffic congestion by delivery vehicles. Hence, the delivery is speedy to deliver the package.

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions 

Drones don’t require gas or any type of fuel to function except electricity. This will lead to a reduction in the emission of CO2 as well as harmful greenhouse gases. 

According to the study by Nature Communications, small drone delivery carrying a one-pound package can reduce greenhouse gas emission by 54% as compared with a diesel truck in California. 

  • Improved safety 

The packages can be easily and safely transported via drones. There will also be no concern about breakage or accidents. 

  • Flexibility to divert the route

As compared to conventional delivery vehicles, drone delivery posses greater route flexibility. They can divert their routes without any disturbance. 

Limitations of Drone Delivery:

Drone delivery depended on technology, also comes with some limitations such as:

  • Limited package weights

Drone delivery is limited to transport lightweight packages. It can delivery heavy or large items. 

  • Unpredictable events

Drone delivery is limited to abnormal events such as weather, vandalism that can hamper delivery. 

  • Requires control system

There are chances of collisions as the deliveries are in more commonplace. Hence, the airspace control system and collision avoidance system are needed. 

  • Time limit

Drone delivery has constraint flight times due to their bound by the battery. They need to get charged. 

Nevertheless, drone delivery will soon be ruling the delivery industries. They will soon improve the traditional ways of delivering packing making delivery more efficient.

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