7 Global Water Treatment Companies to Watch

Many of the top tier water treatment Companies provide chemicals and equipment, on the other hand, others make a niche for their provisions. As per recent water treatment market research, the following are the organizations which you should watch out for in 2019. 


It’s a multinational firm providing chemicals and water equipment globally. Conventional water filtration equipment, various UV disinfection products, membrane systems, etc. are some of the offerings of the company. Danaher happens to be one of the important market contributors to water instrumentation and services. 


It is another key player in the water treatment market. The organization offers equipment and chemicals both including membrane systems and biocides. The company took over Dow Chemical Company’s operations for water treatment chemicals in 2019. 


Ecolab is one of the largest global water treatment companies. It supplies hygiene and sanitation service, chemicals, equipment, and several other advanced water treatments. Disinfection equipment and conventional filtration are some of the key products of the company. 

Evoqua Water Technologies: 

Evoqua Water Technologies ranks in the top five manufacturers of water treatment equipment. It has a dominant global presence majorly in the regions such as China, Europe, the US among the rest. 


It is a public Finnish Firm which is known for its chemical products for the applications in the water treatments. The company offers its services to regions such as North America, Middle-east and Europe. 

Kurita Water Industries: 

It is a Japanese firm of chemicals and water treatment equipment. The organization is popular for its brands such as Osmotech, Ferrolix, Ferrodor, Corrasave, Cetamine and Aktiphos.


With its selective range of water treatment products and services, Parker-Hannifin happens to be focused on filtration production through domnick hunter process filtration division, the Parker Village Marine division. The company is otherwise famous for its motion control products in the space, marine, aviation, industrial and automobile sectors. 

The aforementioned companies are some of the global market giants that are making the water treatment industry a competitive landscape. With their constant research and development projects, the companies always make it to the upcoming trends in the global industry.  

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