Blockchain Technology: The new face of the Finance Industry

Blockchain technology ends to redefine not only how the exchange sector operates, however the worldwide financial economy as a whole.

Everybody is talking about blockchain, the new technology in the FinTech industry. The idea of blockchain has energized the financial services industry worldwide and has already brought a distraction in the industry of financial.

What is Blockchain?

A blockchain is a public account of all bitcoin transactions, which have ever been implemented. The ‘present’ part of a blockchain is a block that records some or all of the current transactions, and once finished, goes into the blockchain as long-term database. Every time a block gets finished, a new block is generated.  Blocks are associated to each other (like chain) in systematic lined, sequential order with each block containing a mess of the earlier block.

To utilize traditional banking as an analogy, the blockchain is like a full history of banking transactions. Bitcon transactions are gone through chronologically in a blockchain just the way bank transactions are. For now, blocks are like personal bank statements. The entire copy of the blockchain has records of each Bitcon transactions ever implemented.

IBM Blockchain:

According to a Market research, for example, the concept of IBM Blockchain has fixed the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Project to develop and enhance upon previous forms of blockchain. Rather than having a blockchain that is dependent on the exchange of crypto currencies with unidentified users on a public network.

Benefits of Blockchain Technology:

  • Each and every transaction is recorded and validated by blockchain, which makes it secure and reliable, as a public ledger system.
  • Every transactions made is certified by miners that makes the transactions absolute and safeguards it from the threat of hacking.
  • Blockchain technology throw-outs the need of any third-party or central power for peer-to-peer transactions.

Blockchain: The New Innovation for Financial Services

Blockchain has been one of the most overwhelming innovations since the Internet came to be. This technology mostly permits all to hold and create transactions as unfamiliar persons but in a completely transparent way.  There is no mediator in between 2 people making the transaction, and the entire procedure becomes cheaper and easier. The idea can be applied to the whole digital world making any kind off exchange/transactions secure.

What are Blockchain use cases and initiatives taken by Financial service Industry:

Blockchain technology permits all to hold and create transactions as strangers but in a completely transparent way. There is no mediator in between 2 people creating the transaction, and the whole procedure becomes cheaper and easier. The concept can be applied to the whole digital world, creating any kind of exchange transactions/exchange secure.

Interest in Blockchain has been coming in from every part of the world with main ones being banks and technology providers.

Blockchain technology has been recognized as one of the most upsetting advances since the arrival of the internet. The finance & Banking industry has also begun seeking to leverage it to store and transfer its value to other financial and banking instruments.

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