What are the healthcare trends we are likely to see in 2017?

There have been exciting new developments in the healthcare technology in the recent years which are transforming the industry like never before. Here are some healthcare technologies that, as per  market research, are going to be among top healthcare trends in the medical community in 2017.

  1. Online healthcare education

With E-learning gaining traction, the online healthcare education is going to play a crucial role in modernizing the industry in the upcoming years. While few people debate that online healthcare education would fundamentally be defined in an absolutely different market that of education; many others believe that the real focus is on the cost-effective service proffering professionals such as nurse practitioners who study DNP [ Doctor of Nursing practice] online degree much more cheaply compared to going to a brick and mortar school.

A doctor who has graduated from the DNP web courses may have the qualification and the title of being a ‘doctor’, however, their salary is comparatively much less. Nevertheless, their license makes them eligible to take on more or less the same work that a higher paid doctor may do.

As per healthcare market reports, this is a growing trend in healthcare in 2017 and one of the reasons why online graduate schools are increasing in number.

  1. Home Healthcare

The key objective of ‘home healthcare’ is to provide affordable solutions to everybody. With some healthcare centers charging as much as $100 for a single Band-Aid, it is a wonder how anyone can afford a hospital visit. This is where the home healthcare comes to action, as it is believed to cut the healthcare expenses by at least 40%-50%. With the advent of advanced technologies, patients can be checked upon using smart devices without lightening their wallet too much.

According to market research, home healthcare will especially be hit in 2017, because insurance and government may be unable to cover the essential expenses. Since home healthcare seeks to lower the cost, it will get a lot of attention in the coming years.

  1. New developments in technology

The biggest trend to lookout for in healthcare community is technology. With a limited amount of qualified medical staff and doctors, wearable such as physical fitness trackers and other associated technology is a developing market that is predicted to cause a huge impact on the economy.

Because of the number of progressions in technology, the amount of patients needingto be checked at an already overcrowded doctor’s clinics is declining day by day. Advancements in technology are therefore saving a lot of taxpayer’s money and assist in offering greater service to patients.

Patients, medical professionals and customers, must therefore change their outlook to take full benefit of the revolutions in the healthcare industry. Market research says that they should be provided with innovative ways to transform their behavior. This can be offered by IoT technology companies who are most capable of giving customized healthcare solutions that are trustworthy of becoming the new health advisors.

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