The confectionery market is one of the increasing sectors worldwide. The confections that are sugar-free are obtaining popularity in the current years because of factors like increasing rate of obesity, growing nutritional and health concerns, rising number of diabetic patients, and changing lifestyle. Typically, confections are low in nutrients and high in calories.

The term ‘confectionary’ usually encompasses products like chocolate and non-chocolate ice cream and frozen desserts, cakes, gum, cookies and pastries; and other sweet goods like jellies, jams, and preserves. Aarkstore’s confectionery market research reports include research on the burgeoning food gifting industry, which is predicted to see healthy gains through 2016 and beyond. 


Fast Food in Latin America

By Euromonitor | Confectionery | Nov 2018 | Page 36

Fast food in Latin America is growing at a significant pace, as the economies recover post-recession. Independent operators dominate but chained brands have made their mark through aggressive investment in product innovation....

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