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By GlobalData | Alcoholic Drinks | Jan 2012 | Page 35

The alcoholic drinks categories continue to evolve, driven by consumers desire to unwind and enjoy the free time they have at the end of a hectic day or week.....

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The term Alcohol is derived from an Arabic word that means distillation which refers to Finely divided. Alcoholic drinks are consumed by individuals around the world since ancient times.

The names of various alcoholic drinks are determined by their base material. The drink which has been fermented from a heavy grain starch like potatoes is beer. When the fermented mash is refined then it’s called spirit. Brandy and wine are purely made of grapes.  If any drink is made from any kind of fruit then it is called fruit wine or fruit brandy. Vodka is distilled from fermented grain or potatoes. Whiskey is made from a blended mixture of grains or grains. Beer is made from a mixture of grains or barley. 

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