The term Alcohol is derived from an Arabic word that means distillation which refers to Finely divided. Alcoholic drinks are consumed by individuals around the world since ancient times.

The names of various alcoholic drinks are determined by their base material. The drink which has been fermented from a heavy grain starch like potatoes is beer. When the fermented mash is refined then it’s called spirit. Brandy and wine are purely made of grapes.  If any drink is made from any kind of fruit then it is called fruit wine or fruit brandy. Vodka is distilled from fermented grain or potatoes. Whiskey is made from a blended mixture of grains or grains. Beer is made from a mixture of grains or barley. 

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Spirits in Eastern Europe

By Euromonitor | Alcoholic Drinks | Mar 2019 | Page 59

Eastern Europe has the highest per capita consumption of spirits globally. However, a financial downturn in Russia in 2014, affecting consumers disposable incomes, resulted in a slump in sales for....

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Beer in Western Europe

By Euromonitor | Alcoholic Drinks | Feb 2019 | Page 57

Western Europe is a mature region for beer; per capita consumption is generally high, and many countries have well-established traditions of brewing and beer drinking. As a result, volume growth....

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Spirits in Asia Pacific

By Euromonitor | Alcoholic Drinks | Feb 2019 | Page 56

Dominating global volume sales of spirits, Asia Pacific is a major driver of the category. However, due to the low disposable incomes of most consumers in the region, sales are....

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Wine in Western Europe

By Euromonitor | Alcoholic Drinks | Feb 2019 | Page 59

Wine in Western Europe suffers from structural decline, being the largest region globally and facing maturity, as well as downward pressures in terms of the health and wellness trend, premiumisation,....

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Cía Pisquera de Chile SA in Alcoholic Drinks (Chile)

By Euromonitor | Alcoholic Drinks | Nov 2017 | Page 2

The premiumisation trend in alcoholic drinks in Chile has seen Ca Pisquera de Chile successfully market an increasing number of premium pisco products as mainstream options. However, the company will....

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