AI in Aerospace and Defense - Thematic Research

AI in Aerospace and Defense - Thematic Research

The technological developments have been majorly propelling the growth of AI in Aerospace and Defense Market. Use of robots has largely been explored with the integration of AI in aircraft, cockpits and further implementation of automated baggage. 


AI is still in its infancy, despite the R&D effort that has been expended on it over the years, and in a decade’s time, today’s “state of the art” will seem rudimentary and simplistic. Therefore, when looking at potential winners in this theme, it is as important to gauge their ability to innovate over the long-term as it is to evaluate the current state of their AI offerings. Leading the way with the development of AI technologies are the US and China, who are also the two biggest military spenders. The former can count on its global technology giants, including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and IBM. Their strength is derived from a combination of factors, including access to huge datasets, essential for training AI systems, and significant amounts of computing power. Over the next few years, these US-headquartered companies will face increasing competition from China’s tech powerhouses, including Baidu and Alibaba.


This report is part of our ecosystem of thematic investment research reports, supported by our “thematic engine”. About our Thematic Research Ecosystem -
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Seven key AI technologies
Technology trends
Macroeconomic trends
Regulatory trends
Aerospace and defense trends
Machine learning
Data science
Conversational platforms
Computer vision
AI chips
Smart robots
Context-aware computing
Industry use cases
Military use cases
Key recommendations
Public companies
Private companies
Aerospace and defense service companies

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