Personal care market research reports are a sufficient evidence for how competitive the market of personal care and hygiene products is. It is a globally established industry that spoils the customers with choices in terms of varieties and prices. But as a businessperson concerned with this market, one needs to understand the trends and innovate his products because the saturated market has now started to flatten.

Personal care market research data will aid your pricing strategies and provide crucial insights for the R&D sector to make the products more appealing to the clientele.


Personal Services in Mexico

By Euromonitor | Personal Care | Aug 2018 | Page 19

The Internationals Industrial reports provide a 360 degree view of an industry. The Industrial market report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the Personal Services market....

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Intimate Hygiene: Trends and Prospects

By Euromonitor | Personal Care | Aug 2018 | Page 22

Intimate hygiene, which includes both intimate wipes and washes, has grown to sales of over USD2 billion in 2017. Usage of these products varies greatly by region and market, and....

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Top 5 Markets to Prioritise in Skin Care in 2019

By Euromonitor | Personal Care | Aug 2018 | Page 33

The Internationals Industry Forecast Model is a strategic tool, which allows companies to choose the right markets for growth. Using the Industry Forecast Model, we can determine which countries skin....

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World Market for Beauty and Personal Care

By Euromonitor | Personal Care | Aug 2018 | Page 60

A positive business sentiment in the global beauty industry reflects the sustained propensity for trading up at a time when surging middle classes in growth frontier markets are drawn to....

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Feminine Care Industry Global Outlook

By Euromonitor | Personal Care | Aug 2018 | Page 46

The performance of the USD95 billion global sanitary protection industry is heavily impacted by population changes and social and cultural shifts that influence womens lifestyles. This report shows a view....

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