Personal care market research reports are a sufficient evidence for how competitive the market of personal care and hygiene products is. It is a globally established industry that spoils the customers with choices in terms of varieties and prices. But as a businessperson concerned with this market, one needs to understand the trends and innovate his products because the saturated market has now started to flatten.

Personal care market research data will aid your pricing strategies and provide crucial insights for the R&D sector to make the products more appealing to the clientele.


Global Premium Eyewear Market Size study, by Type (Prescription Eyeglasses, Sunglasses), by Application (Young Adults, Adults, Mature Adults, Seniors) and Regional Forecasts 2018-2025.

By Bizwit Research & Consulting LLP | Personal Care | Oct 2018 | Page 200

Global Premium Eyewear Market to reach USD 226.6 billion by 2025.....

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Kao Corp in Tissue and Hygiene (World)

By Euromonitor | Personal Care | Oct 2018 | Page 49

Faced with demographic challenges in its home market of Japan, Kao has had to look abroad to secure growth. This report covers the companys strategy for growth in China, where....

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Kao Corp in Beauty and Personal Care (World)

By Euromonitor | Personal Care | Oct 2018 | Page 47

In 130 years of existence, Kao Corp has achieved some notable successes. It is the 10th largest beauty and personal care (BPC) player worldwide, and has respected skin care expertise.....

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Hoya Corp in Eyewear (World)

By Euromonitor | Personal Care | Oct 2018 | Page 35

Hoya Corp is increasing production capacity to expand within contact lenses, and aims to increase brand awareness and revenues within a category offering strong growth prospects. The company is looking....

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World Market for Eyewear

By Euromonitor | Personal Care | Oct 2018 | Page 36

Global sales of eyewear references remain positive, driven by growing consumer awareness of eye health and subsequent diagnosis, favourable socio-demographics, rising incidence of eyesight conditions, and an ageing population. All....

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