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Mobile Data and WiFi Monetization: Convergent and user-centric offers take center stage


 The insatiable demand for continuous broadband connectivity has turned mobile data into a revenue growth engine for mobile network operators (MNO). Operators are exploring diverse approaches to attract users and grow mobile data revenue, including network-centric, user-centric and WiFi-centric strategies. Some leading operators are building scale and revenue share through technological and performance leadership. Other operators are leveraging their powerful user analytics capabilities to design differentiated packaging and compelling offers to drive mobile data uptake and usage. In addition, MNOs are increasingly exploiting synergies stemming from WiFi connectivity, making WiFi a key element of the mobile broadband service proposition.
 Key Findings
 - Mobile broadband has become a primary revenue growth engine for MNOs around the world. Operators are responding to the mobile data opportunity with converged services portfolios and multi-play offers. Big data analytics are increasingly being leveraged to come up with accurate data pricing, bundling and marketing strategies for mobile data.
 - Mobile operators take multiple approaches to mobile data monetization. Some strategies emphasize network performance, some focus on user drivers, and some position WiFi as a core service. Network-centric monetization strategies leverage technological leadership while user-centric models focus on the needs and preferences of customers. WiFi-centric models position WiFi as a key element of the overall broadband value proposition.
 - WiFi is gaining importance among operators both as a tool to provide seamless broadband connectivity and as a services platform. Mobile network operators are leveraging WiFi to retain customers, increase their spend share and reduce network costs. While MNOs and WiFi infrastructure providers expand their WiFi hotspot footprint, emerging models such as WiFi First are changing the rules of the game.
 Mobile Data and WiFi Monetization: Convergent and user-centric offers take center stage offers a thorough examination of the main approaches and strategies being adopted by MNOs around the world to monetize mobile data. The report starts with an analysis of the business drivers of mobile data services from the providers point of view. It continues with an overview of three different types of strategic approaches to mobile data monetization being followed by service providers, including WiFI-centric models. It then provides an in-depth study of the specific mobile data strategies of specific operators in the US, the UK, Asia and Latin America, with a focus on the particular drivers and outcomes for each operator, as well as look at two WiFi models. We finish with key findings and recommendations for mobile data service providers. The Report is structured as follows:
 - Introduction: Mobile data opportunities and challenges. This section provides an overview of the growth opportunities in mobile data and the challenges faced by the operators in a changing competitive and regulatory landscape.
 - Section 1: Mobile broadband as a catalyst of growth. Here we explore four key business drivers that are generating increased focus and investments in mobile data globally.
 - Section 2: Key approaches to mobile data monetization. This section examines three different approaches to monetizing mobile data, their key elements, impact and evolution.
 - Section 3: Case studies - Mobile data strategies. Each case study offers a detailed analysis of the business drivers, approach and strategies taken by the provider to monetize mobile data, as well as the business impact and outlook in mobile data. Operators featured are America Móvil, ATandT, British Telecom (EE), China Telecom, Telefónica.
 - Section 4: WiFi monetization approaches. Here we examine the evolution of commercial models for WiFi and provide case studies of two WiFi providers disrupting the space with unique models, Boingo and Google.
 - Section 5: Key findings and recommendations. We conclude with a summary of our findings on the key mobile data and WiFI monetization strategies around the world, as well as specific recommendations for network operators looking to increase their mobile data revenue.
 Reasons To Buy
 -  Mobile Data and WiFi Monetization: Convergent and user-centric offers take center stage provides a comprehensive analysis of key monetization models and market strategies for mobile data that are being employed across the world, helping executives at MNOs, fixed telcos and pay-TV providers make informed strategic decisions. By understanding the approaches and successful strategies of leading market players, telecom executives can formulate strategies to retain customers, generate revenue growth and navigate safely in the face of disruptive competition.
 -  The reports forward-looking analysis of key business drivers and monetization models for mobile data helps providers assess the potential impact of mobile data on their business and identify related opportunities. The case studies focus on how mobile operators and WiFi providers in 5 developed and emerging markets are tapping the mobile broadband opportunity, allowing executives to refine their strategies.
 - The reports recommendations are based on real strategies employed by network operators to position themselves to take advantage of the mobile data revenue opportunity and increase their participation in the mobile broadband services space. Network operators can benefit from strategies such as leveraging big data to design user-centric offers and positioning WiFi as a key tool for sustainable customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

 Executive summary
 Introduction: Mobile data opportunity and challenges
 Section 1: Mobile broadband as a catalyst of growth
 Overview of business drivers for mobile broadband
 Mobile data as a driver of revenue growth
 Service convergence strategies
 Evolution of WiFi positioning in the mobile market
 Emergence of big data-driven monetization strategies
 Section 2: Key models for mobile data monetization
 Network-centric models
 User-centric models
 WiFi-centric models
 Section 3: Mobile data monetization approaches and selected strategies of leading mobile operators
 Case study: China Telecom
 Case study: Telefónica
 Case study: ATandT
 Case study: British Telecom
 Case study: América Móvil
 Section 4: WiFi monetization approaches
 Current and emerging WiFi monetization models
 Case study: Google
 Case study: Boingo
 Section 5: Key findings and recommendations
 Key findings
 Companies mentioned
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List Of Tables

 Exhibit 1: Mobile data revenue - global (2016-2020)
 Exhibit 2: Challenges to data monetization
 Exhibit 3: Business drivers for mobile broadband
 Exhibit 4: Video as a percent of mobile data traffic
 Exhibit 5: Mobile data revenue uplift- select operators
 Exhibit 6: Multi-play focus - selected operators
 Exhibit 7: WiFi services monetization avenues
 Exhibit 8: Carrier-grade vs. Best effort hotspots
 Exhibit 9: Leveraging big data in mobile broadband
 Exhibit 10: Network-centric monetization models - mobile broadband
 Exhibit 11: Elements of user-centric monetization - mobile broadband
 Exhibit 12: Trends in mobile data sales strategies
 Exhibit 13: Selected WiFi-focused players by model
 Exhibit 14: China Telecom mobile broadband strategies by business driver
 Exhibit 15: China Telecom monetization strategies - mobile broadband
 Exhibit 16: China Telecom mobile data performance - selected KPIs
 Exhibit 17: Telefónica mobile data revenue growth
 Exhibit 18: Telefónica strategies by business driver
 Exhibit 19: Prepaid data monetization roadmap example
 Exhibit 20: TEF data as % of mobile services, FY2015
 Exhibit 21: Sample TEF data upsell programs
 Exhibit 22: ATandT mobile broadband strategies by business driver
 Exhibit 23: ATandT mobile share value plan elements
 Exhibit 24: ATandT 2015 performance - selected KPIs
 Exhibit 25: Mobile revenue share - UK, YE 2015
 Exhibit 26: BT-EE strategies by business driver
 Exhibit 27: Sample mobile data offers - EE
 Exhibit 28: EEs mobile data pricing structure
 Exhibit 29 Cross-selling market potential - BT consumer services
 Exhibit 30: AMX capex investments - 2011 to 2015
 Exhibit 31: AMX mobile broadband strategies by business driver
 Exhibit 32: Claro data monetization offers - LATAM
 Exhibit 33: América Móvil revenue by business - 2015
 Exhibit 34: Multi-play services growth - 2015-2020
 Exhibit 35: Monetization opportunities by WiFi service model
 Exhibit 36: Project Fi vs. Standard mobile services
 Exhibit 37: Boingos hotspot footprint - YE 2015
 Exhibit 38: Boingos revenue streams- YE 2015

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