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Cte dIvoire Telecom Industry Outlook to 2025- Analysis of Cte dIvoire Mobile, Fixed Line and Broadband Markets

Cte dIvoire Telecom report from OG ANALYSIS, is one of the comprehensive market research report on Cte dIvoire mobile, landline and broadband segments in Cte dIvoire. The report provides historic and forecast data on subscribers, consumption patterns in the country to 2025.
Market dynamics, key strategies of telecom companies, potential investment opportunities amidst changing business scenario are analyzed. For detailed analysis of the market, key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of operating in the country are provided.
The countrys telecom sector is compared with its peer markets to evaluate the position of Cte dIvoire in regional and global front. Recent Cte dIvoire telecom industry trends along with drivers and challenges confronting Cte dIvoire telecom markets are analyzed. Further, to enable clear understanding of companies and their operations, tariff details of companies, their marketing strategies and SWOT analysis is detailed.
Subscription forecasts and revenue outlook is backed up with detailed forecasts of GDP, population, other demographic and macro economic factors, which are expected to play a key role in shaping the future of Cte dIvoire Telecom industry.
In addition, competitive landscape and business profiles of leading companies in Cte dIvoire are included. All latest developments and their impact on players in the industry are also provided.
1 Table of Contents
1.1 List of Tables
1.2 List of Figures

2 Cte dIvoire Telecom Industry Analysis and Outlook
2.1 Cte dIvoire Telecom Market Snapshot, 2016
2.2 Historic Trends and Growth Outlook
2.3 Revenue from Telecommunications Sector, 2015
2.4 Expected Flow of investments in Telecom Market, 2015

3 Cte dIvoire Telecom Market Forecasts
3.1 Fixed Landline Users Outlook (No.), 2005- 2025
3.2 Fixed-broadband Users Outlook (No.), 2005- 2025
3.3 Mobile Telecom Users Outlook (No.), 2005- 2025
3.4 Number of Households with Computer, 2015
3.5 Number of Households with Internet access at home, 2015
3.6 individuals (%) using the internet, 2015

4 Cte dIvoire Telecom Market SWOT Analysis
4.1 Strengths
4.2 Weaknesses
4.3 Opportunities
4.4 Threats

5 Cte dIvoire ICT Goods Exports and Imports Details
5.1 Share of ICT goods Exports in Total Goods Export
5.2 Share of ICT goods Imports in Total Goods Imports
5.3 Share of ICT Service Exports in Total Service Exports

6 Comparison of Cte dIvoire Telecom Industry with Peer Markets
6.1 Overall Ranking
6.2 Supply Index
6.3 Demand Index
6.4 Infrastructure Index
6.5 Growth Index

7 Cte dIvoire Population Forecasts
7.1 Population by Age Group Forecast to 2025
7.2 Key Population Ratios, 2015
7.3 Rural and Urban population outlook, 2005- 2025
7.4 Female vs Male Population Outlook, 2005- 2025
7.4 Literacy rate (Adults), 2015

8 Cte dIvoire Economic Outlook to 2025
8.1 Cte dIvoire GDP Forecasts to 2025
8.2 GDP Growth rate, 2005- 2015
8.3 GNI Per Capita Forecasts to 2025

9 Leading Telecom Company Profiles in Cte dIvoire
9.1 Potential Companies
9.2 Level of competition
9.3 Foreign Participation in the Sector

10 Business Profiles of Leading Telecom Companies
10.1 Company A
10.2 Company B
10.3 Company C
11 Appendix
11.1 Abbreviations
11.2 Sources and Methodology
11.3 Contact Information

List Of Tables

Table 1: Cte dIvoire Telecom Overview
Table 2: Cte dIvoire Fixed Telephone Users, 2005- 2025
Table 3: Cte dIvoire Fixed-broadband Users, 2005- 2025
Table 4: Cte dIvoire Mobile-cellular Users, 2005- 2025
Table 5: Cte dIvoire ICT goods exports (%)
Table 6: Cte dIvoire ICT goods imports (%)
Table 7: Cte dIvoire ICT service exports (%)
Table 8: Cte dIvoire Telecom Market Benchmarking - Overall Ranking
Table 9: Benchmarking- Supply Index
Table 10: Benchmarking - Demand Index
Table 11: Benchmarking - Growth Index
Table 12: Population Forecast by Age, 2005- 2025
Table 13: Cte dIvoire Population Forecast (Rural and Urban), 2005- 2025
Table 14: GDP Forecast, 2005- 2025
Table 15: GDP Growth rate Forecast, 2005- 2025
Table 16: GNI Per Capita Forecast, 2005- 2025

List Of Figures

Figure 1: Cte dIvoire Telecom Revenue vs. Investment
Figure 2: Cte dIvoire- Households with a computer (%)
Figure 3: Cte dIvoire- Households with Internet access at home (%)
Figure 4: Cte dIvoire- individuals using the internet
Figure 5: Cte dIvoire Adult Literacy Rate, 2015

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