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RFID in China 2015-2025: Forecasts, Players, Opportunities

This report provides a complete view of the RFID suppliers, value chain, applications and trends in China. It looks not only at the RFID manufacturing base in China, but also the applications of RFID in China, providing ten year forecasts by 13 application categories. IDTechEx has studied the RFID market globally for 15 years and this research builds on that knowledge in addition to new research carried out in Chain by IDTechEx analyst Dr Xiaoxi He. Over 150 RFID companies have been identified.

China already has 85% of the worlds RFID manufacturing capacity, being a major exporter of tags. In addition, the second generation National Identification Card project in China is the largest RFID order by value and China is delivering it by using Chinese-only resources almost exclusively. Thanks to strong support by the government, China has used RFID widely on applications ranging from library assets to train tickets, and as China becomes a leader in manufacturing in most segments - from cars to planes - it will fuel increasing demand for RFID in manufacturing and many other industries.

As RFID is increasingly being deployed around the world (IDTechEx expect that over 8.5 billion tags will be sold globally in 2015 versus 7 billion in 2014), suppliers are in the process of shaving off fractions of a cent from each inlay, particularly for passive UHF. That means picking up and moving manufacturing base to China in some cases. There have also been other, relatively new entrants that by strong investment (including acquisition) have gained a relatively high market share from nothing in a few years, examples being Arizon RFID and Shangyang, to name a few.

Without doubt there is rapid progress with RFID in China and this report uniquely provides quantitative data and analysis of RFID technology, market and players in the country. Our analysis is based on face-to-face and telephone interviews with RFID companies and solution providers in various RFID markets, giving detailed information and an unprecedented level of insight into Chinas RFID industry.

Ten year forecasts of RFID in China

IDTechEx finds that the total RFID market in China was $1.7 billion in 2014, covering chips, tags (including cards, fobs, labels and all other form factors), readers, software/services and system integration. Our forecasts exclude other Internet of Things technologies such as sensor networks or wireless telecommunications. It also excludes the non-RFID business of RFID companies. This figure is expected to rise to $4.3 billion by 2025.

The value of RFID tags is $430 million in 2014, taking about 25% of the total RFID market. IDTechEx expects that to reach $952 million in 2025.

Analysis by many parameters, including 150 organizations

Like many other countries, RFID industry in China is mainly led and supported by the government. Government policies play an important role in the RFID industrial development. This report gives a detailed analysis of the current market status, value chain and how both the government and market-oriented players will influence the business. The analysis is done based on application sectors, value chain position, frequency band (LF, HF, UHF and MWF) and different regions in China.

Ten year forecasts are provided for RFID in the following sectors:

- Airlines and Airports
- Books, Libraries, Archiving
- Financial, Security and Safety
- Passport
- Food Safety, Animal & Agriculture and Anti-Counterfeiting
- Healthcare and Medical
- Land, Sea Logistics, Postal
- Leisure, Sports and Travel
- Manufacturing, Industry and Management
- Military
- Retail, Consumer Goods
- Transportation and Automotive
- Others

More than 150 companies are categorised by value chain positions and specialised frequencies. Profiles of 28 listed companies and 110 other players are provided as well.
1.1. Global RFID Market
1.2. RFID Market in China
1.2.1. Huge Tag/Card Manufacturing Capability
1.2.2. Government-led vs. Market-oriented
1.2.3. Fierce Competition in the Low-end Market
1.2.4. Shifts of RFID Value Chain and Focuses
1.2.5. HF RFID dominates due to Technology Maturity
1.2.6. UHF & MWF RFID Technologies Fall behind
1.2.7. Industrial Initiatives
1.3. Market Analysis by Value Chain
1.4. Market Analysis by Application
1.5. Market Analysis by Frequency
1.6. Market Analysis by Regions
2.1. RFID Classification
2.1.1. By Power Source
2.1.2. By Written Possibility
2.1.3. By Frequency
2.2. RFID by Application
2.3. Global RFID Industry
3.1. Timeline
3.2. Current RFID Market Status in China
3.2.1. Huge Tag/Card Manufacturing Capability
3.2.2. Government-led vs. Market-oriented
3.2.3. Fierce Competition in the Low-end Market
3.2.4. Shifts of RFID Value Chain and Focuses
3.2.5. HF RFID dominates due to Technology Maturity
3.2.6. UHF & MWF RFID Technologies Fall behind
3.2.7. Industrial Initiatives
3.3. Market Development Tendency
3.3.1. Government Focus and Support in the Near Future
3.3.2. Government-leading Demonstration Application
3.3.3. Where to go?
3.4. Market Size Reported by CATR
3.5. Market Analysis by Regions
3.5.1. Region Overview
3.5.2. Bohai Bay Economic Rim (BBER)
3.5.3. Yangtze River Delta Region (YRD)
3.5.4. Pearl River Delta Region (PRD)
3.5.5. Central and West China
3.5.6. Hong Kong
3.6. RFID Regulations
3.6.1. International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
3.6.2. EPCglobal
3.6.3. Regulations in China
3.7. Challenges & Barriers in China
4.1. Overview
4.2. Chip Design/Manufacture
4.3. Antenna Design/Manufacture
4.4. Tag/Card Assembly
4.4.1. Equipment
4.5. Interrogator
4.6. Middleware/Software
4.7. System Integration
5.1. Airlines and Airports
5.2. Books, Libraries, Archiving
5.2.1. Jimei University Library, Xiamen
5.3. Financial, Security and Safety
5.3.1. Financial Cards
5.3.2. Student Cards
5.3.3. National ID and Passport
5.3.4. Secure Access
5.3.5. Event Cards
5.3.6. Tracking Coal Miners and Prisoners
5.3.7. Dangerous Item Management
5.4. Food Safety, Animal & Agriculture and Anti-counterfeiting
5.4.1. Animals and Agriculture
5.4.2. Anti-counterfeiting
5.5. Healthcare and Medical
5.5.1. Blood Bag Tracking
5.5.2. Baby Tracking
5.5.3. Medical Asset Tracking
5.5.4. Medical Waste Management
5.6. Land, Sea Logistics, Postal
5.6.1. Postal
5.6.2. Warehouse Management
5.6.3. Container Tracking
5.7. Leisure, Sports and Travelling
5.8. Manufacturing, Industry and Management
5.8.1. Apparel
5.8.2. Appliances
5.8.3. Automotive
5.8.4. Steel, Mining, Construction
5.8.5. Computer and Electronic Products
5.9. Military
5.10. Retail, Consumer goods
5.10.1. Apparel
5.10.2. Supply Chain Management
5.10.3. Customer Service
5.11. Transportation and Automotive
5.11.1. Transit Cards
5.11.2. ETC
5.11.3. Rail Tickets
5.11.4. Train Tracking
5.11.5. Vehicle Identification and Tracking
7.1. AISINO Co.,Ltd. ()
7.1.1. Golden Card Branch ()
7.2. Beijing Telezone Technology Co.,Ltd.
7.3. Beiyang Electric Group Corporation ()
7.4. China Electronics Corporation (CEC) ()
7.4.1. CEC Huada Electronic Design Co.,Ltd. ()
7.4.2. Guangdong Huada Integration Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
7.5. China Tianjin Global Magnetic Card Co.,Ltd. ()
7.6. Datang Telecom Technology Co.,Ltd.
7.6.1. Datang Microelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
7.7. Eastcompeace Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
7.8. Golden Spring Internet of Things Inc.
7.9. Hangzhou Century Co.,Ltd. ()
7.9.1. Shang Yang RFID Technology Yangzhou Co.,Ltd. ()
7.10. Hongbo Co.,Ltd.
7.11. Invengo Information Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
7.12. Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
7.13. Nanjing Sample Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
7.14. Nationz Technologies Inc.()
7.15. Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation ()
7.16. Shanghai Belling Co.,Ltd. ()
7.16.1. Shanghai RFID System Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
7.17. Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group Co.,Ltd. ()
7.18. Shanghai Huahong Jitong Smart System Co.,Ltd. ()
7.19. Shenzhen Clou Electronics Co.,Ltd. ()
7.20. Shenzhen Mingwah Aohan Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
7.21. Shenzhen Tatfook Technology Co.,Ltd.
7.21.1. Shenzhen Hyan Microelectronics Co.,Ltd.
7.22. Sichuan Jiuzhou Electric Co.,Ltd. ()
7.22.1. Chengdu Jiuzhou Electronic Information System Co.,Ltd. ()
7.23. Tatwah Smartech Co.,Ltd. ()
7.24. Tsinghua Tongfang Co.,Ltd. ()
7.24.1. ASK Tongfang Co.,Ltd. ()
7.24.2. Tongfang Guoxin Electronics Co.,Ltd. ()
7.24.3. Tongfang R.I.A Co.,Ltd. ()
7.25. Tung Kong Security Printing Co.,Ltd. ()
7.26. Xiamen Xinde Co.,Ltd. ()
7.27. Xiamen Xindeco IOT Technology Ltd. ()
7.28. ZTE Corporation ()
7.28.1. ZTE Intelligent IOT Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.1. RFID Alliance
8.1.1. RFID China Alliance
8.2. Advanced Card Systems Ltd. ()
8.3. Anyid Technology (Shanghai) Ltd. ()
8.4. Arizon RFID Technology (Yangzhou) Co.,Ltd. ()
8.5. Automatic Identification Manufacture Association of China (AIM China) ()
8.6. AUXN Technology International Limited ()
8.7. Beijing Datatech Creative Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.8. Beijing Geofanci Tech Co.,Ltd. ()
8.9. Beijing Guohe Haidali Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.10. Beijing Weishen Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.11. Beijing Witark Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.12. Beijing Zhong An Te Technologies Co.,Ltd. ()
8.13. Bielomatik Machinery (Dongguan) Co.,Ltd. ()
8.14. Biswin Technologies (Shenzhen) Ltd. ()
8.15. Chainway Information Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.16. Champtek Group ()
8.17. China Electronics Technology Group Corporation No.7 Research Institute ()
8.18. CILICO Electronics Co.,Ltd. ()
8.19. DG-Sygole Digital Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.20. Emdoor Information Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.21. E-Tagtron, Inc. ()
8.22. Fujian Xinnuo Communication Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.23. GAO RFID Inc. (China) ()
8.24. Globals Electronics (Wenzhou) Co.,Ltd. ()
8.25. Guandong Tecsun Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.26. Guangzhou Andea Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.27. Guangzhou Time Space Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.28. Guangzhou Zhongda Microelectronics, Inc. ()
8.29. Guo Shuo RFID Solutions Co.,Ltd. (GSRS) ()
8.30. HangZhou ccRFID MicroElectronics Co.,Ltd. ()
8.31. Hangzhou RFID Research Center Chinese Academy of Science ()
8.32. Harbin Synjones Group ()
8.33. Harbin VEIC Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.34. Hebei Volse Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.35. Hubei Huaweike Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.36. IBO Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. ( ())
8.37. Jiangsu DONN Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.38. Jiangsu Kiloway Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.39. Jiangsu Raifu Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.40. Jiangsu RFID Intelligence Technology ()
8.41. Jiangsu Seuic Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.42. Junmp Technology Inc.,Ltd. ()
8.43. Laxcen Inc.,Limited ()
8.44. Meritag (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. ()
8.45. Novatron Electronics (Hangzhou) Co.,Ltd. ( ())
8.46. ON Technologies (SZ) Co.,Ltd. ()
8.47. Poscard Group
8.48. Postek Electronics Co.,Ltd. ()
8.49. Push Information & Automation (Chengdu) Co.,Ltd. ()
8.50. Ray-Links (Beijing) Technologies Co.,Ltd. ()
8.51. Sense Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.52. Shaanxi Flames Communications Group Limited ()
8.53. Shandong Huaguan Smart Card Co.,Ltd.
8.54. Shandong Taibao Preventing Counterfeit Product Co.,Ltd. ()
8.55. Shanghai Anji Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.56. Shanghai Boing Information Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.57. Shanghai Business Grid Information Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.58. Shanghai China Card ()
8.59. Shanghai Feiju Microelectronics Co.,Ltd. ()
8.60. Shanghai Fine Electronics Co.,Ltd. ()
8.61. Shanghai Huahong Integrated Circuit Co.,Ltd. ()
8.62. Shanghai Huiwu Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.63. Shanghai Inlay Smarttag Co.,Ltd. ()
8.64. Shanghai Pujiang Smart Card Systems Co.,Ltd. ()
8.65. Shanghai Quanray Electronics Co.,Ltd. ()
8.66. Shanghai Rw Ele&Tec Co.,Ltd. ()
8.67. Shanghai Sage Intelligent System Co.,Ltd. ()
8.68. Shanghai Security Printing Co.,Ltd. ()
8.69. Shanghai Super Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.70. Shanghai TransistorRoad Co.,Ltd. ()
8.71. Shanghai UBIQUE.TAG Smart Label Co.,Ltd. ()
8.71.1. Shanghai YUKE Smart Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.71.2. Shenzhen Aerospace Innotech Co.,Ltd. (HTRFID)()
8.72. Shenzhen CaiNa Semiconductor Equipment Limited ()
8.73. Shenzhen Chuangxinjia RFID Tag Co.,Ltd. ()
8.74. Shenzhen Decard Smartcard Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.75. Shenzhen Dejian Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.76. Shenzhen Easyway Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.77. Shenzhen EP Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.78. Shenzhen Genvict Technologies Co.,Ltd. ()
8.78.1. Guangdong Huaxin Genvict Information Technology Co., Ltd. ()
8.79. Shenzhen Huitian Shiye Co.,Ltd. ()
8.80. Shenzhen JG Technology Industries Co.,Ltd. ()
8.81. Shenzhen Marktrace Co.,Ltd. ()
8.82. Shenzhen Myantenna RF Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.83. Shenzhen New Force Communication Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.84. Shenzhen Radio Iot Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.85. Shenzhen RDM Tag Master Co.,Ltd. ()
8.86. ShenZhen RodinBell Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.87. Shenzhen RoyalRay Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.88. Shenzhen Seaever Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.89. Shenzhen VANCH Intelligent Technology Co,.Ltd. ()
8.90. Shenzhen Xin Jing Lu Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.91. SIKILI (Dongguan) Electronic Co.,Ltd. ()
8.92. Silion Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.93. Sinogistics Co.,Ltd. ()
8.94. Smartchip Microelectronics Corp. ()
8.95. Sunbestrfid Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.96. SuZhou MuLan Ele&Tec Co.,Ltd. ()
8.97. Telepower Communication Co.,Ltd. ()
8.98. TOP&E Technology Holding Limited ()
8.99. Unitech Electronics (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. ()
8.100. Urovo Technology Corporation Limited ()
8.101. Winson RFID Technology (Beijing) Co.,Ltd. ()
8.102. Wuxi iData Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.103. Wuxi Tianye Intelligence Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.104. Xerafy Ltd.
8.105. Xiamen Angel Co.,Ltd. ()
8.106. Xiamen Innov Information Technology Co.,Ltd. ()
8.107. XKTAG ()
8.108. Yizheng IOTELLIGENT (())
8.109. Zhongjiao Beidou Technology Co.,Ltd.()

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