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The Connected Consumer Survey 2015: AsiaPacific


This report presents a subset of data from Analysys Mason Connected Consumer Survey which was conducted in July and August 2014 in 15 countries worldwide. It focuses on results from the three Asia–Pacific countries in which the survey was conducted: Indonesia, Malaysia and South Korea.

 7.Executive summary
 8.Network performance is an influential factor in operator selection, and multiple-SIM device ownership is fragmenting demand
 9.Messaging is the most popular OTT communication service, but paid-for VoIP has achieved significant adoption
 10.Operators could find new revenue streams in the digital economy – mobile finance and healthcare are among the best options
 11.Challenges and recommendations
 12.Drivers of churn and multiple-SIM ownership
 13.Consumer loyalty to mobile operators is lower in Asia–Pacific than the worldwide average, and multiple-SIM ownership is common in  EMAP
 14.Extending connectivity plans (multi-device and multi-user) can help to consolidate fragmented consumer demand
 15.Price, coverage and speed are valued highly by consumers, particularly in emerging markets, but handset deals are important everywhere
 16.Almost 40% of consumers in Indonesia and Malaysia know about LTE but do not have it, and data speed is more important than price
 17.Most consumers are willing to pay a premium for LTE – particularly in emerging markets
 18.The relative importance of devices to services is changing, and Indonesia has the highest ratio of annual spend on handsets compared to services
 19.Operators already play a well-established role in handset sales channels, but greater influence may mitigate fragmentation of the relationship
 20.Addressing and exploiting OTT services
 21.OTT messaging services are replacing SMS usage, but the impact of OTT VoIP services will be controllable especially in EMAP
 22.Operators need to offer a sufficient amount of text messages to ensure that customers do not need messaging apps
 23.VoLTE and operator-led VoIP may help operators to protect the voice business
 24.Operators can protect their established business, or partner with, enable or become OTT players
 25.Many operators are protecting their business and entering partnerships, but leading ones are providing next-generation services and OTT enablement
 26.New revenue opportunities in the digital economy
 27.Mobile financial and health are among the services with the most digital economy initiatives
 28.Indonesia’s mobile money market was the most competitive and fragmented
 29.Mobile healthcare-related apps have good penetration levels in the three Asia–Pacific countries
 30.Mobile health services have strong potential because nearly 60% of respondents pay for their own healthcare insurance services
 31.Methodology and panel information
 32.Methodology and panel information
 33.Methodology and panel information
 34.About the authors
 35.About the authors
 36.About Analysys Mason
 37.Research from Analysys Mason
 38.Consulting from Analysys Mason

List Of Figures

 Figure 1: Geographical coverage of our Connected Consumer Survey 2015
 Figure 2: Respondents by number of SIMs owned, and percentage of respondents who had a multiple-SIM handset, by country, Asia–  Pacific
 Figure 3: Usage of SMS and messaging or social communication apps, by country
 Figure 4: Percentage of respondents who have never changed operator, use more than one SIM and use a multiple-SIM handset, by  country
 Figure 5: Length of time respondents have been with their current mobile operator, by country or region
 Figure 6: Types of multiple-device tariff structureFigure
 7: Main attractions cited by respondents when choosing an operator
 Figure 8: Main reasons cited by respondents for churn
 Figure 9: Awareness and adoption of LTE, by country
 Figure 10: Factors that would increase mobile Internet usage, by country
 Figure 11: Respondents willingness to pay a premium for LTE
 Figure 12: Comparison of spending on handset and service
 Figure 13: Comparison of respondents average annual spending on devices and services, by country
 Figure 14: Respondents estimates of the number of years before they replace their handset, by country
 Figure 15: Handsets by service bundling status and by sales channel, by region
 Figure 16: Active users of OTT messaging services on smartphones, and penetration, by region, Asia–Pacific, 2010–2018
 Figure 17: Active users of OTT VoIP applications on smartphones, and penetration, by region, Asia–Pacific, 2010–2018
 Figure 18: Usage of SMS and messaging or social communication apps, by country
 Figure 19: Reasons cited by respondents for not using OTT messaging apps, by country
 Figure 20: Usage of OTT communication services, by country
 Figure 21: Operators’ approaches to over-the-top (OTT) services, with examples from Asia–Pacific
 Figure 22: Options for operators that want to enable OTT players
 Figure 23: Operators’ digital economy initiatives in Asia–Pacific
 Figure 24: Average readiness score and percentage of operators active in the digital economy, by vertical
 Figure 25: Mobile money providers, Indonesia
 Figure 26: Mobile money providers, Malaysia
 Figure 27: Mobile money providers, South Korea
 Figure 28: Respondents who use healthcare or fitness apps, by country
 Figure 29: Respondents who use various healthcare/fitness apps, by gender
 Figure 30: Respondents with medical insurance, and insurance payment bearers

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Published Date : Apr 2015
No. of Pages :39
Country :Asia-Pacific
Category :Telecommunications
Publisher :Analysys Mason Limited
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