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Key outcomes from WRC-15 : Four years to pave the way for the future of telecoms


Spectrum is vital for many industries. Spectrum allocations are decided at a WRC.
 At the most recent WRC, late in 2015, many hot topics were raised, including the allocation of new frequencies to International Mobile Tele-communications and to satellite services.
 Globally, WRC-15 led to some very important conclusions. In the end, it delivered disappointing results for the mobile industry and satisfactory results for broadcasters and the satellite industry.
 This report presents the major WRC-15 conclusions and outlines the hottest WRC-19 and WRC-23 key issues that will play a decisive role in the future of telecoms. 

 Executive Summary 7
 1.1 Key outcomes from WRC-15 8
 1.1.1 Item 11: 291 MHz of spectrum identified globally for IMT in 1427-1518 MHz and 36-38 GHz frequencies 8
 1.1.2 24 to 86 GHz frequencies to be studied before WRC-19 8
 1.1.3 Item 12: 96 MHz of spectrum in the 700 MHz band identified for IMT in Region 1 and countries in Region 3 8
 1.1.4 Item 13 spectrum requirements for broadband PPDR 8
 1.1.5 Other items: road safety, flight tracking, amateur radio 9
 1.2 Beyond WRC-15 9
 1.2.1 Key hottest issues at WRC-19 and WRC-23 9
 1.2.2 Which industry/Region is the winner in the competition for spectrum? 9
 2 Methodology & definitions 10
2.1 General methodology of IDATEs reports 10
 2.2 Definitions 11
 3 Background of WRC-15 12
3.1 Spectrum is vital 12
 3.2 Spectrum allocation is decided at a WRC 12
 3.3 Key items at WRC-15 13
 4 Key outcomes at WRC-15 14
4.1 New frequency bands for IMT 14
 4.1.1 Item 11: new frequency bands excluding the 700 MHz 15
 4.1.2 Item 12: the 700 MHz band, 96 MHz identified for IMT use in Region 1 and in few countries in Region 3 17
 4.2 Spectrum requirements for broadband PPDR (Item 13) 18
 4.3 New frequency allocations/studies for satellite 18
 4.4 Other items 19
 5 Beyond WRC-15 20
5.1 The hottest key issues for WRC-19 and WRC-23 20
 5.2 Which industry is the winner in the competition for spectrum? 21
 5.2.1 A major step for mobile broadband achieved at WRC-15 21
 5.2.2 Negotiations aborted on 5G bands below 6 GHz 22
 5.2.3 The mobile industry failed to get enough spectrum for IMT 22
 5.2.4 The mobile industry suffered setbacks viz-à-viz satellite players and broadcasters 23
 5.2.5 Heated debates lie ahead on mobile, satellite and broadcasting issues 24
 5.3 Which Region won? 24
 6 Annexes 25
6.1 Annex 1: Key WRC-12 lessons 25
 6.2 Annex 2: Inter-regional preparatory work for the WRC-15 25
 6.3 Annex 3: Full list of WRC-15 agenda items 26

List Of Tables

 Table 1: ITU radio spectrum frequency sub-bands 11
 Table 2: IEEE radio spectrum frequency sub-bands above 1 GHz 11
 Table 3: Post-WRC-15 status of the 700 MHz band worldwide 18
 Table 4: New Frequency bands identified for IMT at WRC-15 22
 Table 5: Frequency bands identified for IMT after WRC-15 in the ITU-R Radio Regulations, including bands identified before WRC-15 22
 Table 6: Spectrum requirements in the year 2020 by ITU-R, 23
 Table 7: Spectrum gaps by 2020 23
 Table 8: Full list of WRC-15 agenda items 26

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