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FPGA Market by Architecture (Sram, Fuse, Anti-Fuse), Configuration (High End, Mid-Range, Low End), Application (Telecommunication, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Industrial, Military & Aerospace, Medical, Computing & Data Centers), and Geography - Trends & Forecasts From 2014 2020


Internet availability is required for many mobile devices including smartphones, laptops, or tablets. We have seen a huge growth in the market of these devices and in coming years, the market of these devices is expected to experience a huge growth. Owing to the huge market size for smartphones, tablets, and laptops, the number of internet users has also increased across the world; however, the problem of handling big data persists which can be resolved with the help of FPGA devices. Currently, FPGAs are one of the most advanced devices to handle big computing and can be re-programmed according to the specifications of various applications. The report talks about the FPGA market size and provides a forecast between 2013 and 2020, including the historical years. The report predicts that the FPGA market is expected to cross $8.5 billion mark in 2020, with an estimated CAGR of 8.1%.
 Though communication applications of FPGA hold the highest share in the application market, the new applications are expected to penetrate the FPGA market; this is because more number of end-users are becoming aware of the advantages of using FPGA instead of ASICs, ASSPs, and SoCs. Moreover, currently FPGAs are produced in small batches for process nodes such as 16nm and 14nm; however, in a couple of years the production of these process node based FPGAs is expected to increase. The report analyses the eight different applications including communication, consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, military & aerospace, medical, computing, and data centers. Each of these applications has been sub-segmented into various other applications.
 The FPGA market has also been segmented, by configuration into high end, mid-range, and low end. The market for these configurations has been examined in this research study by considering the various applications and process nodes.
 Coming to geographical analysis of FPGA, the report covers the three main geographies including North America, Europe, and APAC. The rest of the world (ROW) section has also been considered wherein, regions such as South Africa and Middle East were analyzed. Each of these regions has also been segmented by countries, wherein the market size of each country with the respective forecast between 2014 and 2020 has been considered for this report.
 The report also provides premium insights pertaining to the market; detailing the different drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges that are expected to shape the future of the FPGA market; Porter’s Five Forces analysis has been conducted; detailing the competitive landscape and company profiles of the top FPGA players. Xilinx and Altera are the market leaders, with Lattice Semiconductor and MicroSemi Corporation also comprising a significant share. Furthermore, new start-ups such as Tabula and Achronix are also playing a major role in shaping the FPGA market. The competitive strategies of the respective companies along with, the related recent developments and market share have been analyzed in this study.

1 Introduction (Page No. - 18)
 1.1 Objectives of the Study
 1.2 Market Definition
 1.3 Markets Covered
 1.4 Stakeholders
 1.5 Years Considered
 1.6 Currency
 1.7 Limitations
 2 Research Methodology (Page No. - 22)
 2.1 Demand Analysis
 2.1.1 FPGA Share Increasing Rapidly in the Global Plds Market
 2.1.2 FPGA Technology is Expanding Into New Appliations
 2.1.3 Optical Transport Network (OTN) Application Driving the Growth of the FPGA Market
 2.1.4 Geographic Demand of FPGA Market
 2.2 Market Size Estimation
 2.3 Market Breakdown & Data Triangulation
 2.4 Market Share Estimation
 2.4.1 Key Data From Secondary Sources
 2.4.2 Key Data From Primary Sources Key Industry Insights
 2.4.3 Research Assumptions the Assumptions and Limitations of the Report Are Mentioned Below:
 2.4.4 Limitations
 3 Executive Summary (Page No. - 31)
 4 Premium Insgihts (Page No. - 34)
 4.1 Attractive Market Opportunities in FPGA Market
 4.2 Market – Major Application Market
 4.3 FPGA Market in APAC Region
 4.4 The U.S. Accounts for Over 32% Share of the FPGA Market
 4.5 Market, By Configuration
 4.6 Market Share – Developed Vs Developing Nations
 4.7 Market: Telecommunication Application Demand
 4.8 Market: Life Cycle Analysis, By Geography
 5 Market Overview (Page No. - 40)
 5.1 Introduction
 5.2 Evolution
 5.3 Market Segmentation
 5.3.1 Market By Design Architecture
 5.3.2 Market By Configuration
 5.3.3 Market By Application
 5.4 Market Dynamics
 5.4.1 Drivers Lower Nre Cost Per Design Dramatic Increase in Asic Design Cost Expansion in New Applications Need of Wireless Communication and OTN Fastest Time-To-Market Highly Differentiated Adaptable and Reusable
 5.4.2 Restraints Inability of FPGA to Substitute Asic Devices Huge Cost of Newly Introduced FPGAs Especially Based on 14nm, 16nm, 20nm, and 22nm Only Two New Start-Ups in Last 2 Decades
 5.4.3 Opportunities End Market Dynamics Create New Opportunities in New and Traditional Applications Penetration in Asic and Assp Market Share Miniaturization of Consumer Electronics Devices
 5.4.4 Challenges Lack of Standardized Verification Techniques Launch of New Technologies in 3d
 5.4.5 Burning Issues Reduction in the Cost of New FPGAs
 5.4.6 Winning Imperatives Strategy of Development of Low Cost FPGA Strategy of Expansion in Emerging Markets
 6 Industry Trends (Page No. - 51)
 6.1 Introduction
 6.2 Value Chain Analysis
 6.3 Supply Chain Analysis
 6.3.1 Key Influencers
 6.4 Industry Trends
 6.5 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
 6.5.1 Bargaining Power of Suppliers
 6.5.2 Bargaining Power of Buyers
 6.5.3 Threat of Substitutes
 6.5.4 Threat of New Entrants
 6.5.5 Degree of Competition
 6.6 Strategic Benchmarking
 6.6.1 Technology Integration & Product Enhancement
 7 FPGA By Design Architecture (Page No. - 61)
 7.1 Introduction
 7.2 Sram Based FPGA
 7.3 Anti-Fuse Based FPGA
 7.4 Flash Based FPGA
 8 Market, By Configuration (Page No. - 66)
 8.1 Introduction
 8.2 FPGA Applications, By Configuration
 8.3 High-End FPGA
 8.4 Mid Range FPGA
 8.5 Low-End FPGA
 8.6 FPGA Process Node Based Configurations
 9 FPGA Market, By Application (Page No. - 73)
 9.1 Introduction
 9.2 Telecommunication
 9.2.1 Wired Communication Optical Transport Network (OTN) Backhaul and Access Network Network Processing Wired Connectivity Packet Base Processing and Switching
 9.2.2 Wireless Communication Base-Band Wireless Backhaul Network Radio Others
 9.3 Consumer Electronics
 9.3.1 Mobile Devices Smartphones Tablets
 9.3.2 Entertainment Devices Market Portable Audio Video Players Gaming Consoles Digital TV/ Picture Frame Display Digital Cameras and Media Players
 9.3.3 Other Consumer Devices Printers Home Automation and Networking Set-Top Box Video Projectors Others
 9.4 Automotive
 9.4.1 Advance Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
 9.4.2 Automotive Infotainment & Driver Information System
 9.4.3 E-Vehicles and Power Trains
 9.4.4 Others
 9.5 Industrial
 9.5.1 Industrial Imaging Video Surveillance Machine Vision
 9.5.2 Industrial Networking
 9.5.3 Industrial Motor Control
 9.6 Military & Aerospace
 9.6.1 Avionics
 9.6.2 Missiles & Munitions
 9.6.3 Radars & Sensors
 9.6.4 Others
 9.7 Medical
 9.7.1 Imaging Ultrasound Ct Scanner MRI X-Ray
 9.7.2 Non-Imaging Surgical Systems Patient Monitoring Others
 9.8 Data Center & Computing
 9.8.1 Data Centers Data Servers Data Storage
 9.8.2 Computing Network Appliances Switching & Routing Others
 9.9 Others
 10 FPGA Geographic Analysis (Page No. - 120)
 10.1 Introduction
 10.2 North America
 10.2.1 U.S.
 10.2.2 Canada
 10.2.3 Mexico
 10.3 Europe
 10.3.1 Germany
 10.3.2 U.K.
 10.3.3 France
 10.3.4 Italy
 10.3.5 Spain
 10.3.6 Rest of Europe
 10.4 China
 10.5 Japan
 10.6 Others
 10.6.1 India: A Potential FPGA Market
 10.7 Rest of the World (ROW)
 10.7.1 Middle East
 10.7.2 South Africa
 10.7.3 Others
 11 Competitive Landscape (Page No. - 136)
 11.1 Overview
 11.2 Market Share Analysis FPGA Market
 11.3 FPGA Market Enters Into New Arena With Heated Competition Between Start-Ups and Duopoly
 11.4 Competitive Scenario
 11.4.1 New Product Launches
 11.4.2 Agreements, Partnerships, Collaborations,& Joint Ventures
 11.4.3 Mergers and Acquisitions
 11.4.4 Expansions
 12 Company Profiles (Page No. - 145)
 (Overview, Products and Services, Financials, Strategy & Development)*
 12.1 Introduction
 12.2 Achronix Semiconductor Corp.
 12.3 Altera Corporation
 12.4 Atmel Corporation
 12.5 E2V Technologies
 12.6 Lattice Semiconductor Corporation
 12.7 Microsemi Corporation
 12.8 Tabula Inc
 12.9 Xilinx Inc.
 *Details on Overview, Products and Services, Financials, Strategy & Development Might Not Be Captured in Case of Unlisted Companies.
 13 Appendix (Page No. - 173)
 13.1 Insights of Industry Experts
 13.2 Discussion Guide
 13.3 Introducing RT: Real Time Market Intelligence
 13.4 Available Customizations
 13.5 Related Reports

List Of Tables

Table 1 Low NRE Cost Per Design is Propelling the Growth of the FPGA Market
 Table 2 Inability of FPGA to Substitute ASIC Devices is Restraining the Market Growth
 Table 3 End Market Dynamics is Creating New Opportunities for Players in FPGA Market
 Table 4 Challenges in FPGA Market
 Table 5 Development of Low Cost FPGA Proves to Be as Winning Imperatives for FPGA Mareket
 Table 6 FPGA Market Size, By Configuration, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 7 FPGA Market , By Configuration, 2013-2020 (Million Units)
 Table 8 Market Size, By High End Configuration, 2013-2020
 Table 9 FPGA Market Size, By Mid-Range Configuration, 2013-2020
 Table 10 FPGA Market Size, By Low End Configuration, 2013-2020
 Table 11 Market Size By Application, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 12 Telecommunication: FPGA Market Size By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million) 75
 Table 13 FPGA Market Size, By Telecommunication Application, 2013-2020 ($Million) 76
 Table 14 Wired Telecommunication Market Size, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million) 77
 Table 15 FPGA Market Size, By Wired Telecommunication Application, 2013-2020 ($Million) 78
 Table 16 FPGA Market Size, By Wireless Telecommunication Application, 2013-2020 ($Million) 81
 Table 17 Wireless Telecommunication Market Size, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million) 81
 Table 18 FPGA Market Size, By Consumer Electroncis Application, 2013-2020 ($Million) 84
 Table 19 Consumer Electronics Market, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 20 Mobile Devices Market Size, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 21 FPGA Market Size, By Entertainment Devices Application, 2013-2020 ($Million) 87
 Table 22 Entertainment Devices Market Size, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 23 FPGA Market Size, By Other Consumer Devices Application, 2013-2020 ($Million) 89
 Table 24 Other Consumer Devices Market Size, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million) 89
 Table 25 FPGA Market Size, By Automotive Application, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 26 Automotive Market Size, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 27 ADAS Market Size, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 28 Automotive Infotainment and Driver Information System Market Size, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million) 94
 Table 29 E-Vehicles and Power Train Market Size, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million) 94
 Table 30 Others Market Size, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 31 FPGA Market Size, By Industrial Application, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 32 Indusrial Market Size, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 33 FPGA Market Size, By Industrial Imaging Application, 2013-2020 ($Million) 97
 Table 34 Industrial Imaging Market Size, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 35 Video Surviellance Market Size, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 36 Machine Vision Market Size, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 37 Industrial Networking Market Size, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 38 FPGA Market Size, By Industrial Motor Control Application, 2013-2020 ($Million) 101
 Table 39 FPGA Market Size, By Military and Aerospace Application, 2013-2020 ($Million) 102
 Table 40 Military and Aerospace Market Size, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 41 Avionics Market Size, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 42 Missiles & Ammunitions Market Size, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million) 104
 Table 43 Radars & Sensors Market Size, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 44 Others Market Size: By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 45 FPGA Market Size, By Medical Application, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 46 Medical Market Size, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 47 Market Size, By Imaging Application, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 48 FPGA Market Size for Imaging Application, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million) 110
 Table 49 FPGA Market Size By Non-Imaging Application, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 50 Surgical System Market Size, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 51 FPGA Market Size, By Patient Monitoring System Application, 2013-2020 ($Million) 112
 Table 52 Other Market Size , By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 53 FPGA Market Size, By Data Center & Computing Application, 2013-2020 ($Million) 113
 Table 54 Data Center & Computing Market Size, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million) 114
 Table 55 FPGA Market Size for Data Center Application, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million) 114
 Table 56 Data Server Market Size, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 57 Data Storage Market Size, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 58 Market Size for Computing Application, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 59 Network Appliances Market Size, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 60 Switching & Routing Market Size, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 61 Other Products of Computing Market Size, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million) 118
 Table 62 Others Market Size, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 63 FPGA Market Size, By Geography, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 64 North America: FPGA Market Size, By Country, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 65 Europe: FPGA Market Size, By Country 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 66 APAC: Market Size, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 67 ROW: FPGA Market Size, By Country 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Table 68 New Product Launches, 2010–2014
 Table 69 Agreements, Partnerships, Collaborations, & Joint Ventures, 2010-2014 143
 Table 70 Mergers and Aquisitions, 2010-2014
 Table 71 Expansions, 2010-2014

List Of Figures

Figure 1 FPGA Market, By Application
 Figure 2 FPGA Market : Research Design
 Figure 3 Penetration of FPGA in the PLD Market (%), 2000-2012
 Figure 4 FPGA Entering Into New Application Segments
 Figure 5 OTN Application: A Huge Growth Potential for FPGA Market
 Figure 6 Very High Demand From APAC for FPGA Devices
 Figure 7 Market Size Estimation Methodlogy: Top-Down Approach
 Figure 8 Market Size Estimation Methodology: Bottom-Up Approach
 Figure 9 Breakdown of Primary Interviews By Company Type, Designation, & Region
 Figure 10 FPGA Market Snapshot (2013 Vs. 2020): Market for High End FPGA is Expected to Grow Faster
 Figure 11 Global Market, By Application, 2013
 Figure 12 Global FPGA Market Share Analysis, By Geography
 Figure 13 FPGA Market is Expected to Grow at A CAGR of 8.1% Between 2014 and 2020 34
 Figure 14 Data Center Application is Expected to Show the Highest Growth
 Figure 15 Telecommunication Application Captured the Maximum Share of the FPGA Market in APAC
 Figure 16 the U.S. Constitutes Over One-Fourth of the FPGA Market
 Figure 17 High End Configuration is Expected to Account for the Highest Share of the FPGA Market
 Figure 18 The U.S. and China Are Expected to Grow at the Highest Pace
 Figure 19 Telecommunication Application Has A Promising Demand in Major Nations
 Figure 20 All the Regions Are Still in the Growth Phase
 Figure 21 Nanometer Technology Process to Play A Crucial Role in the FPGA Market
 Figure 22 Market Segmentation: By Design Architecture
 Figure 23 Market Segmentation: By Configuration
 Figure 24 Market Segmentation: By Application
 Figure 25 Penetration in New Applications Expected to Spur the Demand for FPGA
 Figure 26 Value Chain Analysis (2013)
 Figure 27 Supply Chain: FPGA Market
 Figure 28 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis (2013)
 Figure 29 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis for the Market
 Figure 30 Bargaining Power of Suppliers in the FPGA Market
 Figure 31 Bargaining Power of Buyers in the FPGA Market
 Figure 32 Threats of Substitutes in the Market
 Figure 33 Threat of New Entrants in the FPGA Market
 Figure 34 Degree of Competition in the FPGA Market
 Figure 35 Sram Based FPGA Expected to Leads the Market
 Figure 36 Comparison Between Sram FPGA and Anti-Fuse FPGA
 Figure 37 IP Security at All Levels in Anti-Fuse FPGA
 Figure 38 Benefits of Flash Based FPGA
 Figure 39 The FPGA Market Share By Process Nodes, 2002-2014 (%)
 Figure 40 Change in the FPGA Market Share, By Configuration (%)
 Figure 41 FPGA Configuration Market Share, By Application, 2013 (%)
 Figure 42 High End Configuration Has the Highest Share in the FPGA Market
 Figure 43 Telecommunication Segment Fuels the Growth of the FPGA Market
 Figure 44 Wireless Telecommunication Would Play A Major Role in the FPGA Market
 Figure 45 Optical Transport Network Held the Largest Share in the FPGA Wired Telecom Market
 Figure 46 Demand for FPGA Market From Wireless Telecom Segment is Being Driven By Radio
 Figure 47 FPGA Radio Market Size, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Figure 48 The Home Automation Segment is Expected to Grow Faster as Compared to Other Consumer Electronics in the FPGA Market
 Figure 49 Smartphones Dominate the FPGA Mobile Devices Market
 Figure 50 Global Smartphone Shipments, in Million Units (2009-2014)
 Figure 51 FPGA Entertainment Devices Market, By Segment, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Figure 52 Automotive Infotainment and Driver Information System Expected to Hold the Largest Share in the Automotive FPGA Market
 Figure 53 FPGA Automotive Infotainment and Driver Information System Market Size, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Figure 54 The Industrial Networking Segment is Expected to Grow at the Highest CAGR Among the Other Industrial Segments
 Figure 55 Machine Vision System Segment Dominates the Industrial Imaging FPGA Market
 Figure 56 FPGA Military and Aerospace Market, By Segment, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Figure 57 FPGA Medical Application Market, By Segment, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Figure 58 FPGA X Ray Market is Expected to Grow Faster Compared to Other Imaging Applications, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Figure 59 Data Servers Hold the Latest Share in the FPGA Data Center & Computing Market, 2013-2020 ($Million)
 Figure 60 China and the U.S. Are Expected to Grow at the Highest CAGR, 2014-2020 (%) 121
 Figure 61 China- an Attractive Destination for the FPGA Applications Market
 Figure 62 North America’s FPGA Market Snapshot: the U.S. is the Fastest Growing Nation
 Figure 63 Germany is the Major Market for the Top Three Applications in the European FPGA Market (2013)
 Figure 64 Germany Held the Highest Share of the FPGA Market, in the European Region (2013)
 Figure 65 Countries in APAC Having Highest Internet Users
 Figure 66 Asia-Pacific FPGA Market Snapshot: Japan is the Market Leader
 Figure 67 Top Fifteen Motor Vehicle Producing Countries in 2013.
 Figure 68 FPGA Market Snapshot: Rest of the World
 Figure 69 Companies Adopted Product Innovation and Partnerships as the Key Growth Strategies Between 2011 and 2014
 Figure 70 Microsemi Corporation Grew at A Faster Rate Between 2007 and 2013
 Figure 71 FPGA Market Share, By Key Player, 2013
 Figure 72 Market Evaluation Framework
 Figure 73 Battle for Market Share: New Product Launches and Partnerships Were the Key Strategies Adopted By Companies Between 2011 and 2014
 Figure 74 Geographic Revenue Mix of Top 4 Market Players
 Figure 75 Competitive Benchmarking of Key Market Players (2007-2013): Microsemi Corporaion is the Fastest Growing Company
 Figure 76 Altera Corporation: Business Overview
 Figure 77 Altera Corporation: SWOT Analysis
 Figure 78 Atmel Corporation : Business Overview
 Figure 79 E2V Technologies. : Business Overview
 Figure 80 Lattice Semiconductor Corporation: Business Overview
 Figure 81 Lattice Semiconductor Corporation : SWOT Analysis
 Figure 82 Microsemi Corporation: Business Overview
 Figure 83 Microsemi Corporation: SWOT Analysis
 Figure 84 Xilinx Inc.: Business Overview
 Figure 85 Xilinx Inc. : SWOT Analysis

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