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Morocco oil and gas Strategic Analysis and Outlook (2017- 2025) - Opportunities, Insights, Drivers, Investment and Outlook of Upstream, LNG, Pipeline, Storage and Refining

Morocco is redesigning its investment and growth strategies with signs of recovery in global markets in 2017. New trends continue to emerge across value chain affecting supply, demand and investment scenarios in the country. Both traditional players and new entrants are revaluating their planned projects with revised estimates.

Critical Factors Affecting Strategies
As Morocco and global markets move towards rebalancing, the report from OGANALYSIS provides detailed insights into critical short and long term factors set to shape the future of Morocco oil and gas markets. The report works as a compulsory guide to companies planning to expand and invest in Morocco oil and gas markets in near to medium term future.

Evaluation of Opportunities and Challenges in Short and Long Term
Opportunities and challenges of developing new projects, changing supply- demand scenarios, growth in emerging markets, policy support, new supplies and demand segments, investment benchmarking are discussed in the research.

Role of Morocco in Global and Regional Market Front in Current Market Conditions
The role of Morocco across different value chain segments in current market conditions, benchmark with peer markets, impact of global dynamics, price impact and market value are evaluated in the report.

Investment and Business Expansion Opportunities in Morocco Oil and Gas
Detailed information on planned projects along with their current status, feasibility of commencement, capex required, period of development are detailed.
Asset wise details include- Exploration blocks (on offer and awarded), licensing rounds, major fields set to come online, planned refineries, upgrading, planned storage terminals, planned pipelines, LNG terminals and expansion projects

Outlook Statements and Detailed Supply- Demand Forecasts
Morocco oil and gas industry is expected to witness significant changes in supply and demand growth from earlier estimates in sync with new projects and price fluctuations predominantly. In context of this, our senior industry experts provide detailed insights into the outlook of oil, gas and products.

Detailed annual forecasts from 2005 to 2025 are available for-
Production of crude oil, natural gas, gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, LPG and LNG
Demand for crude oil, natural gas, gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, LPG and LNG

Competitive Landscape
For each of the oil and gas segments, leading companies along with their market shares and net weighted production/capacity information is provided. Further, company wise equity weighted capacity is also forecast to 2022 for these segments.
New entrants, key strategies of companies and role of NOCs and IOCs is also detailed. Further, business profiles of three leading oil and gas companies in Morocco are also analyzed. Business operations, SWOT Analysis and financial performance of the companies are provided.

Upstream market analysis
Field wise production details- both for oil and gas: 2008-2015
Exploration blocks and field details
Rigs deployed in 2016
Company wise production and market shares, 2015

LNG Market Analysis
Detailed overview
LNG capacity outlook to 2022
New and operational plant infrastructure details
LNG supply/ Demand, capital expenditure outlook
Asset wise and Company wise capacity outlook

Refining Market Analysis
Asset wise CDU, coking, FCC and HCC capacities outlook
Company wise capacities outlook
Operational and planned refinery Asset details

Storage and Transportation Market Analysis
Operational and planned Storage infrastructure details
Asset wise capacity outlook
Company wise capacity outlook
Crude oil, petroleum products and natural gas pipeline infrastructure details

Latest News Landscape
Updates on all recent industry developments and their impact on investors and companies operating in Morocco oil and gas industry

Some of the contents might be not available in the report based on country operations.
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1 Table of Contents
1.1 List of Tables
1.2 List of Figures

2. Morocco Oil and Gas Strategic Analysis
2.1 Key Findings, 2017
2.2 Recent Industry Trends Shaping the Future of Morocco
2.3 Domestic Factors Set to Drive Morocco Oil and Gas Markets to 2025
2.4 Global Drivers and Challenges Confronting Morocco Oil Companies
2.5 Role of Morocco in Global Front in Current Dynamic Market Conditions
2.6 Analysis across Morocco Oil and Gas Value Chain
2.7 Morocco Oil and Gas SWOT Analysis
2.8 Benchmarking with Peer Markets, 2017

3 Morocco Oil and Products Supply and Demand Outlook to 2025
3.1 Morocco Crude Oil Production Forecast, 2007- 2025
3.2 Morocco Crude Oil Demand Forecast, 2007- 2015

3.3 Morocco Gasoline Production Forecast, 2007- 2025
3.4 Morocco Gasoline Demand Forecast, 2007- 2025

3.5 Morocco Diesel Production Forecast, 2007- 2025
3.6 Morocco Diesel Demand Forecast, 2007- 2025

3.7 Morocco LPG Production Forecast, 2007- 2025
3.8 Morocco LPG Demand Forecast, 2007- 2025

3.9 Morocco Fuel Oil Production Forecast, 2007- 2025
3.10. Morocco Fuel Oil Demand Forecast, 2007- 2025

4 Morocco Gas and LNG Supply and Demand Outlook to 2025
4.1 Morocco Natural Gas Production Forecast, 2007- 2025
4.2 Morocco Natural Gas Demand Forecast, 2007- 2025
4.3 Morocco LNG Production/ Demand Forecast, 2007- 2025

5 Potential investment opportunities in Morocco oil and gas sector, 2017-2022
5.1 New developments and future projects in upstream sector
5.2 New developments and future projects in midstream sector
5.3 New developments and future projects in downstream sector

6 Morocco oil and gas competitive landscape, 2016
6.1 Morocco oil production sector market shares by company, 2015
6.2 Morocco gas production sector market shares by company, 2015
6.3 Morocco LNG sector market shares by company, 2016
6.4 Morocco oil, petroleum products and chemicals storage sector market shares by company, 2016
6.5 Morocco pipeline sector market shares by company, 2016
6.6 Morocco refinery sector market shares by company, 2016

7 Morocco Oil and Gas Upstream Market Analysis
7.1 Morocco Exploration and Production Sector- Proven Oil Reserves, 2000-2016
7.2 Morocco Field wise Crude Oil Production, 2008-2015
7.3 Morocco Company wise Crude Oil Production, 2015

7.4 Morocco Exploration and Production Sector- Proven Gas Reserves, 2000- 2016
7.5 Morocco Field wise Natural Gas Production, 2008- 2015
7.6 Morocco Company wise Natural Gas Production, 2015

7.7 Morocco Exploration Block Details
7.8 Morocco Drilling Rigs Information
7.9 Morocco Upstream Industry- Market Monitor

8 Morocco LNG Market Analysis
8.1 Morocco LNG industry snapshot, 2016
8.2 Morocco LNG supply/demand outlook, 2005 2022
8.3 Morocco LNG infrastructure analysis
8.3.1 Operational LNG terminals- location, start up, capacity, storage, operator, technology and ownership
8.3.2 Under construction LNG terminals location, status, start-up, capex, companies and technology
8.3.3 Planned LNG terminals - location, status, start-up, capex, companies and technology
8.3.4 Proposed/Announced LNG terminals- location, status, start-up, capex, companies and technology
8.4 Morocco terminal wise LNG capacity outlook, 2000-2022
8.5 Morocco LNG sale purchase agreements (SPA) contract details
8.6 Morocco contracted LNG capacity outlook, 2000-2022
8.7 Morocco company wise LNG capacity outlook 2000-2022
8.8 Morocco LNG Industry- Market Monitor

9 Morocco Refinery Market Analysis
9.1 Morocco refinery market snapshot, 2016
9.2 Morocco operational refinery details- start-up, capacities, location, operators and owners
9.3 Morocco planned refinery details- status, capex, start-up, capacities and companies
9.4 Morocco Primary refining capacity outlook, 2005-2022
9.5 Morocco secondary refining capacity outlook, 2005-2022
9.6 Refinery wise CDU (refining) capacity outlook, 2005-2022
9.7 Refinery wise coking capacity outlook, 2005-2022
9.8 Refinery wise fluid catalytic cracking (FCC)capacity outlook, 2005-2022
9.9 Refinery wise Hydro Cracking (HCC) capacity outlook, 2005-2022
9.10 Morocco Petroleum products production, 2016
9.11 Morocco Petroleum products consumption, 2016
9.12 Morocco Refining capacity outlook by company, 2005-2022
9.13 Morocco Refining Industry- Market Monitor

10 Morocco Oil and Gas Storage Market Analysis
10.1 Morocco Operational Storage Terminal Details- start-up, capacity, tanks, operator and owners
10.2 Morocco Planned Storage Terminal Details- start-up, capacity, tanks, operator and owners
10.3 Morocco Oil Storage Capacity by Terminal, 2016
10.4 Oil Storage Capacity by Company, 2016
10.5 Morocco Storage Industry- Market Monitor

11 Morocco Pipeline Market Analysis
11.1 Morocco Crude Oil Pipeline Details- Route, Operator, Owners, Length, Diameter, Capacity- 2016
11.2 Morocco Petroleum Product Pipeline Details- Route, Operator, Owners, Length, Diameter, Capacity- 2016
11.3 Morocco Gas Pipeline Details- Route, Operator, Owners, Length, Diameter, Capacity- 2016
11.4 Morocco Planned Pipeline Details- 2016-2022
11.5 Morocco Pipeline Market- Share in Total Network- 2016
11.6 Morocco Pipeline Industry- Market Monitor

13 Competitor Operations and Business Profiles
13.1 Company A
13.1.1 Snapshot
13.1.2 Business Description
13.1.3 SWOT Analysis
13.1.4 Financial Analysis
13.2 Company B
13.2.1 Snapshot
13.2.2 Business Description
13.2.3 SWOT Analysis
13.2.4 Financial Analysis
13.3 Company C
13.3.1 Snapshot
13.3.2 Business Description
13.3.3 SWOT Analysis
13.3.4 Financial Analysis

14 Appendix
14.1 About OG ANALYSIS
14.2 Sources and Research Methodology
14.3 Abbreviations and Conversions
14.4 Contact Information
14.5 Disclaimer

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