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2018 UK Hospital Tumor Marker Testing Market: Supplier Shares, Competitive Landscape, Innovative Technologies, Instrumentation Review


This new report contains 527 pages, 37 tables, and presents a comprehensive analysis of the UK hospital tumor marker testing market, including: 

  • Major issues pertaining to the UK hospital laboratory practice, as well as key economic, regulatory, demographic, social and technological trends with significant market impact during the next five years. 
  • Mortality statistics and scientific views on the etiology of major types of cancer, e.g., lung, colorectal, breast, prostatic, pancreatic, leukemia, lymphoma, gastrointestinal, bladder, liver, ovarian, testicular, oral, skin and others. 
  • Test volume and sales forecasts for 40 tumor markers performed in UK hospitals. 
  • Current instrumentation technologies and feature comparison of leading analyzers. 
  • Sales and market shares of leading suppliers. 
  • Emerging diagnostic technologies and their potential market applications. 
  • Product development opportunities. 
  • Profiles of current and emerging suppliers, including their sales, market shares, product portfolios, marketing tactics, technological know-how, new products in R&D, collaborative arrangements and business strategies. 
  • Business opportunities and strategic recommendations for suppliers.
     Contains 527 pages and 37 tables
Worldwide Market and Technology Overview
A. Cancer Statistics and Etiology
1. Breast Cancer
2. Lung Cancer
3. Colon and Rectum Cancer
4. Prostate Cancer
5. Stomach Cancer
6. Leukemia
7. Lymphoma
8. Oral Cancer
9. Skin Cancer
10. Uterine Cancer
11. Ovarian Cancer
12. Bladder Cancer
B. Major Current And Emerging Cancer Diagnostic Tests
1. Introduction
2. Tumor Marker Classification
4. Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP)
5. Beta-2 Microglobulin
6. CA 15-3/27.29
7. CA 19-9
8. CA-125
9. Calcitonin
10. Carcinoembrionic Antigen (CEA)
11. Estrogen and Progesterone Receptors
12. Ferritin
13. Gastrin
14. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)
15. Insulin

16. NSE
17. Occult Blood
18. PAP Smear/HPV
19. Prostatic Acid Phosphatase (PAP)
20. Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA)
21. Squamous Cell Carcinoma Antigen (SCC)
22. T and B Lymphocytes
23. TdT
24. Thyroglobulin
25. Tissue Polypeptide Antigen (TPA)
26. Biochemical Tumor Markers
- B-Protein
- 5-Nucleotidase
27. Oncogenes
- Abl/abl-bcr
- AIB1
- BCL-2
- CD44
- C-fos
- C-myb
- C-myc
- CYP-17
- Erb-B
- HPC1
- N-myc
- P40
- P51
- P53
- PTI-1
- Ras
- Reg
- Sis
- Src

28. Polypeptide Growth Factors
- Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor
- Beta-TGF
- Cachectin (TNT)
- Calmodulin
- Nerve Growth Factor (NGF)
- Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)
- Ornithine Decarboxylase
- Transferrin
- Transforming Growth Factor-Alpha
29. Ectopic Hormones
30. Colony Stimulating Factors
31. Lymphokines
- Alpha-Interferon
- B Cell Growth Factors
- B Cell Growth Factor (BCGF)
- Gamma-Interferon
- Interleukin-1 (IL-1)
- Macrophage Activating Factor
32. Immunohistochemical Stains
33. Emerging Tumor Markers
- N-Acetylglucosamine
- Actin
- Alpha-Actin
- Antineuronal Antibodies
- 7B2
- B72.3
- Bax
- BCD-F9
- BLCA-4
- Blood Group Antigens A,B,H
- CA 50
- CA 72-4/TAG-72
- CA 195
- CA-242
- CA-549
- CAM 26
- CAR-3

- Cathepsin-D
- Chromogranin A and B
- Cluster 1 Antigen
- Cluster-5/5A Antigen
- CU18
- DR-70
- DU-PAN-2
- Endometrial Bleeding Associated Factor
- Endostatin
- Epithelial Membrane Antigen
- Feulgen Hydrolysis
- Fibronectin
- (1->3)-L-fucosyltransferase
- Gastrin-Releasing Peptide (GRP)
- GDCFP-15
- Glucagon
- Glycoamines
- H23
- Her-2
- Human Carcinoma Antigen
- HSP27
- Intermediate Filaments
- Cytokeratins/CK18/Cyfra 21-1
- Desmin
- Gliofibrillary Acid Protein
- Neurofilaments
- Vimentin
- KA 93
- Kinases
- KP16D3
- Leukocyte Common Antigen
- Lewis Antigens
- Lysophosphatidic Acid (LPA)
- Ma 695/Ma 552
- ME1

- Minactivin
- MN/CA9
- Mucin Cancer Antigen (MCA)
- Multiple Tumor Suppressor 1
- Myosin
- NEA-130
- NMP22
- OA-519
- Opiod Peptides
- P-glycoprotein
- Pancreatic Oncofetal Antigen (POA)
- Placental Lactogen
- PR92
- Proliferative Index, Ki-67
- Px
- RB Inactivation/Deletion
- Ret
- SCCL 175
- Selectin
- Sialic Acid
- Sialyl SSEA-1/SLX
- SN10
- Somatostatin
- TA-90
- Tachykinin
- TAG 12
- Troponin
- Tubulin
- Villen
C. Instrumentation Review And
Market Needs
1. Abbott AxSYM
2. Abbott Architect c4000
3. Abbott Architect i2000 Series
4. Abbott Architect ci8200 System

5. Beckman Coulter UniCel Series
6. Beckman Coulter Access
7. Binding Site ESP600
8. bioMerieux Mini Vidas
9. Carolina Chemistries BioLis 24i
10. DiaSorin Liaison
11. Horiba ABX Pentra 400
12. Inverness DS2
13. J&J Vitros ECi/ECiQ
14. J&J Vitros 3600
15. J&J Vitros 5600
16. Olympus AU5400
17. Olympus AU3000i
18. Olympus AU2700
19. Roche Modular Analytics
20. Roche Cobas Integra 400
21. Roche Cobas Integra 400 Plus
22. Roche Elecsys
23. Roche Cobas c311
24. Siemens ADVIA Centaur
25. Siemens Dimension
26. Siemens Dimension RxL Max
27. Siemens Dimension Vista 500
28. Siemens Immulite
29. Siemens Stratus
30. Tosoh AIA-Series
31. Vital Diagnostics ATAC 8000
32. Vital Diagnostics Envoy 500
D. Current and Emerging Technologies
1. Monoclonal and Polyclonal Antibodies
2. Immunoassays
a. Technological Principle
b. Radioimmunoassay (RIA)
c. Enzyme Immunoassays (EIA)
- Overview
- Immunofiltration
- Particle-Membrane Capture Immunoassay
- Enzyme Amplification

d. Fluorescent Immunoassays
e. Luminescence
- Chemiluminescence
- Bioluminescence
f. Latex Agglutination
g. Immunoprecipitation
H. Affinity Chromatographu
e. Liposome Flow-Injection Immunoassay
3. Molecular Diagnostics
a. Technology Overview
b. Amplification Methods
- Immuno-PCR
- 3 SR, and others
4. Chromosome Analysis
a. Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML)
b. Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)
c. Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)
d. Malignant Lymphomas
Lymphoid Malignancies
e. Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)
f. Solid Cancers
g. Chromosomal Translocation and Oncogenes
5. Artificial Intelligence
6. Flow Cytometry
7. Two Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis (2-DGE)
8. Biosensors
9. Competing/Complementing Technologies
a. CT
b. MRI

c. NMR
d. PET
e. Photonics Spectroscopy
E. Personal Testing
A. Executive Summary
B. Business Environment
C. Market Structure
D. Market Size, Growth and Major Suppliers
Major Product Development Opportunities
A. Reagent Kits and Test Systems/Panels
B. Instrumentation
C. Computers, Software and Automation
D. Auxiliary Products
Design Criteria for Decentralized Testing Products
Alternative Market Penetration Strategies
A. Internal Development
B. Collaborative Arrangements
C. University Contracts
D. Distribution Strategies
1. Marketing Approaches
2. Product Complexity
3. Customer Preference
4. Established Suppliers
5. Emerging Suppliers
6. Major Types of Distributors
7. Market Segmentation Factor
Potential Market Entry Barriers and Risks
A. Market Maturity
B. Cost Containment
C. Competition

D. Technological Edge and Limitations
E. Patent Protection
F. Regulatory Constraints
G. Decentralized Testing Market Challenges
Competitive Profiles
- Abbott
- AdnaGen/Alere
- Agilent Technologies
- Applied Gene Technologies
- Arca Biopharma
- Beckman Coulter/Danaher
- Becton Dickinson
- Biomedical Diagnostics
- bioMerieux
- Bio-Rad
- CellSearch
- Cepheid
- Correlogic Systems/Vermillion
- Decode Genetics
- Diadexus
- Diagnocure
- Diasorin
- Eiken Chemical
- Elitech Group
- Enterix
- Enzo Biochem
- Epigenomics
- Exact Sciences
- Fujirebio
- Guided Therapeutics
- Hologic/Gen-Probe
- Kreatech/Leica
- Kyowa Medex
- Mackay Life Sciences
- Myriad Genetics

- OncoLab
- Otho-Clinical Diagnostics
- Panacea Pharmaceuticals
- Polartechnics
- Polymedco
- PreMD
- Qiagen
- Quest Diagnostics
- Radient Pharmaceuticals
- Roche
- Scienion
- Sequenom
- Siemens Healthcare
- Takara Bio
- Targeted Diagnostics & Therapeutics
- Thermo Fisher
- Tosoh
- Veridex
- Wako Pure Chemicals
- Wallac/PE
- Zila

List Of Tables

List of Tables

Tumor Marker Classification
Major Companies Developing or Marketing
ACTH Tests
Major Companies Developing or Marketing
AFP Tests
Major Companies Developing or Marketing
Beta-2 Microglobulin Tests
Major Companies Developing or Marketing
CA 15-3/27.29 Tests
Major Companies Developing or Marketing
CA 19-9 Tests
Major Companies Developing or Marketing
CA 125 Tests
Major Companies Developing or Marketing
Calcitonin Tests
Major Companies Developing or Marketing
CEA Tests
Major Companies Developing or Marketing
Estrogen Receptor Tests
Major Companies Developing or Marketing
Progesterone Receptor Tests
Major Companies Developing or Marketing
Ferritin Tests
Major Companies Developing or Marketing
Gastrin Tests

Major Companies Developing or Marketing
HCG Tests

Major Companies Developing or Marketing
Insulin Tests

Major Companies Developing or Marketing
NSE Tests
Major Companies Developing or Marketing
Occult Blood Tests
Major Companies Developing or Marketing
PAP Smear/HPV Tests
Major Companies Developing or Marketing
PAP Tests
Major Companies Developing or Marketing
PSA Tests
Major Companies Developing or Marketing
Lymphocyte Subclassification Tests
Biochemical Markers Potential Applications
In Cancer Diagnosis
Oncogenes Potential Applications
In Cancer Diagnosis
Major Companies Developing or Marketing
Oncogene Tests
Growth Factors Potential Applications
In Cancer Diagnosis
Colony Stimulating Factors Potential
Applications in Cancer Diagnosis
Lymphokines Potential Applications
In Cancer Diagnosis

Immunohistochemical Stains Potential
Applications in Cancer Diagnosis
Executive Summary Table: U.K., Hospital
Cancer Diagnostic Test Volume and Sales
Forecast by Market Segment
U.K., Estimated Cancer Death Rates
Per 100,000 Population
U.K., Hospital Laboratories Performing
Cancer Diagnostic Tests
U.K., Hospital Laboratories Performing
Cancer Diagnostic Tests by Bed Size
U.K., Hospital Laboratories Major
Cancer Diagnostic Test Volume Forecast
by Test
U.K., Hospital Laboratories Cancer Diagnostics
Sales Forecast by Test
U.K., Total Cancer Diagnostics Sales
By Major Supplier
U.K., CEA Testing Market Diagnostics
Sales by Major Supplier
U.K., PSA Testing Market Diagnostics
Sales by Major Supplier

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