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2016 France Hospital Hematology and Flow Cytometry Markets


This new report from VPGMarketResearch contains 231 pages, 13 tables, and presents a comprehensive analysis of the French hospital hematology and flow cytometry markets, including:

  • Major issues pertaining to the French hematology and flow cytometry practice, as well as key economic, regulatory, demographic, social and technological trends with significant market impact during the next ten years.
  • Five-year volume and sales forecasts for major hematology and flow cytometry tests performed in French hospitals.
  • Annual placements and installed base estimates for major automated and semiautomated hematology analyzers and flow cytometers.
  • Review of current instrumentation technologies, and a feature comparison
    of high-, medium-, and low-volume/POC analyzers.
  • Five-year reagent and instrument sales forecasts.
  • Sales and market shares of leading reagent and instrument suppliers.
  • Review of current and emerging technologies, and their potential market applications.
  • Product development opportunities for instruments, consumables, and auxiliary products.
  • Profiles of major current and emerging suppliers, including their sales, product portfolios, marketing tactics, technological know-how, new products in RD, collaborative arrangements, and business strategies.
  • Business opportunities and strategic recommendations for suppliers.

    Contains 231 pages and 13 tables


I. Introduction

II. Worldwide Market and Technology Overview

A. Major Routine and Special Hematology Tests
1. Introduction
2. CBC Analysis
a. Hemoglobin Concentration
b. Hematocrit Determination
c. Red Blood Cell Count
d. Red Cell Indices
e. Red Cell Size Histograms
f. Platelets
° Platelet Count
° Platelet Size/MPV
° Automated Systems
g. Reticulocytes
3. White Blood Cell Analysis
a. WBC Coun
t b. Five-Partial Differential Major Suppliers
° Abbott
° Beckman Coulter/Danaher
° Siemens
° Sysmex
c. Pattern Recognition Systems
d. Comparison of Major Differential Analyzers
4. Reticulocytes
5. Platelet Function Tests
6. Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate/CRP
7. Red Cell Analysis
8. 2, 3 DPG
9. Red Cell Deformability
10. Neutrophil Function Tests

11. Semen Analysis
12. Bone Marrow Analysis
13. Urinalysis
B. Major Flow Cytometry Applications
1. Cell Surface Markers
a. Lymphocyte Subclassification CD4/CD8 ° Instrumentation and Reagent Test Kits * BD * Beckman Coulter/Danaher * T Cells Diagnostics
b. Other Cell Markers
2. DNA Content Analysis
3. RNA Content Analysis
4. Chemotherapy Monitoring
5. Cell Cycle Analysis
6. Chromosome Analysis
7. Fetal Cell Analysis
8. HLA Typing
9. Microbiology
10. Protein Content Analysis
11. Multiparameter Analysis
12. Other Applications
C. Instrumentation Review
1. Hematology Analyzers
a. Overview
° Electrical Aperture-Impedance Analyzers
° Light Scatter Analyzers
b. System Review
° Abbott
° Beckman Coulter/Danaher
° Biocode Hycel
° Horiba
° Menarini
° Nihon Kohden
° Siemens
° Sysmex
2. Flow Cytometers
a. Introduction
b. System Overview
° Becton Dickinson
° Beckman Coulter/Danaher
3. Platelet Aggregometers
4. Sedimentation Rate Analyzers
° Diesse Ves Matic
° Polymedco
D. Current Market Needs and Future Demand For Hematology Analyzers
E. Reagents and Controls
F. Current and Emerging Technologies
1. Information Technologies
2. Automation and Robotics
3. Lasers
4. Artificial Intelligence
5. Monoclonal Antibodies
6. Molecular Diagnostics
7. Microdrop Technology

III. France
A. Executive Summary
B. Business Environment
C. Market Structure
D. Market Size, Growth and Major Suppliers’ Instrument Placements, Installed Base, Sales and Market Shares

IV. Major Product Development Opportunities
A. Instrumentation
B.. Reagent Kits and Test Systems/Panels
C. Information Technology
D. Auxiliary Products

V. Design Criteria for Decentralized Testing Products
VI. Alternative Market Penetration Strategies
A. Internal Development
B. Collaborative Arrangements
C. University Contracts

D. Distribution Strategies for the Decentralized Testing Markets

1. Four Marketing Approaches
2. Product Complexity Factor
3. Customer Preference Factor
4. Established Suppliers
5. Emerging Suppliers
6. Major Types of Distributors
7. Market Segmentation Factor

VII. Potential Market Entry Barriers and Risks
A. Market Maturity
B. Cost Containment
C. Competition
D. Technological Edge and Limitations
E. Patent Protection
F. Regulatory Constraints
G. Decentralized Testing Market Challenges

VIII. Competitive Assessments

° CellaVision
° Horiba
° Iris Diagnostics/Danaher
° Nihon Kohden
° Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics
° Roche
° Siemens
° Sysmex
IX. Appendix:
Major Universities and Research Centers Developing Hematology/Flow Cytometry Technologies and Applications

List Of Tables

Summary Table I: France, Total Hematology and Flow Cytometry Specimen Volume Forecast
Summary Table II: France,Total Hematology and Flow Cytometry Test Volume Forecast
Summary Table III: France, Total Hematology and Flow Cytometry Market Forecast
France, Hospital Laboratories Performing Hematology and Flow Cytometry Tests By Bed Size
France, Hospital Laboratories, Hematology And Flow Cytometry Specimen Volume Forecast
France, Hospital Laboratories, Routine Hematology Test Volume Forecast
France, Hospital Laboratories, Flow Cytometry And Special Hematology Test Volume Forecast
France, Major Hematology Analyzers, Estimated Placements and Installed Base
France, Major Flow Cytometers, Estimated Placements and Installed Base
France, Total Hematology Market By Major Supplier
France, Hematology Instrument Market By Major Supplier
France, Total Flow Cytometry Consumables Market By Major Supplier
France, Total Flow Cytometry Instrument Market By Major Supplier

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