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Company Analysis of Chinas Top 50 Pigment Producers in 2015


In this report, ASKCI profiles the leading pigment producers. It analyzes Chinas pigment industry in terms of market information (market size, status, etc.), hotspots (key M&A activity and new policy), current industry trend and the competitive positioning of top 50 companies in the industry.

The Aim of this report

To provide readers with comprehensive & in-depth understanding of Chinas pigment industry;
To disclose market size of Chinas pigment industry;
To understand position of Chinas pigment in the world;
To predict what future of Chinas pigment industry will be;
To analyze major r pigment producers in China;
To find out the key strengths and weakness of Chinas pigment producers, and the threats and opportunities they face;
To reveal opportunities in Chinese pigment industry.

Benefit from the report

Obtain latest info of pigment industry, such as market size, status in the world, hotspots and so on;
Evaluate the financial performance and growth strategies of top 50 pigment producers in Chinas pigment industry;
Identify key trends and opportunities in Chinas pigment industry;
Understand what are the drivers and barriers of Chinas pigment producers.


The report will investigate Chinese top 50 pigment producers from the following aspects:
Basic information (including address, telephone number, fax number, website, company background, etc.)
Major business
Financial performance


Word-format report, with around 50-100 pages;
Excel-format database of key pigment producers;
Excel-format market data of pigment industry;

*Time needed

3 work weeks needed
Executive summary
Introduction and methodology
1 Overview of Chinas pigment industry
1.1 History development of Chinas pigment industry
1.2 Market size of pigment industry
1.3 Status of Chinas pigment industry in the world
1.4 Industry concentration
1.5 Policies of pigment industry
1.6 Market trend of pigment industry
2 Overview of top 50 pigment producers
2.1 Total revenue of 50 pigment producers
2.2 Geographic distribution
2.3 Enterprise scale
2.4 Industry concentration
3 Company profile of top 50 pigment producers
3.1 Henan Billions Chemicals Co., Ltd.
3.1.1 Basic information
3.1.2 Major business
3.1.3 Financial performance
3.2 Hunan Shuikoushan Hongxing Chemical Co., Ltd.
3.2.1 Basic information
3.2.2 Major business
3.2.3 Financial performance
3.3 Flint Chemicals (China) Co., Ltd.
3.3.1 Basic information
3.3.2 Major business
3.3.3 Financial performance
3.50 Lanxess Shanghai Pigments Co., Ltd.
3.50.1 Basic information
3.50.2 Major business
3.50.3 Financial performance
ASKCIs legal disclaimer

List Of Tables

Table 3.1-1 Sales of top 50 pigment producers in China, 2014
Table3.1.1-1 Information of Henan Billions Chemicals Co., Ltd., 2015
Table 3.1.3-1 Financial performance of Henan Billions Chemicals Co., Ltd., 2014

List Of Figures

Figure 1.2-1 Market size of Chinas pigment industry, 2010-2014
Figure 1.3-1 Status of Chinas pigment industry in the world, 2010-2014
Figure 2.1.1-1 Financial performance of Chinas top 50 pigment producers, 2014
Figure 2.2.1-1 Geographic distribution of Chinas top 50 pigment producers, 2014

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Country :China
Category :Chemicals
Publisher :AskCI Consulting Co., Ltd
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