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Handbook of Container Shipping Management, vol. 2: Management Issues in Container Shipping

Published Date : 1 July 2008 Pages : 223 Add to Cart - Handbook of Container Shipping Management, vol. 2: Management Issues in Container Shipping

The idea for a second volume of the Handbook of Container Shipping Management was already born when the first volume had not even been published. In the meantime, the success of the latter has reassured us that the concept of bringing together authors from academia and the industry meets the demand and is worth pursuing further. While the first volume provides a broad picture of the container market, the present second volume looks more closely into the operational level. Its twelve chapters are clustered into three broad thematic fields:

- General Management Issues
- Market Analysis
- Operational Issues

This volume is addressed first and foremost to practitioners at the management level, but it is equally of interest to academics that have a particular interest in any of the topics treated here. Information about the authors including the possibility to contact them directly, comprehensive references and endnotes to each chapter, a guide to further reading and a glossary complete this book and make it a valuable resource for detailed research as well as for day-to-day use.

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Published By : Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics

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