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Global Hydroprocessing Catalyst (HPC) Market: An Analysis

Published Date : 1 November 2011 Pages : 50 Add to Cart - Global Hydroprocessing Catalyst (HPC) Market: An Analysis

Hydroprocessing catalysts (HPCs), widely used in the refining industry, enables removal of sulfur, nitrogen and other impurities from petroleum products as well as convert heavy feedstock into lighter products. Due to the rising prices of petroleum products, refiners are focusing to maximize the yield from resid feedstocks through HPC. The catalysts used are usually composed of oxides of Mo (Molybdenum), Co (Cobalt), Ni (Nickel), and W (Tungsten) on a matrix or carrier of alumina, silica, silica/alumina.

HPCs are categorized into Hydrotreating, reforming, hydrocracking and isomerization & hydrogenation catalysts. Hydrotreating catalysts that account for more than half of HPC market is served by players like Criterion, Albemarle, Haldor Topsøe, ART, Axens and UOP. Since hydrocracking and other licensed specialty hydrotreating catalysts are quite expensive, refiners are now focusing on regenerability of spent catalysts. Factors affecting the HPC market include fluctuations in raw material prices and demand irregularities. Mandatory environmental fuel specifications introduced by EU, the US and many Asia-Pacific countries (according to which a maximum sulfur limit of 10 ppm sulfur free was set for diesel fuel) will be driving the HPC market. Albemarle is the leader in the HPC catalyst market followed by Shell/Criterion and W.R.Grace/Chevron.

The report titled "Global Hydroprocessing Catalyst (HPC) Market" analyzes the global HPC market. It presents an overview of the market, technologies used, classification and segmentation of the global HPC market with a special focus on segment analysis like hydrotreating, hydrocracking and reforming catalyst markets. Factors that are driving the HPC market and also the factors that are affecting the growth of the market have also been analyzed. Further, the level and intensity of the competition and the strategies of the leading players in the market has also been assessed in the report. Further, the report forecasts the growth of the HPC market by evaluation key determinants like the global oil consumption, demand for overall refinery catalysts and worldwide refinery capacities.

By combining SPSS Inc.'s data integration and analysis capabilities with our relevant findings, we have predicted the future growth of the industry. We employed various significant variables that have an impact on this industry and created regression models with SPSS Base to determine the future direction of the industry. Before deploying the regression model, the relationship between several independent or predictor variables and the dependent variable was analyzed using standard SPSS output, including charts, tables and tests.

1. Global Refinery Catalyst Industry
1.1 Overview: Global Catalyst Industry
1.2 Share of Refinery Catalysts as a percentage of overall catalyst industry
1.3 Market Size of Refinery Catalyst Market
1.4 Breakup of Refinery Catalyst Market by Processes
2. Hydroprocessing Catalyst (HPC): Types & Technologies
2.1 Introduction of HPC
2.2 Types of Hydropocessing Catalysts (CoMo & NiMo)
2.3 Hydroprocessing Technologies Used Commercially
2.3.1 Fixed Bed Process
2.3.2 Moving Bed Process
2.3.3 Ebullated Bed Process
2.3.4 Slurry Bed Process
2.4 Comparison of Hydroprocessing Reactor types
2.5 Regeneration of Catalysts
3. Hydroprocessing Catalyst (HPC) Market
3.1 Market Size of HPC Market
3.2 Volume Demand of HPC
3.3 Comparing Costs of Regenerating and Buying New Catalyst
4. HPC Market: Segment Analysis
4.1 Breakdown of HPC Market by Segments
4.2 Hydrotreating Catalyst Market
4.3 Hydrocracking Catalyst Market
4.4 Hydrogenation & Isomerisation Catalyst Market
4.5 Reforming Catalyst Market
5. Factors Affecting HPC Market
5.1 Raw Material Prices
5.2 Demand for Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel Worldwide (ULSD)
5.3 Irregularities in Demand
5.4 Competition
6. Growth Drivers
6.1 Trend towards Heavier crudes and higher sulfur content
6.2 Tightening of global environmental regulations and legislation (Sulfur Specifications)
6.3 Increased Refinery Capacities
6.4 Oil Production Rise
7. Significant Developments in HPC Industry
8. Competitive Landscape in HPC & FCC Market
9. Company Profiles
9.1 Albemarle
9.1.1 Business Description
9.1.2 Revenue and Income Analysis of Catalyst Division
9.1.3 Geographical Segmentation of Catalyst Division
9.1.4 Sales of Refinery Catalyst
9.1.5 Business Strategies
9.2 Criterion Catalysts & Technologies
9.2.1 Business Description
9.2.2 Products
9.2.3 Business Strategies
9.3 W.R Grace
9.3.1 Business Description
9.3.2 Sales of Refining Technologies Segment
9.3.3 Business strategies
9.4 Haldor Topsøe
9.4.1 Business Description
9.4.2 Catalyst Portfolio
9.4.3 Catalyst Division Sales
9.4.4 Recent Developments
10. Market Outlook
10.1 HPC Market Forecast
10.2 Forecast Methodology
10.2.1 Dependent and Independent Variables
10.2.2 Correlation Analysis
10.2.3 Regression Analysis

List of Graphs:

Global Catalyst Market (2002-2010)
Share of Refinery Catalyst as a Percentage of Overall Catalyst Industry (2010)
Global Refinery Catalyst Market (2005-2011F)
Global Refinery Catalyst Market Breakup by Processes: (2011F)
Global Catalyst Regeneration Demand by Site Technology (2002-2010)
Global Hydroprocessing Catalyst (HPC) Market (2006-2010)
Worldwide Volume Demand of HPC (1990-2025F)
Global HPC Market Breakdown by Segments (2010)
Global Hydrotreating Catalyst Market (2008-2010)
Global Hydrocracking Catalyst Market (2008-2010)
Global Hydrogenation & Isomerisation Catalyst Market (2008-2010)
Global Reforming Catalyst Market (2008-2010)
Average Annual Metal Prices (2001-2010)
Average Annual Cobalt Metal Prices (2005-2010)
Worldwide Diesel Sulfur Specifications (1990-2010)
Trend in Heavier Crudes and Higher Sulfur Content (1990-2025)
Global Oil Refinery Capacities: (2004-2010)
Worldwide On-Road Diesel Demand: (2008-2020F)
Worldwide Oil Production (2002-2010)
Market Shares of Global HPC & FCC Market (2010)
Revenue and Income Analysis of Catalyst Division of Albemarle: (2007-2010)
Albemarle: Revenue Share of Catalyst Segment (2010)
Albemarle: Geographic Segmentation of Catalyst Division Sales (2010)
Net Sales of Refinery Catalyst of Albemarle (2008-2010)
W.R.Grace: Sales of Refining Technologies Segment*: (2008-2010)
Haldor Catalyst Division Sales: (2007-2010)
Global HPC Market Forecast: (2010-2014F)
List of Charts:
Features Comparison of CoMo and NiMo Catalysts
Rate Constant of HDS of DBT and selectivity (HYD/HDS)
Comparison of Different Hydroprocessing Reactor Types
Difference between Hydrotreating and Hydrocracking
Hydroprocessing Objectives
Hydrotreating Technologies Provider
Hydrocracking Technologies Provider
Product Portfolio of Key Competitors
Legislated and Proposed Sulfur Levels in Diesel Fuels
Haldor: Catalysts for Hydroprocessing of Petroleum Fractions:
Dependent & Independent Variables (2006- 2010)
Correlation Matrix
Model Summary - Coefficient of Determination
Regression Coefficients Output

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